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Subject: BITRON UPDATE==Be A Booster With Bitron Octane Boost Date: March 21, 2005 20:37:12 PST

Hello Everyone;

We had a wonderful time at the Bitron Conference this past week end in Richmond BC

Below is an update from Mark Wright. Do take the time to review to bring yourself up todate what went on.

Any questions get back to me Toll Free at 1-866-338-6334 or by e mail

On the way back from Richmond To Courtenay I had the New Bitron Product OCTANE BOOSTER in my gas tank

Well, before we left the hotel at about 11 AM PST I put 2 bottles of Octane Booster in my truck?

What did I notice!! in the 157Kms or 97.34 miles trip back to Courtenay from Richmond with average speed 95 100kms or 55-60 mph. My truck when empty holds 128 litres or 28.13 gal
I have a 1997 GMS 1/2 ton Sierra 1500 4.3 litre 5 speed truck with just a little under 153000 Kms on it

  • More power and easier startup
  • the RPM were reduced by as much as 75 RPMS from what I remember from about 1750-1775 down to 1700RPM
    --- At 80KMS/hr the RPM were 1350 in 5th gear
    --- at 90 KMS/hr the RPM were 1550 in 5th gear
    --- at 95KMS/hr the RPM were 1650 in 5th gear
    --- at 100KMS/hr the RPM were 1700 in 5th gear
    --- at 110KMS/hr the RPM were 1900 in 5th gear
  • engine running quiter and it felt for a better word lighter sounding.
  • took hills much better
  • I would also say it help with the gas mileage, but this may take more time to better determine.
  • There was also much less tinging, pinging in starting off especially in 2nd gear and on a up hill slope.

  • This is an approximation only and subject to further clarification, SO The amount of gas I used from this 97.34 mile trip was about 3/4 of a 1/4 of a tank of gas, which is 6/8 of 7.03 gallons = 5.28 gallons or 3/4 of 32 litres which is 24 litres

For those who have a Bitron back office you will find more details on Octane Boost there and for those that haven't Bitron back office feel free to call me Toll Free at 1-866-338-6334

Another Conference announcement Bitron Products US prices going up April 1, 2005 So if you US folks/reader need more Bitron Products, then if at all possible Place Your order before April 1st and save.

I am here to assist you should that be your wish.

Thank you for your continued interest in the Excellent Bitron products

Take care and God Bless, best wishes, Keep Healthy

Alex Fraser
Courtenay, BC
1-866-517 2113
March 21.05

From: Mark Wright
Date: March 21, 2005 13:31:57 PST
To: Mark Wright
Subject: CONFERENCE REVIEW - What an awesome weekend!

From: Mark Wright []
Sent: March 21, 2005 12:34 PM
To: 'Dick Simmonds'
Subject: CONFERENCE REVIEW - What an awesome weekend!


To all those of you in attendance: Wow! What a great weekend! Thank you all for your participation.

Friday night started with our biggest open Training meeting ever. Ed Thomas hosted and Dan Watson presented and they both did a Fantastic job. Almost everyone who attended elected to join us in the business and attended the weekend Leadership School. And what a Leadership School it was!

All our presenters did a fantastic job, looking as if they were born to be up on stage in front of a packed house. Our heartfelt thanks go to George Moen, Adam Heinrich, Ed Thomas, Lorne Gilbertson, Brian O'Keefe, Robert Skinner, Doug Burtch, Duane Andrew, Jerry Heinrich, John Viliua, Greg Bright, Paul Gifford, Doug Burtch, Herb Escher and Christine Page, Linda Heatherington, Art Cowie, Jeffrey Wilson, Ernie "Punch" McLean, Cam Shipowick, Greg Bright, Mark Olney, Dave Peters, Leon Froess, Donna Willon and Chuck Pinnell. We have received many requests for your presentation materials. Please email any copy you can to us and we'll post it in the back office.

George Moen who hosted on Saturday and Duane Andrew on Sunday kept up a fantastic pace exhibiting the boundless energy required to fulfill this task effectively. Thank you again.

Congratulations to all the Qualified Distributors new and old recognized at the event. Wear your pins with pride. To our shareholding Founders and Presidential Founders, well done and keep helping your teams to achieve your success.

We also want to acknowledge the commitment made to building their Bi-Tron Business by all of those who took advantage of the Conference Founder's Upgrade Special. We salute you and want to offer every resource at our disposal to help you in your efforts to build your futures.

To our Trainers David & Cheri Peters, Robert Skinner, Alex Fraser, Mark Olney, Jerry and Adam Heinrich, Duane & Norma Andrew thanks for your leadership. If you ever need help in your Bi-Tron Business these are the individuals to approach, you'll know them by the ruby red stone in their Bi-Tron Pin. Leon Froess, whose persistence and tenacity has helped him to achieve the status of Coordinator; you present your team a great example. Keep up the good work. Herb Escher & Christine Page, who earned their Emerald Coordinator Pin on the eve of conference itself, way to go! We expect you all to be on the next Director's cruise.

