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Glengarry County & Area Connections -- Master Table of Contents

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Table of Contents
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Connections Master Table of Content index

This Master Table of Contents is an alphabetical name list of entries in the work,
Glengarry, Stormont Obits/Marriage, death notices

The following, which lists 2000 plus name references, is an edited version of the actual index.

The information in this index varies from, as the following examples show;

BETHUNE, [Annie] , Mrs. Alex. W. McDougald, d. Apr. 29, 1942, Montreal, age 76, dau of James, family connections with Williamstown, Ont. p.V.11

FALKNER, John, d. July 5, 1917, age 60, Front Lancaster p.V.11


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ALEX W. FRASER, U.E.; with the help of Rhoda Ross from 1977
Operated Highland Heritage/The Glengarry Genealogical Society from 1974 - 1994
and the Glengarry Genealogical Research LIBRARY [GGRL] up to 1995,
and was located at Lancaster, Ontario, Canada, KOC INO. We are now in Courtenay, BC


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Glengarry Area Connections -- Master Table of Contents
{{ This Master Table of Contents is an alphabetical name list of entries in the work, Glengarry, Stormont Obits/Marriage notices}}

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Connections -- Master Table of Contents Index

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A Obits

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  1. ABBEY, Dr. Harold, d.1989 at Lancaster, Ont p.V.1
  2. ABBEY, Kevin Charles, d. 1991 at Toronto, Ont p.V.1
  3. ADDISON, Peter Mark Richmond Hill, Ont., mar'd to Dona Catherine Fraser 1969
  4. AFRA DONATION of Local books P.V.1
  5. AITKEN, Mabel mar'd Duncan J. Macpherson 1900, Lancaster p.V.11
  6. AITKEN, Mabel, Mrs. Duncan J. MacPherson, South Lancaster, died 1960, age 84,
  7. AITKEN,  Phyllis mar'd to Brian Fourney, 1970
  8. AN AGED TRIO ,- Catherine, Dermid, Janet McDermid, 1900 p.V.11
  9. ANDERSON, Catherine, Mrs. Donald McVichie, d. 1898, born Perthshire, Scotland p.V.11
  10. ANDERSON, John Campbell Vallance died at Vancouver, BC, 1950, age 75, of Maxville, Ont. hus of Mary Gertrude Paynter
  11. ANDERSON, William died East Hawkesbury twp, 1908 age 94,
  12. ANDERSON, Mrs. Wm. d. 1901, East Hawkesbury, age 73 p.V.11
  13. ARDLEY, Mrs. Isabella, nee MacMillan, d.1944 at Hamilton, Ontario p.V.1
  14. ARMOUR, John died at Allan's Corners, Que 1905, brother of Angus of Lancaster
  15. AULT, Charlotte, Mrs. James Y. Cameron, d.1917 at Toronto, Ont p.V.1

    B Obits

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  16. BAIN, Alex, d. 1901, Char twp, age 75 p.V.1
  17. BAIN, Mrs. Allan, nee Mary Ann McRae, d. 1907, Char. Twp. p.V.1
  18. BAKER, Mrs. Edna, nee McMeekin, d. 1985, Montreal, Que p.V.1
  19. BAMMEL, Mrs. Justin, nee Martha Gelineau died, Napanee, Indiana, 1960 age 57, dau of John, Lochiel
  20. BARRETT, Mrs. William Nee ________ d. 1899, Williamstown p.V.11
  21. Barry, Ellen Mrs. Mike Featherson, d. 1903, Greenfield p.V.11
  22. BARRY, Leo to Isabella Fraser, m.1926, Lancaster p.V.1
  23. BARRY, Mrs. Leo, nee Isabella Fraser, d.1966, Hasbrouck Heights, N.J. p.V.1
  24. BARRY, Leona m'd to Joseph LaMothe, 1959, Hasbrouck Heights, N.J. p.V.11
  25. BARTON, Caroline H., Mrs. George Mode, d. 1900, age 47, of West Hawkesbury p.V.11
  26. BARTON, Roy of Lochinvar to Anna Alexandra Fraser, 1945 p. V.11
  27. BATHURST, Alexander d. 1900 age 84, Loch. p.V.11
  28. BATHURST, Angus in California, 1894, son of William, maybe from Dalhousie, Ont.
  29. BEAUDRY, _____ , Mrs. Eculide Rouleau, died at Alexandria, 1936, age 58, of Papineauville, Que.
  30. BEGER, Kurt A. son of H., Cornwall, mar'd to Velma Jean Ross Lancaster 1956
  31. BELAIR, Eva Armande, Mrs. John Welcher of Alexandria, died Cornwall 1968 age 76, of Hawkesbury
  32. BELLEFEUILLE, Jean Baptiste, Alexandria, death ref GN 1908
  33. BENNETT, pfc Donald Richard d.1945, Holland p.V.1
  34. BENNETT, Rita Catherine to Joseph Francis Malloy, m.1942 Detroit, Mich p.V.1
  35. BENNETT, Mrs. S. P., nee Mary Marcella [Maude] McDonlad, d.1970 at Belle River, Ontario p.V.1
  36. BERRY, Flora, Char twp mar'd to Paul Renaud Char. twp 1900, St. Raphaels p.V.11
  37. BETHUNE, [Annie] , Mrs. Alex. W. McDougald, d. 1942, Montreal, age 76, connections with Williamstown, Ont. p.V.11
  38. BETHUNE, Alexander, d. 1900, age 88, at Bracebridge, Ont, from Ken p.V.11
  39. BETHUNE, Mrs. Angus, nee Louisa MacKenzie, d. 1833, Wawa, Ontario p.V.1
  40. BETHUNE, Mrs. Donald, nee Catherine McDonald, d.1907 p.V.1
  41. BETHUNE, Mary to William McCrimmon. m'd 1916, Dunvegan p.V.11
  42. BETHUNE, Nora, Mrs. Roderick Fraser McRae died at Dalkeith 1923, age 81,
  43. BLACK, Mrs. Alexander Black, nee Mary Jane McCrimmon, died Cornwall 1960, age 80, of Lancaster
  44. BLACK, J. Robert died at Lancaster 1985, age 76, of Bainsville, hus of Edna Fourney
  45. BLACKWELL, Kenneth C. m'd to Edna Dingwall 1916, Lancaster p.V.11
  46. BLANEY, Charles, d.1928, Tayside, Ontario p.V.1
  47. BLANEY, Winnifred White to James Henry Scott, m. 1928, of Routhier, Ont p.V.1
  48. BLONDIN, Edith Almer to J. Amedee Chevrier, 1922, Peterboro, Ont p.V.11
  49. BOFFIN, Clarence died at Cornwall about 1957 from Lancaster Front
  50. BONNER, Dan to Alice M. Curry, M.1927, Montreal, Quebec p.V.1
  51. BONNER, Daniel, d.1931, Lancaster, Ontario p.V.1
  52. BONNER, MRS. Daniel, Nee Janet Smith, d. 1901, Montreal, Que. p.V.11
  53. BORLAND, Mrs Charles E., nee Stella Martin, died st South Lancaster 1970
  54. BOWIE, Elizabeth, Mrs. Angus Cattanach, d.1893, Alexandria, Ont p.V.1
  55. BOWIE, Bella, Mrs. Francis Roel, d.1927, Lanc twp. born Huntley, Aberdeen, Scotland p.V.1
  56. BRADY, Laurence W. of Lancaster m'd to Irene Veronica Noonan of Sask. 1920, Montrteal. Que p.V.11
  57. BRANCHAUD, Lucille of Montreal, m'd to Wilfred Goulet, 1944, Montreal, Que. p.V.1
  58. BROCK, Alison to Gordon MacCallum, M.1928, Vankleek Hill, Ontario p.V.11
  59. BRODIE, Anna Bell mar'd to J. A. Jamieson 1900 at Brodie p.V.11
  60. BROGGER, Anthony Francis M'd to Mayme Neithercut, 1916, Gaylord, Mich p.V.11
  61. BROOKS, Suzanne, Mrs. Brian MacDonald d. 1966, Cornwall, Ont. p.V.11
  62. BROUCKAERT, Lorraine M., Mrs. William A. Kennedy, d.1992 born Detroit p.V.1
  63. BRUNET,  Pauline dau of Mrs. Ida Dugas. mar'd to Edwin A. Cline of Maxville 1970 at Cornwall
  64. BUTALA, Frank son of F. Divide, Sask , mar'd to Edith Bathia Ross, Kimberley, BC 1948, Kimberley, BC

