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Bitron an environmentally friendly product that will help you save money and extend the life of your vehicles

Alex W Fraser, 420 Harmston Avenue, Courtenay, B.C. V9N 2X2 Canada
Tel # 250-338-6334 ;; or Toll Free 1-866-517 2113 ;;
e mail jars924 @ me.com
ID# bg100002196;; I have been a Bitron Distributor Since Nov 1998
My Official Bitron Web site http://glengarry.bitronglobal.com/

My Bitron update site
My, Alex W Fraser 2005 - 2013 Bitron usage results, my bitron mileage claims, Log Yes, Bitron Works for better fuel efficiency when used on a regular basis according to directions

My Star'ceptor- Bitron engine treatment for better fuel efficiency info blog Follow my posts. Thanks

Aug 2012 update.

my1997truckdialjuly After 172,600 KMS or 107,012 miles with bitron products in my truck, [see photo] fuel, crankcase, power steering, transmission, differential, tires, I am still getting between 21 & 23 mpg on average in mostly in town driving.

Between the time I changed my oil between April 2010 & March 2012 my oil didn't get jet black. After about 23 months it was still a some dark brownish colour, but still not black thanks to the bitron cleaning aspect of the engine treatment.
This was done over about 4,000 kms

Over 18,487.84 miles I averaged 25.32 mpg with my `97 GMC Sierra 1500 5 speed manual 2WD over a period of 13.5 months and dramatically improved my highway gas mileage up to 31.93 mpg.(2003)

Feb 2005


bitronlogo 1-- They Work, They Work, better than you are able to allow your self to Admit and Commit Too. They have worked for me for since Nov 1998. I made the choice to use the Bitron Products Because they WORK.

2-- they give me a FREE TUNE-UP each time I use my 1997 GM 1/2 ton truck

3-- They cut down emmissions by up to 90% and in that process do an excellent job of preserving the metals of engine contact and muffler system. I have not changed my muffler system since I go my truck in June 1999.

4- They keep the crap out of the system, both in the oil pan and fuel system and therefore clogging ups do not happen, which doesn't mean previous wear & tear do not exsist or can't cause you a problem down the road.

5-- They cut the down the heat, friction, stress and strain allowing your vehicle to surmount its designated abilities on the road. See my full Bitron usage report in full at http://www.glengarrycounty.com/bitron.html

6-- The Bitron products pay for themselves on a regular basis & as a result their cost becomes basically irrevalent, in my case on a regular basis. I invested $110. and got a return of $350.00 over a 65 day period in reduced costs.

7-- They can increase your gas mileage substantially. In my case at times it has been up to over 50% from a low of 17 to a high of 35.5mpg

8-- I have also found that over time I am getting better results, at least the indication of better gas mileage results and under very varied conditions.

9-- I have been told more than once by mechanics that if anyone bought my truck they would be getting a good deal and an excellent running vehicle.

10-- I have only changed my oil only 8 times between Sep 26, 2002 and Feb 2005 I have gone 56394Kms.

11-- I was told in summer of 2003 that my truck battery needed to be replaced. Since that time I have driven from pacific to atlantic coast, hauled over a 1 ton of boxes back from eastern Ontario [over 4111 miles] in 2003 and crossed the country from Courtenay to Glengarry coounty in 2004 and moved 4.5 tons gross weight back from Glengarry to Courtenay [over 5000kms]. Even in the cold snap we just had here in Courtenay of 10 to 15 below zero celcius and the truck sitting idle for 4 or so days. The battery had no problem turning the engine over for starting. This extended use of my truck battery life is at least in a big part due to the excellent results of using the bitron products in my vehicle.
11a -- Oct. 05 update. On Aug 19/05 my battery decided to give up and would not turn over the engine. On getting it checked while in Eastern Ontario this past summer, it was found to have internal short. Thus I got a new battery.

12-- I also take the time to log my mileage and gas purchases for better termination of the results.

13 The results you get from Bitron usage in your vehicle are, I believe. in may ways are very Depended on your personal driving habits, observation of what results show, patience & time.

14 By using the Bitron Products I work towards A Healthy Body, a Healthy Vehicle, A Healthy Life = A Healthier business/working enviornment for all

15 Any one who uses a vehicle on a regular basis will benifit in both the short & long term more than they realize from Bitronizing their vehicles with these excellent Bitron Products

Who Do You Know That Can Not Use the Benifit of a FREE Tank Of Gas 2 or 3 times a year or more often???

I have found that on the average, that 3 tanks of gas [ My fill ups average about 75 or so litres ] will do the work of 3.5 to 5 normal fillups , when Bitron Gas Conditioner, Engine Formulation & 2.4.6/PowerTrain is used regularly.

Also, Your belief, disbelief, skepticism in my results do not change my results, the benefits I gain regularly from using Bitron, but they do change you. You can gain similar results NEVERTHELESS You and You Alone Have to Make That Choice regularly & Consistently, basicly daily. Be your own Best customer.

I made the choice to use the Bitron Products Because they WORK. Because they WORK over rules Every Objection EXCEPT the CHOICE of the Viewer/Listener.

I am here to assist you should that be your wish, feel free to contact me.

Take care and
God bless, best Wishes, Keep healthy

Alex W Fraser

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My Bitron update site

updated 8/12

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