Of course our Directors George & Sarah Moen and Doug & Mary-Anne Burtch, who shared their experiences and knowledge so willingly: Keep setting the pace and empowering your teams. You'll recognize these guys from their many photos enjoying their cruise to the Mexican Riviera with our President, Dick Simmonds, and by the sapphire blue stone in their Director's pins.

Chuck & Erin Pinnell! What superlatives are left? Chuck did an outstanding job orchestrating the entire event and sent everyone home with a rousing and exhilarating key note address. Yet he still found the time to become Bi-Tron's first ever Bronze Executive Distributor. Thanks to all of you for achievements over the weekend and for continuing to raise the bar and mentor your teams and the entire Bi-Tron family to success.

We are pulling together the next NEWSLETTER and would ask any and all of you to send us, before this next weekend, by fax or voicemail, to our corporate tagline 1 866 824 8878 or email, your stories and highlights from the weekend; your photographs, especially from Saturday's Gala dinner; and most importantly your immediate reactions to trying our new Product.

Bi-Tron's Octane Boost

This phenomenal new product, introduced on Saturday, in a little 2oz bottle, provides the maximum allowable on road Power Boost. For $5 US, this amazing product provides instant results and is a great way to introduce a customer to the potential of the Bi-Tron product line. Available NOW, from your online stores, in cases of 25 for 100BV, $125US or $156.25 CDN wholesale. Also available in the new Master Pack which contains all the components of the Quick Start Pack as well as 20 Octane Boost for US$425 or $530 CDN ,380 BV.

Register now for our next Leadership School at the Grand Hotel in Kelowna, June 24th to 26th and take advantage of the Early Bird Pricing until the end of the month. $99 for a Distributor and $149 with a guest. Pick up a couple of extra tickets and be sure to bring your team along. Fill out the attached form and fax it back or call 1 (866) 824 8878 or register online. BOOK NOW DON'T MISS THIS PRICING!

Those who have already registered or those who take advantage of this pricing before the end of March will be entered into a draw for 2,500 additional Bi-Tron Rewards Points.

Winning the Early Bird Registration this weekend for registering before January 30th for our Richmond event are, Sheela Hartley & Phil McDonald who win 4,000 Bi-Tron rewards Points and Brendan Egan who wins 1,000 Bi-Tron Rewards points.

Whichever Distributorship brings the most Active Legs to the Kelowna Conference will attend FOR FREE! We will reimburse the cost of tickets for them and their spouse.

The Bi-Tron Rewards website is setup Be sure to jump online and register and view the special vacation pricing that's available, verify your points totals, and contact our travel coordinators to book your travel.

Due to unavoidable economic pressure on the price of oil, the prices in the US will be increasing slightly at the beginning of April. The Compensation Plan has been updated and made easier to follow. The Quick Start Pool has been renamed the Producers Pool due, in part, to the continued participation of high producing distributors. In some cases many months after they have started their Bi-Tron Businesses. The Quick Start Pack has also been renamed the Combo Pack due to its convenience and availability long after starting in the business.


We introduced our new communications tool - Tagline. This unified messaging service is a fantastic tool for communicating with both upline and downline groups as they grow. Send and receive fax and voicemail, use as a calling card in place of long distance, upload your entire contact database and set up conference calls of over 30 people on the fly. All of our leaders have registered and are getting their own unique toll free number. For less than $20 a month and no long term contract you too can take advantage of this Conference Special Pricing. Until the end of this week with no setup fees you can get your tagline service set up. For more info; check out the attached information and registration forms or go to


On June 18th Dick and Mark will take 10 guests on an exclusive and internationally renowned Whale Watching Excursion of BC's Gulf Islands.

To Qualify, The Distributorship that generates the most BV from the initial Purchases of First Level Distributors in New Legs by midnight, Sunday, June 5th will win 2 Seats and 5,000 Bitron Rewards Points. The Second Place finisher will win 2 Seats and 2,000 Points.

Another way to qualify is by Registering New Retail Sales. We have introduced a new tool to help you keep track of your retail business. In your back office on the left hand side is a new link that will enable you to enter each retail sale you make. Which ever distributorship that generates the most BV in new retail sales will win 2 Seats on the Whale Watching Tour and 5,000 Points and second place similarly will win 2 seats and 2,000 Points.

So that everyone can participate and earn a chance for the final 2 Seats and 1,000 Bi-Tron Rewards points we are also doing a draw from all those who generate new retail sales BV or new initial enrollment BV


Be sure to dial onto the Training Conference Call with your guests tonight at 7pm Pacific 1 (212) 990 8000 passcode 1524#

Join George and Mark Online at noon pacific on Tuesday for Bi-Tron Today

Check the Schedule Of Events in your back office for Trainings close to you over the next week and be sure to bring your guests to Boost your business and feel the excitement generated from this weekend.

Mark Wright will be at the New Westminster Club, 713 Columbia Street on Wednesday night at 7pm for the Training to introduce the New Bi-Tron Octane Boost.

Make your commitment now and set your goals to bring your team to Kelowna in June

Mark Wright, Dick Simmonds and the entire Bi-Tron Team

Chief Operating Officer
Bi-Tron Marketing
1 (877) 824-8766

updated 8/11/12

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