    C Obits

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  65. CALDER, Catherine, Mrs. J. D. Ross, d.1914, Lancaster p.V.1
  66. CAMERON, _______ , Mrs. John E. McLennan, d.1897, Lancaster p.V.1
  67. CAMERON, Mrs [Dr] _____, Iron Mountain, Mich, visit ref GN 1925, pg. 3, col. 3.
  68. CAMERON, Alex D. To Anna Helen MacDonald, M.1922, Williamstown, Ontario p.V.1
  69. CAMERON, Angus, d. 1905, Tayside, Ontario p.V.1
  70. CAMERON, Angus Alexander, d. 1919, Sandon, B.C., from Lancaster p.
  71. CAMERON, Annie, Mrs. Malcolm McMartin, d.1909, Lancaster, of River Raisin p.V.1
  72. CAMERON, Annie, Mrs. D. D. McKeracher, at St. Elmo 1943 age 99
  73. CAMERON, Catherine Anna Bella, Mrs. Gordon Ferguson, died at Ottawa 1957, age 90 of Thurso, Que.
  74. CAMERON, Miss Catherine d. 1900, age 91, from Greenfield p.V.11
  75. CAMERON, Daniel, d. 1934, Sault Ste. Marie, Mich., born Glengarry p.V.11
  76. CAMERON, Mrs. Donald, nee Elizabeth McNaughton d. 1916, ae 41 yrs, winnipeg, Man, of Lancaster twp. p.V.11
  77. CAMERON, Mrs. Donald, nee Lillian McPherson, d. 1916, Winnipeg, Man, age 78, born South Lancaster, Ont. p.V.11
  78. CAMERON, Donald Arch, d. 1902, West Superior, Wis.,
    from Char twp p.V.11
  79. CAMERON, Brigadier Donald C.died at Kingston, 1970, age 59, of Lochiel, hus of [1]Catherine McMaster [2]Edith Burgoyne
  80. CAMERON, Donald J. d. 1905, Dunvegan p.V.11
  81. CAMERON, Mrs. Donald J. nee Harriett McDonald d. 1912, age 75, Dunvegan p.V.11
  82. CAMERON, Dougald, d.1922, Lochiel Twp. p.V.1
  83. CAMERON, Mrs. Dougald, d. 1898, MacGillivray's Bridge, Ontario p.V.1
  84. CAMERON, Douglas S. died at Cornwall 1999, age 82, of 25 1st Lanc twp., hus of Lois Smiley
  85. CAMERON, Duncan, Dunvegan, see Home From the Yukon 1900 p.V.11
  86. CAMERON, Henry A. died Lanc twp. on Mar. 21, 1935, age 68, hus of Harriet McCuaig
  87. CAMERON, Miss Hilda died at South Lancaster 1957 age 83,
  88. CAMERON, Isabella, Mrs. Donald McRae, d. 1901, born Cornwall twp. p.V.11
  89. CAMERON, Mrs. J. C. Cameron, nee Bowie, see Floated on a Roof, 1900, at Galveston, Texas p.V.11
  90. CAMERON, Rev. James, d.1900, Toronto, Ontario p.V.1
  91. CAMERON, Mrs. James Y., nee Charlotte Ault, d.1917, Toronto, Ontario p.V.1
  92. CAMERON, John, d.1901, Greenfield, Ontario p.V.1
  93. CAMERON, John, d.1918, Charlottenburgh Twp. p.V.1
  94. CAMERON, Mrs. John, nee Catherine McDonald, d.1928, Charlottenburgh Twp. p.V.1
  95. CAMERON, Margaret, Mrs. Alex. McLennan, d.1920, Lancaster p.V.1
  96. CAMERON, Mary, Mrs. Duncan McKinnon, d.1932, of Greenfield p.V.1
  97. CAMERON, Mary Ann, Mrs. Malcolm McNeil, d. 1900, Iron Mountain, Mich, age 34, of Athol, Ontario p.V.11
  98. CAMERON, Mary Catherine to James R. Thompson, m.1920, Avonmore, from Monckland, Ont. p.V.1
  99. CAMERON, R.D., see Glengarrians Abroad, 1900 p.V.11
  100. CAMERON, Roderick, d. 1900, age 75, Lancaster p.V.11
  101. CAMERON, Mrs. Rory, nee Mary McDonald, d.1913, Spokane, Washington p.V.1
  102. CAMPBELL, Alexander B. d. 1947, Williams Lake, B.C., from Martintown Ont. p.V.11
  103. CAMPBELL, Miss Ann, d. 1902, E. Hawkesbury twp p. V.1
  104. CAMPBELL, Miss Katie, died at Vernon, BC 1908, from Maxville
  105. CAMPBELL, Catherine Anne, Mrs. Donald A. Fraser, d.1938, born on The Ridge, West Hawkesbury township p.V.1
  106. CAMPBELL, Donald, d. 1902, 2nd Con. Roxborough p.V.11
  107. CAMPBELL, Dorothy, d.1918, Stillwater, Minn. from Dunvegan, Ontario p.V.1
  108. CAMPBELL, Duncan died at Detroit, Mich, 1959 from St. Telesphore, Que., hus of Laura MacNamara of Buckingham
  109. CAMPBELL, Effie dau of Allan, St. Anicet, mar'd to John Stewart, St. Anicet, Que., 1904, Summerstown
  110. CAMPBELL, Mrs. Finlay, nee Effie McLennan, d. 1904, Cote St. George, Que. p.V.11
  111. CAMPBELL, Mrs. Finlay, nee Mary McDonald, d.1905, Lancaster township p.V.1
  112. CAMPBELL, Jamieson, d.1913, Apple Hill, Ontario p.V.1
  113. CAMPBELL, Margaret, Mrs. Malcolm McRae, died 1921, age 84, of West Hawkesbury twp
  114. CAMPBELL, Murdoch D. d.1905, Los Angeles, California from Coldwater, Michigan & Kenyon township p.V.1
  115. CAMPEAU, Lucienne, Mrs. George Leger, d. 1976, Cornwall, Ont. p.V.11
  116. CARDINAL, Eudore m'd to Jennie Phillips, 1917, Greenfield p.V.11
  117. CAREY, John, d. 1916, age 82, Glen Robertson p.V.11
  118. CARRIERE, Clara, Mrs. Rolland Glaude of Bainsville, 1971, age 59, dau of Dolphus
  119. CARRIERE, Gedeon d.1929, St. Isadore de Prescott, Ontario p.V.1
  120. CARSON, Dennis Cornwall mar'd to Linda McCuaig, Lanc twp at Cornwall 1969
  121. CASHION, Mary J., Mrs. William C. Leitch, died at Montreal 1960, age 92, of Cashion's Glen
  122. CARTHER, Mrs. Malcolm D., nee Mary Stewart, died 1947, Stewart's Glen, Ontario p.V.1
  123. CATTANACH, Mrs. Angus, nee Elizabeth Bowie, d. 1893, Alexandria, Ontario p.V.1
  124. CATTANACH, Catherine M., Summerstown Station  mar'd to William J. Holdsworth, Summerstown about 1904
  125. CAYER, Carol dau of Vic, Deep River, mar'd to John Lindsay Pattingale, Lanc twp 1969 at Deep River, Ont.
  126. CHAFFEE, Mrs. William D., Summerstown, nee Margaret Fraser died Cornwall, 1957, age 57,
  127. CHENEY, Dr. Hugh L., died at Ottawa , 1967, age 81; hus of Elizabeth Porter; born Vankleek Hill
  128. CHEVRIER, J. Amedee to Edith Almer Blondin, 1922 Peterboro, Ont p.V.11
  129. CHISHOLM, Mrs. Alex, nee Margaret Fraser, d.1895, Williamstown, Ontario p.V.1
  130. CHISHOLM, Catherine, Mrs. Donald A. McDonald, d.1913, from St. Andrews West p.V.1
  131. CHISHOLM, Catherine Ann, St. Raphaels, mar'd Daid McDonell Lanc twp, 1901, at St. Raphaels p.V.11
  132. CHISHOLM, Dan, d. 1900, Kailno, Hawaii, age 30, from Alexandria p.V.11
  133. CHISHOLM, Dolly to Samuel Savage, m.1899, Lochiel p.V.1
  134. CHISHOLM, Janet, Mrs. _____ , McPhee, d.1914, Anyox, B.C. p.V.1
  135. CHISHOLM, John A., d. 1916, age 80, Skye, Ont. p.V.11
  136. CHISHOLM, Mrs. Ranald, nee Catherine McPhee, d. 1900, age 88, born St. Andrew's p.V.11
  137. CHISHOLM, Valentine G., died Cornwall, 1958 age 94 from Lorne, Loch twp, hus of Catherine Ann MacDonald
  138. CHISHOLM, Willam D. m'd to Mary [May] MacDonald, 1926, Dunvegan p.V.11
  139. CHRISTIE, Dr. F. John, Minnewaukon, N.D. mar'd to Florence Ross, dau of D. D. Martintown 1905
  140. CLARKE, Louisa A. m'd to Dan McDiarmid, 1926, Kitsilano, B.C., p.V.11
  141. CLARK, Minnie J.P. mar'd to Wm. J. Wightman 1893
  142. CLELAND, Lillas Spiers, [1] Mrs. James/John Murdock, [2] Mrs. James Reburn at Cornwall 1975,
  143. CLINE, _____, Mrs. Donald B. MacLennan, died at Cornwall, Ont. 1926
  144. CLINE, Cecil H., died at Brockville, 1961, age 59, of Maxville,
  145. CLINE, Edwin A. Maxville mar'd to Pauline Burnet 1970 at Cornwall
  146. CLINE, George W. died at Cornwall, 1961, age 56, of Maxville, hus of Margaret Pechie, Dalkeith
  147. CLINE, J. M. , Cornwall, mar'd to Annie Empey, Char Front, 1901, Char Front
  148. CLINGEN, William, d.1916, Martintown, Ontario p.V.1
  149. CODE, T. B. m'd to Isabel Wightman 1911, Lancaster, Ont. p. V.11
  150. COLBRAN, Ruth & Gordon McIntosh reception held, 1944 p. V.11
  151. COLBRAN, Sandra Anne, Maxville,mar'd to William Gordon Hall, of Edwards, Ont., 1960, at Maxville,
  152. COLLETTE, _____ infant child of Edward, d. 1898, Lancaster, Ont. p. V.11
  153. CONDIE, J., 4th Lanc., see Home From the Yukon 1900 p.V.11
  154. CONDIE, J. K., d.1948, Bainsville, Ontario p.V.1
  155. CONDIE, Mrs. J. K., nee Georgina Snyder, d.1955, Cornwall, Ontario p.V.1
  156. CONDIE, Malcolm, d.1905, East Lancaster, Ontario p.V.1
  157. CONDIE, Mrs. William, nee Ellen McArthur, d.1936, Bainsville, Ontario p.V.1
  158. CONNOR, Mrs. Ralph, nee _____ King died at Winnipeg, Man, 1961, age 84,
  159. COOPER, Alfred, d. 1924, Glenboro, Man, age 68, from Lancaster, born England p.V.11
  160. COOPER, Mrs. Alfred, nee Eliza Smith , d. 1905, age 59, born Yarmouth, England, 1846 p.V.11
  161. COOPER, Lillian May d. 1899, age 2, dau of Alfred p.V.11
  162. COOPER, W. Duncan died at Baltimore, Ont., 1956, age 46 of Lancaster, hus of Helen Watson of Morrisburg
  163. COPAS, Albert died at Cornwall 1958, of Lancaster, of Berkshire, England, hus of Janet Graham Coll
  164. CORBETT, Hugh, d. 1901, age 62, of Munroe's Mills, married 3 times, p.V.11
  165. CORBET, Isabella, Mrs. D. A. McDonald, d. 1919, age 73, Munroe's Mills p.V.11
  166. COSTELLO, Mrs. F. T., nee Annie McPhee, d. 1909, Alexandria, Ont. p.V.11
  167. COYLE, Lottie to Thomas Jamieson 1898, Montreal, Que. p.V.11
  168. CRAIG, David William died at Cornwall, 1956 age 78, mail man, Lancaster
  169. CRAIG, Earl, visits aunt South Lancaster Ref GN 1958, pg. 6, col. 1.
  170. CRAIG, Wesley died at Hamilton 1999, age 83, hus of Ruth, of Summerstown
  171. CUMMING, Cameron, Scientist, d. 1996, born Roxborough Twp. p.V.11
  172. CUMMING , Mrs. Donald, nee Jane Graham, d.1916, Montreal, Qubec p.V.11
  173. CUMMING , William G. died Huntley District, Man 1960, age 82, born Ormstown, hus of Jennie Maxwell
  174. CURRY, Alice M. to Dan Bonner M.1927, Montreal, Quebec p.V.1
  175. CURRY, Arch. J., d.1920, Cascades, Quebec from Curry Hill, Ontario p.V.1
  176. CURRY, Fred S., d. 1955, age 83, Cornwall p.V.11
  177. CURRY, Grace, 1899 to South Dakota, from Curry Hill, Ontario p.V.1
  178. CURRY, Harold, farm sale, Lanc twp, Curry Hill, 1947 p.V.11
  179. CURRY, Jane mar'd to Thomas Stacy 1893, Curry Hill
  180. CURRY, Mrs. James, d.1920 p.V.1
  181. CURRY, Maria, Mrs. _______ MacDaniels, d.1893, from Curry Hill, Ont. p.V.1
  182. CURRY, Mildred died about 1917 of Oregon
  183. CURRY, Minnie 1899 to South Dakota, from Curry Hill, Ontario p.V.1
  184. CURRY, Robert , Curry Hill  mar'd to Georgia Dickson Valleyfield, 1893, Valleyfield
  185. CURRY, Susan, Mrs. John McBean, d.1899, Toronto, Ont p.V.1
  186. CUTHBERT, Peter, Quigley's, see Home From the Yukon 1900 p.V.11

