Our Accomplishments


Between September 1971 and June 2012, We [ Alex W. Fraser, Rhoda Ross ] have, alone with the costs, time, mileage, etc. involved with doing same;

  1. Copied over 20,000 gravestones see list [representing over 60,000 + names] in a 4,000 sq km area, of which there are 8 volumes of Gravestones of Glengarry; 2 of Gravestones of Prescott County, 1 of Stormont County plus some other individual cemeteries have been published in book form.

  2. Published over 24,000 pages of area material, gravestones, church records, family histories, etc.

  3. Donated a copy of all our published titles as of November 1996 to the Lancaster Public Library, part of the S. D. G. County Library System.

  4. Donated 141 area titles between Dec. 1993 and July 1999 to The AMERICAN FAMILY RECORDS ASSOCIATION, P. O. Box 15505, Kansas City, Missouri 64106 U.S.A. as a GIFT to the people of GLENGARRY COUNTY and area for the purposes of Interlibrary Loan. These titles in part are stored at MID - CONTINENT PUBLIC LIBRARY INDEPENDENCE, MISSOURI 64050 USA

  5. The Ontario Genealogical Society, Toronto, Ontario, Cemetery Project has more than 11000 gravestones inscriptions we copied as of 1996

  6. Provided more than 11,000 pages of our files which were microfilmed by the Mormons, Genealogy Library, Salt Lake City, Utah.

  7. I Set up the Glengarry Genealogical Society in Dec. 1974 and ran it until Dec. 1994 when it was shut down due to a lack of everything needed to keep it going. It is still alive in me.

  8. Put up a web site from scratch in Dec. 1997 which was built up to over 15 megs of information mostly from our own files, and which got more than 57,032 total hits by the time is was taken off line July 23.1999, while I was the Initial Official Ontario GenWeb Host for the counties of Glengarry, Stormont & Prescott and for the Counties of Soulanges & Vaudreuil for the Quebec GenWeb. I later reorganized and many of the pages have put back on line. At present June 2012 there is over 241 MB of material on my GPSSV web site.

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    Our titles in most cases are always available for those interested individuals who desire to purchase a copy & support our efforts. Thanks for this act of Kindness. AWF


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