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Our titles in most cases are always available for those interested individuals who desire to purchase a copy & support our efforts. Thanks for this act of Kindness. AWF

This is a one or 2 line reference list of area books in alphabetical order by Title and by Author.

This is also an update of the list of titles that have appeared in the Title Guide of Local Histories 1992 revised edition and the 1994 addenda, where in most cases there is a more complete outline of the contents of the titles mentioned.

This list is based mostly on our collection of books made over the last 20 plus years or so and includes about 10 references to books from Scotland and 3 dozen references to local Music groups that have published, LP's, cassettes or CD's or Videos that I am aware off. The names of a few of the books were found in other books and I have no additional information on them or a copy of them.

This list has 454 different titles, by 246 different authors/editors, over half of the titles were bought new when the author published the work, others were found at garage sales or 2nd hand books stores. In this list a few titles are doubled entered to make it easier to find the title concerned.

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by Author
With the breakdown is in this order ; Author -- Title -- date published -- ISBN # -- HH Cat # -- Category --Location--Notes

by Title
With the breakdown is in this order; Title -- date published -- Author -- ISBN # -- HH Cat # -- Category --Location--Notes

The criteria for the titles listed here are
1-- The author was born or has an area connection.
2-- The contents of the titles have contents relating to the area and its people.
3-- The books relates to history or genealogy.

This list is by no means complete for the counties of Prescott, Glengarry, Stormont or Soulanges/Vaudreuil. There are no doubt still a number of area titles that I am no aware of, or probably never will become aware of, unless i stumble over them.

If the viewer is interested in any particular title, then I suggest that the Title Guide of Local Histories and the 1994 addenda be checked,
for the first 190 titles listed, where most titles have a person listed you can contact for more information, which catalogue # starts with either HH or OL; plus the about 10 books on Scotland which catalogue # starts with OS;
and about 36 of the Music groups which catalogue # starts with GM.

In time this list will be again updated to reflect the additional titles we have come across.

Alex W. Fraser
June 20.98
updated Sep.99

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Should the viewer have any comments, corrections or additions to make concerning this list, they can feel free to contact Alex W. Fraser so that this list can be updated from time to time with accurate information.

Alex W. Fraser
June 19, 98


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