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  187. DAFOE, Elizabeth, Mrs. Paul Whyte, died at Cornwall 1919, age 82, of Lancaster
  188. DAIGLE, Alphonse, at Cornwall, 1979 ae 81, hus of late Amonda Jutras
  189. DANCAUSE, Antoine died at Montreal, Que. 1915, from Apple Hill, age 57.10, born St. Anicet, Que.
  190. DAPRATO, Xavier died at Alexandria, 1922, age 87, born Leghorn, Italy, hus of Esther Hamelin
  191. DAOUST, Joseph Emilien died at Yorkton, Sask 1923 of North lancaster, Ont., hus of Ellen Kirk
  192. DASHNEY, Sarah Ann, Mrs. Malcolm McKenzie, d.1943, of Ste. Anne de Prescott, Ont. p.V.1
  193. DAVIDSON, Alexandre at Cornwall 1971 age 68, hus of [1] Aldea Vachon [2] Florida Desnoyers
  194. DEMOULIN, Harold Hurton m'd to Hazel McNaughton 1943, at Kinburn, Ont. p. V.11
  195. DEMOULIN, Israel, d. 1947, Lanc twp p.V.11
  196. DERUCHIE, Catherine, Char twp, death ref GN 1909
  197. DERUCHIE, Mr. Charles A. d. 1942 age 83, Lancaster
  198. DERUCHIE, Mr. Charles D. at Flanders Field, 1916 WW1,
  199. DERUCHIE, Muriel, Mrs. Charles Emile Grobet, at Youngtown, Arizona 1979
  200. DERUCHIE, Myrtle McGruer of Lancaster to William Laurence Rooney 1920,
  201. DESJARDINS, Mrs. Edward, nee Henriette, nee Picard, Riceville, died Kenyon, 1949 age71
  202. DEVER, Robert William of Alexandria, m'd to Gladys Rosyln Gibbons, 1925, Alexandria, p.V.11
  203. DEVINE, John died at Niagara Falls, N.Y. 1908, age 72, from Lancaster, Ont.
  204. DEWAR, Mrs. Alex , nee Isabel McMaster, d.1913, Alexandria p.V.1
  205. DEWAR, Mrs. Donald J. nee Mary Christena MacDonald, d. 1924, p.V.11
  206. DEWAR, Duncan Farquhar died at 7th Lanc 1949, age 80, hus of Anna Belle McMillan
  207. DEWAR, Farquhar, d.1900, conc. Lancaster township p.V.1
  208. DEWAR, James, d. 1897, Cote St. George, Quebec p.V.1
  209. DEWAR, Mary , Mrs. John O. MacDonald, d. 1938, age 85, Dunvegan p.V.11
  210. DEWAR, Roderick died at New Denver, B.C., 1949 age 74, of Dunvegan
  211. DICKSON, Mrs. Fred, Nee Edith Kemp d. 1904, age 22 at Black River, p. V.11
  212. DICKSON, Georgia mar'd to Robert Curry, Curry Hill 1893, Valleyfield
  213. DINGWALL, Dr. Donald G., sketch, Dryden Ref GN 1957,
  214. DINGWALL, Edna m'd to Kenneth C. Blackwell, 1916, Lancaster p.V.11
  215. DINGWALL,  Isabella, Mrs. Thomas Munro, 2nd conc Lanc., died at Cornwall 1926, age 87,
  216. DINGWALL, James d. 1901, age 71, at Black River. p. V.11
  217. DINGWALL, Jemima dau of James 4th Char twp, mar'd to D. A.Ross of Martintown 1905
  218. DINGWALL, John J. died at Williamstown, 1923 age 66, of Char twp
  219. DINGWALL, Miss Laurena died at Lancaster 1957, of Williamstown
  220. DINGWALL, Margaret Catharine, Mrs. D. A. Fraser, d. 1904, Char. twp P. V.11
  221. DONIHEE, Rev. John R., d. 1989, Cornwall, Ontario p.V.1
  222. DONOVAN, Duncan, died at Alexandria, 1933, of Loch, hus of Catherine Campbell, St. Justine
  223. DOOD, Harriet Lorraine Dood Montreal, mar'd to Duncan I. Schneider, Montreal, 1951, Montreal
  224. DOUGHERTY, Charles Gustave, d. 1966, Cornwall, Ont p.V.11
  225. DOWNEY, John, d. 1915, 3rd Lanc. twp p.V.11
  226. DOWNS, Frank W. , Brandon, Man., mar'd to Lillian Williamstown on 1906
  227. DOYLE, Mary, Lanc twp, death ref GN 1908
  228. DUFFY, Mrs. J., nee Bessie McMillan, d.1896, Rochester, N.Y. p.V.1
  229. DUFRESNE, John, d. 1966, Cornwall, Ont. p.V.11
  230. DUGGAN, Henry, Ken. twp mar'd Bella Morris, Loch 1900, St. Alexander's p.V.11
  231. DUGGAN, Henry, d.1940, Alexandria, Ontario p.V.1
  232. DULIN, Rev. Joseph W. died at Cornwall 1937, RC Priest, age 63 of Montreal
  233. DUNLOP, Adela, d. 1983, Cornwall, Ont. p.V.11
  234. DUNLOP, Mabel M. to Neron F. Mosop, m.1922, South Lancaster p.V.1
  235. DUNLOP, Mabel M., 1991, South Lancaster p.V.1
  236. DUNLOP, Mildred, d. 1966, South Lancaster, Ont. p.V.11
  237. DUNOON, Mrs. D., nee Anna McMartin of Martintown, Ont, d. 1943 Vancouver, B.C., p. V.11
  238. DUNN, Robert died at Wood's Creek Bridge, Lanc twp, 1962, age 10,
  239. DUNSMORE, Wm. Neepawa, Man., mar'd Margery McGilliray, 1901, at Lorne p.V.11
  240. DUPERRON, Donald died at Montreal, Que., 1939, age 58, of Dominionville, hus of Celina St. Louis
  241. DUPUIS, Fabien died at Montreal, Que., 1942, merchant from St. Raphaels, age 85, born St. Anicet, hus of Rebecca Caza
  242. DURNING, Miss _____, dau of Hugh mar'd to Harry White son of Charles 1926? at Montreal

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  243. ECCLES,  Rebecca, Sister Mary of St.Hilda died at St. Laurent, Que. 1958, age 79,
  244. EDGAR, Alex William of Bainsville, Ont. m'd to Mary Rita Wannamaker 1943, at Belleville, Ont. p. V.11
  245. EDGAR, [Alex William ] Sgt. Pilot W. missing over Germany, 1944, p. V.11
  246. EDGAR, Alexina, Mrs. John M. Ross, Curry Hill, died 1931, age 85,
  247. EDGAR, Athol Alex, died at Cornwall 1979 age 87, of Lancaster, hus of Pearl MacDermid
  248. EDGAR, Mr & Mrs Charles H[A], 50th Anniversary, Ref GN 1929
  249. EDGAR, Charles A. died Lanc twp 1929, Age 75, hus of Janet Sangster
  250. EDGAR, Mrs Charles A., nee Janet Sangster died Lanc twp died 1932, age 78,
  251. EDGAR, Charles M. died at Cornwall 1960, age 73, of Lancaster, hus of Marguerite (May) Sutherland
  252. EDGAR, Charles M. , Montreal, of Front Lancaster mar'd to (May) Sutherland, Montreal 1913
  253. EDGAR, Charles Stephen Patrick died at Bainsville, 1944, age 16,
  254. EDGAR, Elva to Ewen F. McDonell, m.1923, Lancaster p.V.1
  255. EDGAR, Eva Mrs. Rod McCuaig, died at Lancaster 1969 age 79,
  256. EDGAR, Frederick William died at Calgary, Alberta 1903 age 17, of front lanc twp,
  257. EDGAR, Isabel Mrs. Mrs. William J. McNaugton at Lancaster 1942 age 83,
  258. EDGAR, John/James Ross infant son of Charles A. died 1899 Lancaster
  259. EDGAR, Mary Jane, Mrs. Beniah McBain, died East Front, Lancaster on 1915
  260. EDGAR, Patrick see Charles Stephen Patrick Edgar
  261. EDGAR, Mrs. Robert, nee Elizabeth Wood died at Curry Hill, 1893,
  262. EDGAR, Stan, yorkton, Sask, son of Charles, Lancaster, Sketch ref GN 1958,
  263. EDGAR, Susan, Mrs. Alex J. McNaugton Lanc. twp, died 1919, age 70,
  264. EDGERTON, Ernest died at Cornwall, Ont. 1961 of lanc twp, hus of Lillie Young
  265. EDGERTON, Mrs. Ernest, Nee Lillian Young, d. 1938, age 50, Lanc twp p.V.11
  266. EGAN, Robert Cameron of Quebec City mar'd to Diane Winnifred McDonald, 1960, Lancaster
  267. EMBURG, Agnes to Robert Wilson, m. 1927, St. Raphaels, of Green Valley p.V.1
  268. EMBERG, Master Alexander, d. 1924, age 10, Green Valley p.V.11
  269. EMBERG, Donald, d. 1983, age 83, of Glen Roy p.V.11
  270. EMBERG, Mrs. James, nee Margaret MacDonald, d. 1964, age 82, Cornwall p.V.11
  271. EMBERG, John, d. 1914, age 82, Conc. Roxborough twp p.V.11
  272. EMBERG, Mrs. John, Nee Bella McDonald, d. 1927, age 80, Roxboro twp, p.V.11
  273. EMBERG, John James, d. 1987, age 78, Cornwall p.V.11
  274. EMBERG, Mary Ann, Mrs. Duncan D. MacKenzie, died at Dyer, 1954, age 80, of Moose Creek
  275. EMBERG, Mattice died at Glen Roy, Ont, 1947, age 86, blacksmith, of Moose Creek, hus of Elizabeth MacDonald
  276. EMBERG, Mrs. Mattice nee Elizabeth McDonald, died at Glen Roy 1932, born 1871, of Char twp
  277. EMOND, Mrs. Louise, Mrs. Henry Vice, nee Lauzon d.1954, Cornwall, of Alexandria p.V.1
  278. EMPEY, Annie dau of Frank, Char Front mar'd to J. M. Cline 1901, Char Front
  279. ERMATINGER, Mrs. Charles G., nee Elizabeth Kennedy, d. 1928, Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin p.V.1
  280. ETHIER, Albert died at Dalkieth, Ont, 1970, age 84, hus of Adorilla Marleau

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  281. FALKNER, Dr. Alexander d. 1931, age 91, Lancaster, Ont. p.V.11
  282. FALKNER, Mrs. Dr. Alex Falkner, nee Janet McNicol, died at Lancaster 1929, sage 85.2, of South Lancaster
  283. FALKNER, Dr. A. Duncan, Graduate Course Ref., GN 1908
  284. FALKNER, Dr. A. Duncan, died at Montreal 1956, age 80, of Lancaster hus of Nicholas Leitch
  285. FALKNER, Edgar W. d. 1923, age 47, Sylvan Lake, Sask, from Lancaster p.V.11
  286. FALKNER, Major Graeme d. 1943 in Tunisia, formerly of Lancaster, Ont. p.V.11
  287. FALKNER, Lt. J. A. D. wins mention, 1944, age 33, formerly of Lancaster, Ont. p. V.11
  288. FALKNER, Major James died at Camp Gagetown, NB, 1958, age 81, of Lancaster
  289. FALKNER, James A. died at Cherry Creek, BC 1952, age 82, from Lanc twp.
  290. FALKNER, John, d. 1917, age 60, Front Lancaster p.V.11
  291. FALKNER, Lillian Williamstown mar'd to Frank W. Downs 1906
  292. FAWCETT, Ellen B. died at Nelson, BC 1914, age 23, of Glengarry, single
  293. FEATHERSON, Mrs. Mike, Nee Ellen Barry, d. 1903, age 40, Greenfield p.V.11
  294. FERGUSON, Mrs_____ nee Ruth dau of Fred Housen mar'd to James A. of Lancaster 1949, Windsor, Ont
  295. FERGUSON, Dan D., d. 1924, Los Angeles, Calif. p.V.11
  296. FERGUSON, Mrs. Gordon, nee Catherine Anna Bella Cameron died at Ottawa 1957, age 90 of Stewart's Glen
  297. FERGUSON, James died at Maxville, 1933 age 82, of St. Elmo East, hus of Catherine Sinclair
  298. FERGUSON, Royden died at Lancaster, 1970, age 81, of Williamstown, hus of Minnie Keir
  299. FERGUSON, Sam, d. 1924, Apple Hill, Ont. p.V.11
  300. FERGUSON, Mrs. [Rev] William died at Glammis 1894
  301. FERJUC, Stan to Joan Fraser, M. 1974 New Westminster, B.C p.V.11
  302. FERJUC, Mrs. Stan Ferjuc, d. 1993, Delta, B.C. p.V.1
  303. FILION, Lou of Maxville 1974, age 69, hus of Eva Lefebvre
  304. FINCH, Mrs. L. T., nee Anne McPherson, d.1900, Alexandria, Ontario p.V.1
  305. FINDS FAMILY FARM, of William Kelly ref GN 1956, pg. 4, col. 4.
  306. FINLAN, Donald, d. 1916, 5th Kenyon p.V.11
  307. FINLAYSON, Mrs. Roderick, nee Catherine McEwen, d.1947, Cornwall, Ontario p.V.1
  308. FINN, Florence to Duncan McGillivray, m.1920, Detroit, Mich., from Orillia, Ont p.V.1
  309. FISHER, Mrs. Alexander nee Janet McNaught died at St. Elmo, 1893, age 85, born perthshire, Scotland
  310. FISHER, Malcolm d. 1900, age 70 at Athol, p.V.11
  312. FLANAGAN, Robert, 1924, Cornwall, Ont. p.V.11
  313. FLARO, Maurice R., South Lancaster, mar'd to Anna May of Berwick/Lancaster, at Lancaster 1970
  314. FLOATED ON A ROOF, GN1900, Galveston, Texas p.V.11
  315. FOBERT, Mrs. John, d. 1901, age 73, Lancaster, mother of 24 children p.V.11
  316. FORTUNE, Alex L. died at Enderby, B. C. about 1915, age 85 of Godmanchester
  317. FOULDS, Andrew Robert died at Ottawa, Ont. 1938, age 93, of Martintown, hus of Mary Ann McGregor
  318. FOURNEY, Brian Cornwall mar'd to Phyllis Aitken at Cornwall 1970
  319. FOURNEY, Edgar George Fourney Lancaster, mar'd to Linda Dorothy Gordon, Cornwall at Martintown 1970
  320. FOURNEY, John 95th birthday ref GN 1958, pg. 1, col. 4.
  321. FOURNEY, John died at Cornwall 1960, age 97, of Allan's Corners, Que, hus of [1] Jane Ann Smith, [2] Elizabeth Petrie
  322. FOURNEY, Mrs. John J., nee Susan Masson died at Cornwall 1957, from Char twp
  323. FOURNIER, _______ , Mrs. Dosithe Quenneville, 1926 p.V.11
  324. FRANCOEUR, Maisie Gloria, Nee Hope, d.1992, Cornwall, Ontario p.V.1
  325. FRASER, Alexander, d.1900, Toronto, Ont., from Fraserfield p.V.1
  326. FRASER, Mrs. Alex, d.1905, 8th conc. Kenyon, Fiske's Corners p.V.1
  327. FRASER, Mrs. Alex, nee Margaret Helen McPhee, d.1954, Lochinvar, Ont. p.V.1
  328. FRASER, Alex. D., d.1907, St. Andrews West, Ont., p.V.1
  329. FRASER, Alex. J., d.1924, St. Andrews West, Ont., p.V.1
  330. FRASER, Angus, d. 1925, Octonagon, Mich., from Lancaster twp p.V.1
  331. FRASER, Angus Mac M., died at New York, N.Y, 1938, age 65, Noted Bagpiper
  332. FRASER, Nancy, Mrs. William MacNaughton, d. 1927, Martintown, Ont. p.V.11
  333. FRASER, Anna Alexandra of Lochinvar to Roy Barton 1945 in Vankleek Hill. Ont. p. V.11
  334. FRASER, Miss Annie E., d. 1918, Ottawa, from Fraserfield p.V.11
  335. FRASER, Anna, Mrs. Leslie McCuaig died at Prescott, Ont. 1968, age 49, of Lancaster
  336. FRASER, Mrs. A[rchibald] D., nee Janet MacDonald, d.1943, Guelph, Ont. p.V.1
  337. FRASER, Mrs. Arlington, nee Grace MacDonald, d.1982, Lancaster, Ont. p.V.1
  338. FRASER, Bertha, nee Taylor, d. 1993, Lancaster, Ont. p.V.1
  339. FRASER, Katharine Anne of Dunvegan Ont. to Dan McDonald, at Dunvegan 1917 p. V.11
  340. FRASER, Dona Catherine dau of J. W., Maxville, mar'd to Peter Mark Addison at Dunvegan on 1969
  341. FRASER, Mrs. Donald, nee Isabella Munroe, d.1899, Kenyon twp, born Indian Lands p.V.1
  342. FRASER, Mrs. Donald A., nee Catherine Ann Campbell, d.1938, Vankleek Hill, Ont. p.V.1
  343. FRASER, Donald N., d.1901, of the Ridge West Hawkesbury Twp. p.V.1
  344. FRASER, Duncan of Washington State to Bella Rael 1901, both from Lanc. twp. p.V.11
  345. FRASER, Duncan, d.1947, of lot K & L, Char. twp, NSRR Conc.1 p.V.1
  346. FRASER, Mrs. Duncan, nee Catherine McDonald, d.1896, Lochiel twp p.V.1
  347. FRASER, Mrs. Duncan, nee Bella Roel, d.1940, of Char. twp, NSRR Conc.1 p.V.1
  348. FRASER, Duncan Alpin, d. 1944, Char twp. p. V.11
  349. FRASER, Mrs. D. A., nee Margaret Catharine Dingwall d. 1904, Char. twp, p. V.11
  350. FRASER, Mrs. Farquhar W. 90th birthday Ref GN 1959,
  351. FRASER, Mrs. Farquhar W., nee Margaret Ann Wightman, died Lanc twp 1961, age 92,
  352. FRASER, Isabella to Leo J. Barry, m.1926, Lancaster p.V.1
  353. FRASER, Isabella, Mrs. Leo Barry, d. 1966, Hasbrouck Heights, N.J. p.V.1
  354. FRASER, Isabella, Mrs. Joseph A. Sample, d. 1926, Vankleek Hill p.V.11
  355. FRASER, Mrs. J. J., nee Anne McIntosh, d.1949, Winnipeg, Manitoba p.V.11
  356. FRASER, James, d.1891, Loch Garry, Ont., p.V.11
  357. FRASER, James, wins Bursary Ref GN 1957, pg. 1, col. 3.
  358. FRASER, Joan of Lancaster, Ont. to Stan FERJUC, M. 1974 , New Westminster, B.C p.V.11
  359. FRASER, Joan, Mrs. Stan Ferjuc, d. 1993, Delta B.C. from Lancaster, Ontario p.V.1
  360. FRASER, John, Auditor General, 1908, Ottawa, Ont. p.V.1
  361. FRASER, John D., d. 1946, St. Andrew's West, Ont. p.V.11
  362. FRASER, Lillian M., Mrs. Ernest MacPherson, d. 1976, Cornwall, Ont. p.V.11
  363. FRASER, Loretta, Mrs. Archie Valade, D.1991, Cornwall, of Lancaster p.V.1
  364. FRASER, Miss M. A., d.1949, Lancaster twp p.V.1
  365. FRASER, Mamie to G. A. Hope, m.1902. Mongenais p.V.1
  366. FRASER, Margaret, Mrs. Alex. Chisholm, d. 1895, Williamstown p.V.1
  367. FRASER, Margaret, Mrs. William D. Chaffee, Summerstown, died at Cornwall, 1957, age 57,
  368. FRASER, Mary, Mrs. John Meadows, 1900 age 67, South Lancaster p.V.11
  369. FRASER, Mrs. Molly Ann, nee Lynn, d.1990, Front Royal, Virginia p.V.1
  370. FRASER, Neil, d.1949, Vankleek Hill, Ont. p.V.1
  371. FRASER, Nellie, Mrs. Bennie MacDonald d. 1996, Cornwall, Ont.
  372. FRASER, Neville d. 1916, in WW 1, from Lancaster, Ont. p.V.11
  373. FRASER, Robert James, author of AS OTHERS SEE US, d. 1965, Ottawa, Ont. p.V.1
  374. FRASER, Simon, d. 1923, Edmonton, Alberta, from Kenyon twp. p.V.1
  375. FRASER, Simon of & BC tour , sketch Ref GN 1960,
  376. FRASER, Mrs. Thomas, nee Vear McMillan, d. 1900, Lochiel p.V.11
  377. FRASER, Thomas, d.1921, Cornwall, Ontario p.V.1
  378. FRASER, Mrs. Thomas, nee Ellen Roell, d.1953, Cornwall, Ont p.V.1
  379. FRASER, Mrs. Vincent, Nee Theresa Mary MacDonald, d. 1995 Cornwall p.V.11
  380. FRASER, Vincent Bernard, d.1921, 8 concession Cornwall twp p.V.1
  381. FRASER, William, d.1898, of Kenyon & of West Hawkesbury twp p.V.1
  382. FRASERFIELD, Sketch Ref GN 1958, pg. 1 col. 5.
  383. FREAK CALF, of John Ross, Ref GN 1960, pg. 1, col. 6.
  384. FRENCH, Priscilla E. Mrs. Joseph S.Woods, died in Duluth. Minn 1927, age 82, of Lancaster
  385. FREUND, John died at Glen Roy, Ont, 1934, age 28, from Germany

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  386. GARLAND, Dr. James A. [dentist] died at Alexandria, age 31, of Vankleek Hill, hus of Julia McMillan
  387. GARLICK, Mrs. E.E., nee Malvina Gauthier mar'd to Francis Leroux, of Lancaster, at Alexandria, Ont., 1908
  388. GAUTHIER, Malvina - Mrs. E.E. Garlick mar'd to Francis Leroux, of Lancaster, at Alexandria, Ont., 1908
  389. GELINEAU, Cass, Mrs. Ross Waffle, died at Owosso, Mich 1961, age 69, of Lochiel
  390. GELINEAU, Duncan died at Alexandria, 1959, age 63, hus of Florence McCormick
  391. GELINEAU, John, d. 1917, Lochiel twp. p.V.11
  392. GELINEAU, Martha, Mrs. Justin Bammel, nee died at Napanee, Indiana 1960 age 57, of Lochiel
  393. GELINEAU, Peter J., died at Mount Royal, Que., 1957, age 71, of Lochiel, hus of Lucy M. Macdonald
  394. GELINEAU, Thelma Kathryn to James A. McDonald, m.1946, Alexandria p. V.1
  395. GENDREAU, Mrs John, nee Rosanna Poirier died Loch twp, dau of Abraham, 1908, age 39,
  396. GIBBONS, Gladys Roslyn of St. John's Newfoundl and m'd to Robert William Dever 1925, Alexandria, Ont. p.V.11
  397. GIBSON, John, d. 1901, age 94, Pointe Fortune p.V.11
  398. GIROUX, Hormadas, d. 1976 Cornwall, Ont. p.V.11
  399. GLAUDE, Mrs. Rolland nee Clara Carriere at Cornwall, 1971 age 59 of Bainsville
  400. GLENGARRIANS ABROAD - - GN 1900 p.V.11
  401. GLENGARRIANS ABROAD - - GN 1908 at home of John McPhee, Vancouver, BC
  403. GOLDSTEIN, Matilda Dau of M., mar'd to Mose Simon, Alexandria, Ont., at Hamilton, 1908
  404. GORDON, John King, d. 1989, Ottawa, Ont., hus of Ruth _____ p.V.1
  405. GORDON, Linda Dorothy Cornwall mar'd to Edgar George Fourney at Martintown 1970
  406. GOULET, Alexander died Cornwall 1959, age 73, of St. Polycarpe, Que., hus of Lea Theoret, Alexandria
  407. GOULET, Louis, died at Dalkeith, Ont 1977, storekeeper, age 77, hus of Virginie Theoret
  408. GOULET, Wilfred of Alexandria m'd to Lucille Branchaud, 1944 Montreal, Que. p.V.11
  409. GRAHAM, Allan died at Verdun, Que 1942 age 69, hus of Jane Murray, of Isle of Lewis, Scotland
  410. GRAHAM, Jane, Mrs. Donald Cumming, d.1916, conc, Char. twp. p.V.1
  411. GRANDAW, Jacob died at North Valley, d. 1920 age 82, hus of Didama Hart
  412. GRANT, Alexander J. died Char twp 1897 age 68,
  413. GRANT, Allan, d. 1923, 3rd Lanc twp. p.V.11
  414. GRANT, Allan P., d. 1926, Lancaster Village p.V.11
  415. GRANT, Mrs. Allan, nee Catherine M Helps, d. 1903, Bainsville, Ont. p. V.11
  416. GRANT, Annie, Mrs. John O'Brien, d.1908, Calabogie, Ont. p.V.1
  417. GRANT, Anna Belle, Mrs. Donald McLennan, d.1930, of Glen Brook, Char twp p.V.1
  418. GRANT, Anna Clarissa m'd 1916, Los Angeles, Calif. to John T. Wilson, of Sanata Ana, Calif p.V.11
  419. GRANT, Mrs. Archibald Lewis nee Janet H. Ross, died at Cornwall, 1947 , age 87
  420. GRANT, Miss Catherine, d. 1924, 3rd Kenyon twp. p.V.11
  421. GRANT, Donald, d. 1896, Lanc twp. born Glen Morrison, Invernesshire, Scotland p.V.11
  422. GRANT, Duncan, d. 1917, 94 y 3m, Apple Hill p.V.11
  423. GRANT, Miss Elizabeth, d. 1917, Brockville, from Lanc, twp. p.V.11
  424. GRANT, Miss Elizabeth, d. Jan. 31, 1918, Lancaster Village p.V.11
  425. GRANT, Miss Ellen, d. 1913, 4th Lanc twp. p.V.11
  426. GRANT, Ellen, Mrs. K. R. McLennan, d. 1913, Vancouver, B.C., born Lanc. twp. p. V.11
  427. GRANT, Finlay D., d. 1914, Port Arthur, Ont. from Lanc. twp. p.V.11
  428. GRANT, Isabella, Mrs. R. Williamson, d. 1894, Char. twp, born South Branch p.V.1
  429. GRANT, Hugh, d. 1906, Lanc. twp. born Inverness, Scotland p.V.11
  430. GRANT, Hugh M. died at Williamstown, 1962, age 79, hus of Mary Agnes Wood
  431. GRANT, James died at Butte, Montana 1921 Loch Garry, Ont.
  432. GRANT, Mrs. James, nee Christy A. McNaughton d. 1900, Ken p.V.11
  433. GRANT, Mr. James A. d. 1934, Kenyon twp. p.V.1
  434. GRANT, Lindsay died at Cornwall, 1968 age 72, of South Branch, hus of Theresa Runions
  435. GRANT, Margaret wife of John R. MacGillis, char twp on 1912, age 77
  436. GRANT, Miss Margaret, d. 1922, Lancaster Village p.V.11
  437. GRANT, Mary. Mrs. Hugh McGillis, d.1917, of Char. twp p.V.1
  438. GRANT, Murdoch, d.1896, Char. twp. p.V.1
  439. GRAY, Angus, d. 1903, age 72, Kenyon twp p.V.11
  440. GRAY, Duncan died at Alexandria, 1949, age 97, of Martintown, hus of Jane Elizabeth Munroe died 1942
  441. GRAY, Mrs. Peter, nee ______ McLeod, d.1928, Dunvegan, Ont. p.V.1
  442. GRAY, Sarah Ann, d. 1943, age 74, Dunvegan, dau of Peter p.V.11
  443. GRAY, William A. to Minnie M. Stackhouse on 1898, Perveril, Que. p.V.11
  444. GROBET, Mrs. Charles Emile nee Muriel, Derouchie at youngtown, Arizona 1979
  445. GUINDON, Alphonse, at Summerstown, 1928, age 74
  446. GUNN, Alexander, d.1914, Lanc. twp p.V.1
  447. GUNN, Alexander K., died at Saskatoon, Sask 1920 age 43, of Lancaster
  448. GUNN, Allan, d. 1966, Cornwall, Ont. p.V.11
  449. GUNN, Angus, d. 1902, Fernie, B.C. p.V.11
  450. GUNN, Ivan J. died at Cornwall 1968 of Bainsville, hus of Irene Baker, Bainsville
  451. GUNN, Miss Jennie, d. 1918, age 28, 2nd Lanc. twp p.V.11
  452. GUNN, Ranald David, d.1922, Ottawa, Ontario p.V.1
  453. GUNN, Wm., Lancaster, mar'd to Daisy, dau of J. A. McDonald, at Williamstown on 1904

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  454. HALL, William Gordon, of Edwards, Ont., mar'd to Sandra Anne Colbran 1960, Maxville,
  455. HAMBLETON, Donald Cameron Glen Robertson, mar'd to Hannah Ellen Powrie at Colborne, Ont 1966
  456. HAMBLETON, Mrs. J. C. Hambleton, nee Christy A. McRae, died at Dunvegan 1954, age 84 of Loch twp
  457. HANEY, Elizabeth, Mrs. George Snyder died at Smith Falls, Ont. 1905,
  458. HANLEY, Alex P. Greenfield, mar'd to Christie MacMillan of Dunvegan in Alberta 1908
  459. HANNAN, Mary Catherine Hannan mar'd to Dr. Wilfred L. McDougald, Cornwall, Mary Catherine Hannan 1908
  460. HARRISON, Mrs. George Harrison, Mary Jane McLennan, of Lancaster, 1959, at Brandon, Man., age 81,
  461. HARKNESS, Dr. Travels to BC Ref GN 1904, pg. 2 col. 1.
  462. HARKNESS, Dr. Andrew died at Lancaster, Ont. 1908, age 62, hus of Janet M. Ross
  463. HARKNESS, Mrs. [Dr.] Andrew, nee Janet Ross died at Lancaster, Ont. ' Earnsdale' 1925, age 80,
  464. HARKNESS, Andrew 'Bar' Harkness at Cornwall, 1953 age 77,
  465. HARKNESS, John Ross, at Lancaster, 1945, age 70,
  466. HARKNESS, Mary Victoria 'Bertie' at Cornwall 1931 wife of Arthur Powell
  467. HARRIS, Mrs. Marjorie, nee MacDonell, d.1954, Montreal, Quebec p.V.1
  468. HART, Gerald to Margaret MacDonald m.1954, Cornwall, Ontario p.V.1
  469. HATHAWAY, Clara to John A. McDonald, m.1913, of Laggan, Ont. p.V.1
  470. HATTON, Mrs. William, nee Mary Ann McDonald, d.1908, Winnipeg, Man., p.V.1
  471. HAVELOCK, Victor Karl son of Karl, Ottawa, mar'd to Georgena M.d Alexandria, 1960, Shawinigan, Que
  472. HEATH, Owen d. 1900, age 78, Lochiel twp p.V.11
  473. HEBERT, Mrs. Alex, nee Annie McCuaig, died at Granby, Que 1894, age 43, of Cote St. Patrick,
  474. HELPS, Cathereine M., Mrs. Allan Grant, d. 1903, Bainsville, Ont. p. V.11
  475. HELPS, James died at Cote St. George, 1908, age 71, hus of Catherine McCuaig
  476. HELPS, William H., d. 1900, age 34, at Vancouver, B.C., from Lanc. twp. p.V.11
  477. HENDERSON, Mrs. William, nee Margaret Robertson died at Thornhill, Ont., 1947 age 86, of Lanc twp
  478. HENRY, Frederick, London, Ont., mar'd to Teresa McMillan, Alexandria on 1900 at St. Finnan's p.V.11
  479. HIGHLAND GAMES, 50th Anniversary History & Wine released Ref GN 1997
  480. HIGHWAY 65 Lancaster , Ref GN 1956, p1. col. 2
  481. HINGSTON, Lady Margaret, wife of Sir William, nee Margaret MacDonald died at Montreal, Que, 1936, age 88, of Alexandria
  482. HOLDSWORTH, William J., Summerstown mar'd to Catherine M Cattanach, Summerstown Station about 1904
  483. HOME FROM THE YUKON, GN1900 p.V.11
  484. HOOPLE, _______ , Mrs. Allan McDougall, d. 1941, Finch, Ont. p.V.11
  485. HOPE, G. A. to Mamie Fraser, m.1902, of Glen Robertson p.V.1
  486. HOPE, George, d.1897, of Lochiel twp p.V.1
  487. HOPE, Hattie, Mrs. Alex. Robertson, d.1915, Moose Jaw, Sask, of Glen Robertson p.V.1
  488. HOPE, Hilda Stewart, d. 1917, Glen Robertson p.V.1
  489. HOPE, Isabel Ruby of South Branch to Macdonald Warden 1947 p.V.11
  490. HOPE, Dr. James Thomas, d.1931, Alexandria p.V.1
  491. HOPE, Jane, d.1912, Montreal, Que., of Glen Robertson p.V.1
  492. HOPE, John, d.1905, Dalkeith, from Newton, Quebec p.V.1
  493. HOPE, John R., d.1942, Edmonton, Alberta, from Gore of Lochiel p.V.1
  494. HOPE, Maisie Gloria, Mrs _______ Francoeur, d.1992, Cornwall, Ontario p.V.1
  495. HOPE, Margaret Viola, d.1930, Glen Robertson p.V.1
  496. HOPE, Walter, d.1901, Glen Robertson p.V.1
  497. HOPE, Walter, d.1952, Cardinal, Ont., from Ste. Justine de Newton, Que. p.V.1
  498. HOUSEN, Ruth dau of Fred [1]Mrs _____ Ferguson, mar'd to James A. Wightman, Lancaster 1949, Windsor, Ont
  499. HOUSEN, Ruth, Mrs. James A. Wightman, died at Alexandria, 1962, age 63, of Windsor
  500. HOUSTON, Lt. Col. A., d.1918, Ottawa, from Winnipeg, Man., & Lancaster p.V.1
  501. HUBERT, Delphine, Mrs. D. Morgan Sexton, d. 1937, age 69, Montreal, p.V.11
  502. HUEBNER, Rosemary, d. 1936, Grosse Pointe, Mich. p.V.11
  503. HUOT, Miss Ella died at Alexandria, 1958 age 70,
  504. HUTCHINGS, Sylvia of Kent, England m'd Cpl. Vincent M. Richardson on 1944 at West Wickham, England p. V.11


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  505. INGRAM, Mrs. John, Nee Margaret McNair, d. 1929, Lancaster p.V.11
  506. INGRAM, Mary, d. 1904, of Lancaster, dau of John p.V.11
  507. INSCRIPTIONS [Historic Plaques] Williamstown show history Ref GN 1958,
  508. IRVINE, boy, d. 1901, Vankleek Hill, son of John D. p.V.11
  509. IRVINE, Duncan died at Dalkieth, Ont., 1893, age75,
  510. IRVINE, Dr. D. A. died at Vankleek Hill, 1962, age 85, of Breadalbane, hus of Ella Campbell
  511. IRVINE, Edgar died at Cornwall 1957, of Alexandria, contractor, age 83, Born, Tidnish, N. B., hus of Leah Belliveau of Church Point, N. S.
  512. ISHIKAWA, G. S. to Mary C. McRae, m.1901 p.V.1

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  513. JAMIESON, J. A. mar'd to Anna Bell Brodie 1900 at Brodie p.V.11
  514. JAMIESON, James d. 1904, age 67, 1st Kenyon p. V.11
  515. JAMIESON, Margaret, Mrs. John McDougal, d. 1899, 2 Conc. Char. p.V.11
  516. JAMIESON, Thomas to Lottie Coyle 1898, Montreal, Que. p.V.11
  517. JARVIS, George Sherwood died at Cornwall, Ont., 1914, age 80, hus of _____ McIntyre
  518. JACOBS, Florence, Mrs. David E. Markson, died at Alexandria, Ont, 1955 age 51, of NY, NY
  519. JOHNSON, Sir Edward Gordon died at Montreal 1957 age 90 UEL
  520. JOHNSON, Sir John, builds First Mill Williamstown, Ref GN 1958,

    K Obits

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  521. KELLY, Frances m'd to Hugh A. MacDonald, 1926, Detroit Mich, of Sudbury, Ont. p.V.11
  522. KEMP, Edith, Mrs. Fred Dickson, d. 1904, age 22, at Black River, p. V.11
  523. KENNEDY, _______ , Mrs. J. J. McKinnon, d. 1914, from Kenyon twp. p.V.11
  524. KENNEDY, Mrs. Alex d. 1907 age 91, Montreal of Glen Nevis p.V.1
  525. KENNEDY, Alexander H., d. 1924, Lanc. twp. p.V.11
  526. KENNEDY, Alexander J., died at Winnipeg, Man. 1923, age 88 from Munroe's Mills, Ont.
  527. KENNEDY, Mrs. Alexander R., nee ______ McDonald, d. 1917, age 89, Char twp born Kenyon twp p.V.11
  528. KENNEDY, Mrs. Allan, Nee ___ ____, d. 1920 age 71, Lanc twp p.V.11
  529. KENNEDY, Angus, at Montreal, Que, from Ken twp died 1908
  530. KENNEDY, Christy, Mrs. Donald Ranald McDonell, d. Oct. 17, 1902, Glen Donald, Ont. p.V.11
  531. KENNEDY, D. A., Greenfield, see Home From the Yukon GN 1900 p.V.11
  532. KENNEDY, Donald A. d. 1900, age 24, at Butte City, Montana, from Ken twp, p.V.11
  533. KENNEDY, Donald D. d. 1925, Waukesha, Wis., age 64, from Alexandria p.V.11
  534. KENNEDY, Duncan B., d. 1925, age 73, Ken. twp, p.V.11
  535. KENNEDY, Elizabeth, Mrs. Charles G. Ermatinger, d.1928, from Alexandria, Ont. p.V.1
  536. KENNEDY, Flora, Mrs. Alex. A. McDougald, d.1928. of the Kenyon twp p.V.1
  537. KENNEDY, Jennie M. Apple Hill, mar'd to Arthur S. Worthen,of St. Anne de Bellevue, 1908
  538. KENNEDY, Miss Jessie Barrie, Ont. died 1908, age 10,
  539. KENNEDY, John, d.1901, Alexandria, from 5th Conc. Kenyon p.V.1
  540. KENNEDY, John, d. 1924, age 81, Loch twp p.V.11
  541. KENNEDY, John J., d.1928, Portland, Oregon, from Char. twp p.V.1
  542. KENNEDY, Mrs. John S., nee Margaret ________ , d.1905, Rochland, Ont. p.V.1
  543. KENNEDY, Jos. J., d.1933, Ashland, Wis., from Glengarry p.V.1
  544. KENNEDY, Mrs. Joe J., nee Janet O'Brien, d.1941, Spooner, Minnesota p.V.1
  545. KENNEDY, Julia to Duncan J. McDonell, m.1897, Kenyon twp p.V.1
  546. KENNEDY, Mary A. d.1901, Holyoke, Mass, from Conc. Kenyon twp p.V.1
  547. KENNEDY, Mary Ann to Eugene MacDonald, m.1922, Edmonton, Alberta, of Lanc. twp p.V.1
  548. KENNEDY, Myles, d. 1926, St. Albert, Alberta, of Lochiel twp p.V.11
  549. KENNEDY, Peter, St. Elmo, see Home From the Yukon GN1900 p.V.11
  550. KENNEDY, Sarah died at Barrie, Ont. 1907, age 15.9 Loch twp
  551. KENNEDY, William, d. 1901, Ken. twp, age 73, Ken twp p.V.11
  552. KENNEDY, Mrs. William A., nee Lorraine Brouckaeret, d.1992, St. Clair Shores, Mich. p.V.11
  553. KEOUGH, Edward d. 1920, age 65, Fournier, Ont. p.V.11
  554. KERR, Alex, d. 1899, Lochiel twp p.V.11
  555. KERR, James, Loch. twp mar'd to Mary McPhee, Loch twp 1900, Alexandria p.V.11
  556. KING, _____, Mrs. Ralph Connor, died at Winnipeg, Man, March 1961, age 84,
  557. KINSELLA, John A. died at Rockwood, Australia 1912, age 46 of Tyotown, Ont.
  558. KIPPEN, Mary Margaret [Gretta] at Cornwall 1989, Mrs. Peter MacInnes, age 80, of Maxville
  559. KIPPEN, Peter H., Maxville, Ont., mar'd to Bella M. Wightman, Picnic Grove 1900 p.V.11
  560. KIRK HILL United Church 121 Anniversary Ref GN 1970,
  561. KNIGHT , Miss Dorothy died at Lancaster, Ont., 1913 born in Massachusetts
  562. KNIGHT , Mrs Dorothy died at Lancaster, Ont., 1922, age 71 , nee Dorothy _____, wife of R. S. Knight
  563. KNIGHT , R.S. died at Lancaster 1900
    L Obits

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  564. LACOMBE, Dora to R. Laurent Sigouin, m.1943, of Glen Sandfield p.V.1
  565. LOGIE, Jessie, Mrs. J. J. Sangster died at La Jolla, Calif 1960, age 95, of Green Valley, Ont.,
  566. LALONDE, Mrs. Aldeman Lalonde, Mary White, died at Cornwall, 1960, age 72,
  567. LALONDE, Emilie, Mrs. Maxime Rousse, d. 1940, Roxborough twp. p.V.11
  568. LALONDE, Magistrate Leopold died at Alexandria, 1961 age 51, of Ste Anne de Prescott, hus of Lucille Lalonde
  569. LAMOTHE, Joseph m'd to Leona Barry, 1959, Hasbrouck Heights, N.J. p.V.11
  570. LAPORTA, Leo see under Leo Laporte
  571. LAPORTE, Mrs. S. L., nee Josephine Macdonald, died at Prescott, Ont. 1908, age 31, of Martintown, Ont.
  572. LAPORTE, Leo died at Alexandria 1962 age 90, of San Marco, Province of Foggia, Italy, husband of Ida Dapratto-died 1958
  573. LARMACHE, Ita, dau of Dolor, of Kingston to Dr. L.E. Sauriol of Lancaster 1920
  574. LARMONT, Emily, Mrs. Angus McDonald, d.1921, Lancaster, Ont. p.V.1
  575. LAUBER, Norma Isobel to Albert Fowler McPhee 1922, Amsterdam, N.Y, both of Cornwall, Ont. p.V.11
  576. LAUNDRIE, Joseph, Career & family outline Cornwall, Ont. 1940 p.V.11
  577. LAURIN, J. Albert died at Alexandria, 1959, age 72, hus of Delphine Courville
  578. LAURIN, William died at Cornwall, 1936, Alexanddria, hus of Angelina Leboeuf of Valleyfield, Que.
  579. LAUZON, Bruno scores 50th goal, 1971, Alexandria, [photo]
  580. LAUZON, Louise, Mrs. Henry Vice, d.1954, Cornwall p.V.1
  581. LAWSON, Lorne to Sandra McDonell, m.1954, Williamstown, of St. Andrews West p.V.1
  582. LAZETTE, Charles W. Sr. at Cornwall 1979, age 81, hus of Hazel tyo
  583. LECLAIR, Mrs C. nee Caroline Barnum, d. 1900, at North Lancaster p.V.11
  584. LEE, Marion of Vernon, m'd to Keith MacMaster of Laggan, 1951, Lancaster, Ont. p.V.11
  585. LEGER, Mrs. George, nee Lucienne Campeau, d. 1976, Cornwall, Ont. p.V.11
  586. LEITCH, Mrs. William C., nee Mary J Cashion, died at Montreal 1960, age 92, dau of Donald, Cashion's Glen
  587. LEMIEUX, Emily Mary, Mrs. G. W. Shepherd, d 1907, age 39 born Lemieux, Ont., p.V.11
  588. LEROUX, Francis, Lancaster, mar'd to Malvina Gauthier - Mrs. E. E. Garlick at Alexandria, Ont., 1908
  589. LEROY, Daniel J. d. 1929, East Hawkesbury twp p.V.1
  590. LEWIS, Amy Ann, Mrs. Senator Donald McMillan, d. 1916, Alexandria, Ont., age 79, born Orwell, Ont. p.V.11
  591. LINK, John, Finch, see Glengarrians Abroad, GN 1900 p.V.11
  592. LOCH GARRY, Early Days recalled Ref GN 1960, pg. 1, col. 5.
  593. LOTHIAN, Hugh J. 95th birthday Ref GN 1962, .
  594. LUNNY, Hugh d. 1926, age 81, Fitzroy township Carleton County p.V.11
  595. LYMAN, Mrs. Donald, nee Mary McPhee, d. 1924, Montreal, Que. p.V.11
  596. LYNN, Molly Ann, Mrs. James Fraser of Hudson, Ohio, d.1990 p.V.1


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  597. MCARTHUR, Archibald died at South Lancaster, 1908, age 77, hus of Jane McDermid
  598. MCARTHUR, Mrs. Archibald, nee Jane McDermid, died at South Lancaster, 1904, age 66,
  599. MCARTHUR, Arthur, d.1899, North Lancaster p.V.1
  600. MCARTHUR, Donald A. died at Alexandria, Ont., 1918, age 88, born Grant's Corners, hus of Janet Macdonald
  601. MCARTHUR, Duncan, d.1893. Lanc. twp. p.V.1
  602. MCARTHUR, Mrs. Duncan, nee Christina McCuaig, d.1916, Lanc. twp p.V.1
  603. MCARTHUR, Ellen, Mrs. William Condie, d.1936, Bainsville, Ont. p.V.1
  604. MCARTHUR, Mrs. Ewen nee Catherine McEwen , died at Maxville, Ont. 1908, age 42
  605. MCARTHUR, John, d. 1900, age 77, of North Lancaster p.V.11
  606. MCARTHUR, John A. d. 1928, Lancaster, born Athelstan, Que. p.V.1
  607. MCARTHUR, Mrs. John A., nee Margery Christina Sangster, d.1928, Cornwall, of South Lancaster p.V.1
  608. MCARTHUR, John D. Esq., d. 1906, Montreal, from Lancaster P.V.11
  609. MCARTHUR, Peter d. 1899, at North Lancaster p.V.11
  610. MCARTHUR,  Robert Sangster 'Bob' died at Cornwall 1957, hus of Stella M. Gunn


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  611. MCBAIN,_____ McBain, Mrs. John C. , died 1891 at Brandon, Man dau of George, Lancaster
  612. MCBEAN, _____ , Mrs. (Col.) D. B. McLennan, d.1892, of Lanc. twp. p.V.1
  613. MCBEAN, Mr. A. G., d. 1919, age 78, Lancaster p.V.11
  614. MCBAIN, Alexander, died at Bainsville 1931, age 78, hus of Jane Campbell
  615. MCBAIN, Mrs. Alex., nee Emely McPhail, d. 1912, age 91, Moose Creek, Ont., p.V.11
  616. MCBAIN, Mrs. Beniah, nee Mary Jane Edgar, died East Front, Lancaster 1915
  617. MCBAIN, Christena, Mrs. Robert R. Sangster died at Lancaster 1924, age 77
  618. MCBAIN, D. G. died at Winnipeg, Man 1917, age 66, Lanc twp.,
  619. MCBEAN, Mrs Duncan McBean nee Catherine Surtherland, died at Montreal, 1917, age 89, Bainsville
  620. MCBAIN, Florence, Mrs. William J. [Bann] McDonald, d. 1994, age 99, Cornwall p.V.11
  621. MCBEAN, John died at South Lancaster, Ont., 1923, age 89, hus of Susan Curry died 1899
  622. MCBEAN, Mrs. John, nee Susan Curry, d.1899, Toronto, of Curry Hill p.V.1
  623. MCBAIN, John D. died at Maxville, Ont., 1908, age 89,
  624. MCBEAN, Miss Minnie died Lancaster Front, 1899 age 29, dau of Beniah
  625. MCBAIN, Mrs. Richard B., nee Catherine Mary Snider died at Kincaid, Sask 1932 age 62, Bainsville

    MacC Obits

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  626. MCCALLUM, Catherine Bell, Mrs. Peter McNaughton, died at Ottawa, Ont., 1941, age 49, Lanc twp
  627. MCCALLUM, Rev. Daniel died at Kingston, Ont., 1917, age 92, from Maxville, Ont.
  628. MCCALLUM, Rev. Frederick W. died in Istanbul, Turkey, 1945, age 83, hus of Henriette M. Reid of Collingwood, Ont, of Maxville,
  629. MCCALLUM, Gordon to Alison Brock, M. 1928, Vankleek Hill, Ont. p.V.1
  630. MCCALLUM, John, d. March 5, 1907, Martintown p.V.11
  631. MCCALLUM, Malcolm, d. 1901, age 92, of East Hawkesbury p.V.11
  632. MCCALLUM, Dr. R. J. died at Alexandria, Ont, 1955, age 59, of Apple Hill, hus of Agnes MacDonald
  633. MCCALLUM, Rev. William B. died at St. Elmo, Ont., 1938, born Durham, NS, hus of Christie Ann Fraser
  634. MCCARTHY, Dr. John A. died at St. John, NB 1924, hus of Miss Mary Ann Haney, Lancaster, Ont
  635. MCCLAVE, Mary Ellen to Anthony J. McIntosh, m.1943, of St. Andrews West p. V.1
  636. MCCLELLAN, See under McLellan/MacLennan
  637. MCCORMACK, Mrs. Finnan, nee Annie ___, d. 1900 at Ottawa p.V.11
  638. MCCORMICK, John to Katie McDonell, m. 1897, of Kenyon twp p.V.1
  639. MCCORMICK, John A. died at Cornwall, Ont, 1915, age 47, of Meadow Bay, hus of _____ Carr.
  640. MCCORMICK, Malcolm, d. 1901, Quigley's, age 53, Ken twp p.V.11
  641. MCCORMICK, Margaret, MRS. JOHN A. MCDONALD, d. 1912, Kenyon twp, p.V.11
  642. MCCORMICK, Mary, Mrs. Hugh R. McDonald, d. 1920, age 87, McCormick P.O. p.V.11
  643. MCCORMICK, Mary, Mrs. John H. McDonald, d. 1907, Lochiel twp p.V.11
  644. MCCORMICK, Roderick 'Rory' died at Alexandria, Ont. 1952, age 103, of Glen Nevis, hus of Catherine McCormick died 1912
  645. MCCORMICK, Roderick J. died Loch twp 1933, age 82, hus of Ann Geelan
  646. MCCOSHAM, Mrs. Alexander, nee Flora Ann Richardson, d.1913, St. Telesphore, Que. p.V.1
  647. MCCOSHAM, Angus, d.1908, St. Telesphore, Que. p.V.1
  648. MCCOSHAM, Catherine B. of St. Telesphore, m'd to Archibald McDonnell of Dalhousie Station, 1920, St. Telesphore p.V.11
  649. MCCOSHAM, Mrs. John, nee Marcella McGillis, d.1954, Cornwall p.V.1
  650. MCCOSHAM, Neil died at Cornwall 1985 age 92, son of Alex, hus of Louise McTavish
  651. MCCRIMMON, Alexander, d.1920, Toronto, from Lochiel p. V.1
  652. MCCRIMMON, Allan & family visits aunt, Ref GN 1926, pg. 5, col. 5
  653. MCCRIMMON, Catherine Anne, Mrs. Thomas McIntosh, d. 1948, Montreal, Que., born Lanc. twp. p.V.11
  654. MCCRIMMON, Donald, d.1931, Williamstown, born Lancaster p.V.1
  655. MCCRIMMON, Mrs. Donald, nee Sarah MacKenzie, d.1941, Williamstown p.V.1
  656. MCCRIMMON, D. J., d.1952, Montreal, Que., from McCrimmon p.V.1
  657. MCCRIMMON, Duncan R. to Jennie E. Tanner, m.1910, Lanc. twp. p.V.1
  658. MCCRIMMON, Farquhar, d.1918, 3rd Lanc. twp. p.V.1
  659. MCCRIMMON, Harriet A., Laggan, mar'd to Robert Alex 'Sandy' MacPherson, 1957
  660. MCCRIMMON, Hattie Ellen to Alex. G. MacLeod, m. year unknown, of McCrimmon p.V.1
  661. MCCRIMMON, Major Henry J., d.1956, Williamstown p.V.1
  662. MCCRIMMON, John, Laggan, see Home From the Yukon GN 1900 p.V.11
  663. MCCRIMMON, John died at Garrison, Montana 1907, age about 50, from Kenyon twp
  664. MCCRIMMON, John, died at Kamloops, BC 1935, age 85, born Kenyon twp
  665. MCCRIMMON, Margaret, d.1897, Dunvegan, of Conc. Kenyon twp. p.V.1
  666. MCCRIMMON, Mary, Mrs. Duncan McPhee, d.1908, Cornwall, of Kirk Hill p.V.1
  667. MCCRIMMON, Mary Jane, Mrs. Alexander Black, died at Cornwall 1960, age 80, of Lancaster
  668. MCCRIMMON, N., 2nd Lanc., see Home From the Yukon GN 1900 p.V.11
  669. MCCRIMMON, Judge Neil died at Whitby, Ont, 1911, age 56, born Vankleek Hill
  670. MCCRIMMON, Roderick, d.1909, Lanc. twp p.V.1
  671. MCCRIMMON, Mrs. Roderick, nee Christena McKenzie, Lanc. twp. p.V.1
  672. MCCRIMMON, Sara Bell, Mrs. W. A. Snider, d. 1931, Lanc. twp. p.V.11
  673. MCCRIMMON, William to Mary Bethune, m'd 1916, Dunvegan p.V.11
  674. MCCUAIG, Annie, Mrs. Alex Hebert died at Granby, Que 1894, age 43, of Cote St. Patrick,
  675. MCCUAIG, Anna Catherine of Dalkeith mar'd to Henry Vogan 1914, Vankleek Hill
  676. MCCUAIG, Archie H. missing since 1908, ref GN 1957 with photo
  677. MCCUAIG, Christena, Mrs. Duncan McArthur, d.1916 p.V.1
  678. MCCUAIG, D. W. died at Winnipeg, Man. 1928, age 72, of Dalkeith, hus of Lily Ann Ferguson
  679. MCCUAIG, Donald d. .1908, Dalkeith, Ont. p.V.11
  680. MCCUAIG, Reverend Donald Alexander d 1980 Mar 15, Ottawa, buried KirkHill
  681. MACCUAIG, Mr & Mrs Dan Murdock 50th Anniversary ref GN 1958, pg. 1, col. 2.
  682. MCCUAIG, Donald P. d. 1902, Montreal, Que., of Glen Sandfield, Ont. p. V.11
  683. MCCUAIG, Duncan Hugh died at Ste Justine, Que 1958, age 82,
  684. MCCUAIG, Mrs. Duncan, nee Margaret McCuaig, d.1897, Laggan p.V.1
  685. MCCUAIG, Harold Edgar died at Cornwall, Ont. 1996 of Lanc twp, hus of Jean Helena McDougal
  686. MCCUAIG, Helen Ann of Lanc mar'd to Garth McDonald at Alexandria 1970
  687. MCCUAIG, Hugh J., d. 1982, Cornwall, from Curry Hill, Ont. & Ste Justine de Newton Que. p.V.1
  688. MCCUAIG, Janet Catherine, Mrs. Archie Robertson, d.1993, Lanc twp. twp p.V.1
  689. MCCUAIG, John D. d. 1911, age 61, of Lanc. twp p. V.11
  690. MCCUAIG, John D. died at Dalhousie Station 1957, age 79, of lanc twp,
  691. MCCUAIG, Mrs. John Donald, nee Mary Ann McMillan died Lanc twp 1941, age 88,
  692. MCCUAIG, Leslie died at Lancaster, 1977, age 59 hus of Anna Fraser
  693. MCCUAIG, Mrs. Leslie , nee Anna Fraser, died at Prescott, Ont. 1968, age 49, Lancaster
  694. MCCUAIG, Linda dau of Edgar, Lanc twp mar'd to Dennis Carson at Cornwall 1969
  695. MCCUAIG, Margaret, Mrs. Duncan McCauig, d.1897 from Cote St. George, Que p.V.1
  696. MCCUAIG, Margaret to Eric Reasbeck, m.1952, of Curry Hill p.V.1
  697. MCCUAIG, Roderick died at Portage la Prairie, Man, , 1928, age 82, born Dalkeith, Ont., hus of Miss _____ McKellar
  698. MCCUAIG, Rod died at Lancaster 1973, age 85, hus of Eva Edgar
  699. MCCUAIG, Mrs. Rod, nee Eva Edgar died at Lancaster 1969 age 79,
  700. MCCUAIG, Ranold of Fort Francis & lancaster died 1904
  701. MCCUAIG,  Sadie died Lanc twp 1918, age 23,
  702. MCCUAIG, Walter F. to Viola G. MacRae, m.1940, of St. Polycarpe, Que. p.V.1
  703. MCCULLOCH, A. M., d.1947, Cornwall, of Glen Donald Char. twp p.V.1
  704. MCCULLOCH, Alexander J., d. 1900, Loch twp, born Jul. 1847, Ken twp. p.V.11<
  705. MCCUSKER, Magdalena to Mortimer Page, m. 1913, Keokuk, Iowa, of Niagara falls, N.Y. p.V.1

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  706. MACDANIELS, Maria Squires M., nee Curry, d. 1893, Muskegon, Mich. of Curry Hill, Ont. p.V.1
  707. MCDERMID, Angus L. to Catherine McDonell m.1931, Detroit, Mich, of Apple Hill, Ont.. p.V.1
  708. MCDERMID, Catherine, Mrs. D. McPherson, Lanc. twp-- see under An Aged Trio, 1900 p.V.11
  709. MCDIARMID, Dan m'd to Louisa A. Clarke, 1926, Kitsilana, B.C., from Maxville p.V.11
  710. MCDERMID, Donald J., Greenfield, mar'd to Isabella McDonald Char twp Jun 18,1900 at St. Raphaels p.V.11
  711. MCDERMID, Dermid, Martintown.-- see under An Aged Trio, 1900 p.V.11
  712. MACDERMID, Edna Catherine, Mrs. John P. McMartin, Martintown, died at Cornwall a 1962.
  713. MCDIARMID, Hugh, Maxville, see Home From the Yukon GN 1900 p.V.11
  714. MCDIARMID, Hugh, Martintown, see Home From the Yukon GN 1900 p.V.11
  715. MCDERMID, Janet, Mrs. D. Munro, Glen Roy -- see under An Aged Trio, GN 1900 p.V.11
  716. MCDERMID, John Angus, Greenfield, see Glengarrians Abroad, GN 1900 p.V.11
  717. MCDERMID, P. H. died , 1926, at Martintown, age 83
  718. MACDIARMID, Dr. William B, died at Maxville, Ont. 1947, age 73, hus of Eva Smillie
  719. MACDONALD, _____, Mrs A. F. McIntyre, died at Ottawa 1909, of S. Lancaster
  720. MCDONALD, _________ , Mrs. Alexander R. Kennedy, d. 1917, age 89 born Kenyon twp p.V.11
  721. MCDONALD, ________ , Mrs. Archibald, d. 1926, age 75 p.V.11
  722. MCDONALD, Mrs. _______ , nee Alice M. Nicholson, d.1916, Lancaster p.V.1
  723. MACDONELL, Mrs. A. C., nee _____ Stewart, d. 1929, Williamstown p.V.11
  724. MACDONALD, A.D.D. 'Buster', d.1989, Cornwall, from South Lancaster p.V.1
  725. MCDONALD, Captain A. J., d.1913, Cornwall p.V.1
  726. MCDONALD, Agatha of Green Valley, m'd to William Bernard McPhail, 1955, Alexandria, Ont. p.V.11
  727. MCDONALD, Alex [piper], Greenfield, see Home From the Yukon GN 1900 p.V.11
  728. MCDONALD, Sandy d.1894, Alexandria, Ont. p.V.1
  729. MACDONALD, Alexander d.1903, Vernon B.C., of Lancaster, Ont. p.V.1
  730. MACDONELL, Alex. d.1906, Cornwall, of St. Andrews West p.V.1
  731. MCDONELL, Alex d.1918, Winnipeg, Man, of Apple Hill p.V.1
  732. MCDONELL, Alex, died at Vernon, BC 1925 age 63, hus of Mary Mckinnon, of Lochiel
  733. MCDONALD, Alex d.1945, Cornwall from 8th Conc. Char twp. p.V.1
  734. MCDONALD, Mrs. Alexander, nee Annie McDonald, d. 1900 at Saranac Lake, N.Y., age 37, from Ken. twp p.V.11
  735. MCDONALD, Mrs. Alexander, Nee Christena McDonald, d. 1900, River Beaudette, Que., age 79 p.V.11
  736. MCDONELL, Mrs. Alex, nee Mary McKinnon, died at Vernon, BC, 1912, age about 40, of Lanc twp
  737. MCDONALD, Mrs. Alex, nee Annie McIntosh d.1927, Chapeau Que p.V.1
  738. MCDONALD, Alexander A., d.1930, Toronto, of Kingston p.V.1
  739. MACDONELL, Alex A. d.1943, Glen Brook, Char twp p.V.1
  740. MCDONALD, Alex A. d.1944, 23 - 4th Conc. Kenyon twp p.V.1
  741. MCDONALD, Alexander A., d.1951, Apple Hill, of Kenyon twp. p.V.1
  742. MCDONALD, Mrs. Alex. A., nee Marcella "Banker" MacDonell, d.1954 of Kenyon twp. p.V.1
  743. MCDONALD, Alexander B., d. 1900, Glen Donald, age 90 p.V.11
  744. MCDONELL, Alexander B., Kenyon twp 1907 p.V.11
  745. MCDONALD, Alex B. MacDonald, Glen Sandfield, mar'd to Jessie of Lochiel, 1908
  746. MCDONALD, Alexander C., d. 1900, age 72, Lanc. twp p.V.11
  747. MACDONALD, Mrs. Alexander F., nee Katherine McPhee, d. Aug 1952, Pepperel, Mass p.V.1
  748. MCDONALD, Alexander K., died at Los Angeles, Cal. 1914, fron front of Char twp.
  749. MCDONALD, Rev Alex L. ordination GN ref 1908, from Loch twp
  750. MCDONALD, Alex N., d.1902, Alexandria, of Lanc. twp. p.V.1
  751. MACDONELL, Mrs. Alex. P., nee Jane McPhee, d.1901, Alexandria p.V.1
  752. MCDONALD, Alexander R., Alexandria, mar'd 1900 to May McDonald, of Greenfield p.V.11
  753. MACDONELL, Alexander R., died at Lancaster 1923, age 74, hus of Margery McIntosh
  754. MACDONALD, Alexander 'Sandfield', d.1913, Cornwall, of St. Rapahels p.V.1
  755. MCDONALD, Alex. W., d. 1955, age 65, Alexandria p.V.11
  756. MCDONALD, Mrs. Alice M. nee Nicholson d.1916, Montreal, of Lancaster p.V.1
  757. MCDONALD, Mrs. Allan, nee Mary ______ died Char. twp 1894, age 83,
  758. MACDONALD, Allan, d.1930, Cornwall, of Greenfield p.V.1
  759. MCDONALD, Allan B., d.1932, Calgary, Alberta, from Glen Donald, Char. p.V.1
  760. MACDONELL, Allan J., d.1921, Lanc. twp p.V.1
  761. MCDONALD, Mrs. Allan J., nee Mary McPhee, d.1909, Alexandria p.V.1
  762. MACDONELL, Mrs. Allan J., nee Mary MacDonell, d.1941, Montreal, of Lanc twp. p.V.1
  763. MACDONELL, Allen Leonard to Anna Evelyn McDonald, m.1951, of North Lancaster p.V.1
  764. MACDONALD, Mrs. Allie, nee Gertrude Orton, d.1930, Montreal, Que., of Alexandria p.V.1
  765. MACDONALD, Miss Amelia, d. 1926, age 82, Montreal p.V.11
  766. MCDONALD, Andrew Charles, d. 1900, Lancaster, of McRae House, age 23 p.V.11
  767. MCDONALD, Angus, d.1896, Brown house, Kings Road & 34 p.V.1
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  781. MACDONELL, Angus John, d.1919, Kenyon twp p.V.1
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  796. MCDONNELL, Archibald of Dalhousie Station, Que. m'd to Catherine B. McCosham of St. Telesphore, 1920, St. Telesphore, Que. p.V.11
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  963. MCDONALD, John J. , d. 1900 at Lake Linden, Mich. age 78 p.V.11
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  967. MACDONALD, John O., d. 1923, age 73, Dunvegan p.V.11
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  1002. MCDONALD, Mrs. Mary, Mrs. Donald A. McDonald, d.1899, Kenyon twp p.V.1
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  1008. MCDONALD, Mary, Mrs. Finley J. McDonald, d.1927, of Kenyon twp p.V.1
  1009. MCDONALD, Mary, Mrs. James Allan MacDonald, d.1931, of Glen Donald p.V.1
  1010. MCDONALD, Mary A., Mrs. Finlay Archie, d.1938, of Lanc. twp. p.V.1
  1011. MCDONALD, Mary Ann to Dan McDonald, m.1897, Green Valley p.V.1
  1012. MCDONALD, Mary Ann, Mrs. William Hatton, d.1908, from Alexandria p.V.1
  1013. MACDONELL, Mary Ann, Mrs. Angus Sandy, d.1993, of Lanc. twp. p.V.1
  1014. MCDONALD, Mary B. of Green Valley, mar'd Hugh McGillis, of Lanc twp 1901, at Mullan, Idaho p.V.11
  1015. MCDONALD, Mary Catherine, d.1894, Lochiel twp p.V.1
  1016. MACDONALD, Mary Christena, Mrs. Donald J. Dewar, d. 1924 p.V.11
  1017. MACDONALD, Mary Frances, d.1954, Lanc twp. p.V.1
  1018. MACDONALD, Mary Isabel to Clem P. Whyte, m.1906, of Conc. Char twp. p.V.1
  1019. MACDONALD, Mary Isabel, Mrs. Angus R. MacDonald, d.1934, of Lochiel twp. p.V.1
  1020. MCDONALD, Mary Isabel to Leo McDonald, m.1951, Detroit, Mich., of Green Valley, Ont. p.V.1
  1021. MACDONALD, Mary Jane, Mrs. Hugh P. MacDonald. d. 1925, of Beaudette, Que. p.V.1
  1022. MACDONALD, Mary Marcella Maude, Mrs. S. P. Bennett, d. 1970 p.V.1
  1023. MCDONELL, Mary Rubena, Mrs. Henry G. Rosenmund, d.1944, Superior, Wisconsin, of Alexandria, Ont. p.V.1
  1024. MCDONALD, Mary Ruth Evelyn died 1908 age 5.4, dau of Dr. D. D., Alexandria,
  1025. MCDONALD, Mary Theresa to Duncan McPhail, after 1931, St. Raphaels, of North Lancaster p.V.1
  1026. MCDONALD, May, Greenfield, mar'd to Alexander R. McDonald, Alexandria, 1900, Greenfield, p.V.11
  1027. MACDONALD, May Bell, Mrs. Chris McDougall, d.1947, of East Hawkesbury twp. Prescott, County p.V.1
  1028. MACDONALD, Mervyn Alexander to Anna Margaret MacDonell, m.1945, St. Telesphore,Que, of Green Valley p.V.1
  1029. MACDONELL, Miles, memorial unveiled Ref GN October 23rd, 1958,
  1030. MACDONALD, Milton Josesph of Lancaster, mar'd to Mary Catherine of Glen Roy at St. Raphaels 1957
  1031. MCDONALD, Nancy see also under Ann
  1032. MCDONELL, Nancy, Mrs. John McPhee, d.1898, Markstay, Ont., from Kenyon twp. p.V.1
  1033. MCDONALD, Neil, d. 1931, 7th Conc. Roxboro twp. p.V.1
  1034. MCDONALD, Mrs. Neil , nee Elizabeth McDonald, d.1899, Lochiel twp p.V.1
  1035. MCDONALD, Neil N., d.1927, Glen Robertson, of Lochiel twp p.V.1
  1036. MACDONALD, Neily Austin R., d. Jul. 12, 1972, North Lancaster, Ont. p.V.11
  1037. MACDONALD, Norman ref GN 1927 chief of police, Maple Ridge BC Sketch
  1038. MACDONALD, Norman died at Haney, BC 1967 of Dunvegan, age 88
  1039. MCDONALD, Olase, d. 1901, Laggan, age age 77, born Glen Sandfield, p.V.11
  1040. MACDONELL, Penelope, Mrs. Donald A. McPhee, d.1915, Lochiel twp p.V.1
  1041. MCDONALD, Penny see Mrs. Finlay McPherson d.1938 p.V.1
  1042. MCDONALD, Patrick, d.1900, Williamstown, of Char. twp p.V.1
  1043. MCDONALD, MRS. R. D., nee Ellen McDonald, d. 1920, age 70, Lanc twp, born St. Telesphore, p.V.11
  1044. MCDONELL, Mrs. R. J. , Nee Theresa Lillian McMillan, d. 1916, Grant's Corners p.V.11
  1045. MCDONALD, Mrs. Ranald , nee Marcella Macdonald, d. 1905, Glen Robertson, Ont. p.V.11
  1046. MCDONALD, Mrs. Ranald, d. 1907, Kenyon twp p.V.11
  1047. MCDONALD, Ranald B., d.1908, Bridge End. p.V.1
  1048. MCDONALD, Ranald D. d. 1902, Kenyon twp p.V.11
  1049. MCDONALD, Ranald J., d.1898, New Denver, B.C., from Lanc. twp. p.V.1
  1050. MCDONALD, Rob, Char. twp, see Home From the Yukon GN 1900 p.V.11
  1051. Macdonald, Ronald Joseph, Renfrew, Oct 5 2012, age 80, of Greenfield, Ont.,
  1052. MACDONALD, Rory, Greenfield, see Glengarrians Abroad, GN 1900 p.V.11
  1053. MCDONALD, Roderick D., d.1913, Lanc. twp. p.V.1
  1054. MCDONALD, Roderick R. d. 1920, Winnipeg, Man., Char. twp p.V.1
  1055. MCDONALD, Roderick J., d. 1932, Cornwall, of Lanc. twp p.V.1
  1056. MACDONELL, Mrs. Samuel, nee Almira Muir, d. 1898, at Portage du Fort, Que. p.V.11
  1057. MCDONALD, Samuel J., d.1947, Toppenish, Washington, from Lochiel twp. p.V.1
  1058. MCDONELL, Sandra to Lorne Lawson, m.1954, Williamstown p.V.1
  1059. MACDONELL, Sara, Mrs. John B. MacGillis, d.1928, Williamstown p.V.1
  1060. MCDONALD, Sarah May, of Glen Norman, m'd to Angus D. McDonald, 1912, Regina, Sask. p.V.11
  1061. MCDONALD, T., see Glengarrians Abroad, GN1900 p.V.11
  1062. MACDONALD, Theresa Mary, Mrs. Vincent Fraser, d. 1995, age 86, Cornwall, Ont. p.V.11
  1063. MCDONALD, Mrs. Thomas, nee Katie Munroe d. 1944, Wyebridge, p.V.11
  1064. MACDONALD, William, d.1898, Duluth, Minn from Lanc. twp p.V.1
  1065. MCDONALD, William Tailor, d.1896, Olga, N.D., from Perveril, Que. p.V.1
  1066. MCDONELL, William, d. 1906, at Killaloe, Ont. p.V.11
  1067. MACDONALD, Mrs. William, nee Henrietta MacDonell, d.1915, Glen Robertson p.V.1
  1068. MCDONALD, Mrs. William J., nee Florence McBain, d. 1994, age 99, Cornwall p.V.11
  1069. MCDOUGALL, A. L. to Hester M. Markell, M. 1899, Wales, of Lanc. twp p.V.1
  1070. MCDOUGALL, Mrs. A. R., nee Sarah McDougall, d. 1917, Lochiel twp , from Lanc. twp. p.V.11
  1071. MCDOUGALL, Alex P died at Maxville, Ont., 1914, age 72, of Indian Lands, hus of [1] Jane,
  1072. MCDOUGALD, Alexander W. died at Montreal, 1943, age 78, son of John A., Ken twp , hus of Annie Bethune
  1073. MCDOUGALD, Mrs. Alex. A. nee Flora Kennedy, d.1928, 4th Conc. Kenyon p.V.1
  1074. MACDOUGALL, Mrs. Alex R., nee Catherine Walsh died at Cornwall 1961, age 79 Loch twp
  1075. MCDOUGALD, Mrs. Alex W., nee [Annie] , Bethune, d. 1942, Montreal, Que. age 76, p.V.11
  1076. MCDOUGALL, Mrs. Allan, nee _______ Hoople, d. 1941, Finch, Ont. p.V.11
  1077. MCDOUGALL, Allan J. died at Montreal, Que, 1937, age 60, 6th of Alexandria, hus of Teresa Josephine McDonell
  1078. MACDOUGALL, Ambrose died at Dalkeith 1961 age 49, son of Catherine Walsh, Dalkeith
  1079. MCDOUGALL, Mrs. Angus A., nee Annie M'Donald, d. 1909, Cornwall from Kenyon twp. p.V.11
  1080. MCDOUGAL, Charles A., d. 1918, age 48, Ottawa, p.V.11
  1081. MCDOUGALL, Mrs. Chris., nee May Bell MacDonald, d.1947, Glen Robertson p.V.1
  1082. MCDOUGALD, Donald A. , d.1924, Kenyon twp. p.V.1
  1083. MCDOUGALL, Donald J., d. 1907, age 18, Alexandria p.V.11
  1084. MCDOUGALL, Duncan A., d.1908, Lanc. twp. p.V.1
  1085. MACDOUGALL, Duncan C. d. 1944, age 90, St. Elmo, Ont, hus of Annie Ross p. V.11
  1086. MCDOUGALD, Duncan J. died at Toronto, Ont., 1939, age 59, of Alexandria, hus of Margherita Emelie Murray
  1087. MCDOUGAL, Frank died at Ottawa, Ont. 1910 age 84, born Lanc twp, hus of Amelia McGillis
  1088. MCDOUGALL, George Edgar, d. 1966, Cornwall, Ont. p.V.11
  1089. MCDOUGAL, Mrs. John, nee Margaret Jamieson, d. 1899, Char. twp p.V.11
  1090. MCDOUGALL, John P., d. 1900, Brodie p.V.11
  1091. MACDOUGALL, Laura, Mrs. A. Person MacKenzie, d. 1944, Swift Current, Sask from Glengarry p.V.11
  1092. MCDOUGALD, Malcolm died at Seattle, Wash, 1916, age 74, born Ken twp
  1093. MCDOUGALD, Mary Catherine to John McMartin, d.1896 Cornwall p.V.1
  1094. MACDOUGALL, Mary Catherine to William Harrison Spalding, m.1947, North Hollywood, Calif p.V.1
  1095. MACDOUGALL, Ross d. 1930, age 42, son of Duncan C., St. Elmo. p. V.11
  1096. MCDOUGALL, Sarah, Mrs. A. R. McDougall, d. 1917, from Lanc. p.V.11
  1097. MCDOUGALD, Dr. Wilfred L. of Cornwall, mar'd to Mary Catherine Hannan 1908
  1098. MCDOUGALD, W. L. died at Montreal, Que., 1942, age 60, of Alexandria, hus of Mary Hannon, Ogdensburg, N.Y.

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  1099. MCEDWARD, Miss Jane died at South Lancaster, Ont., 1893, age 70
  1100. MACEWEN, Sarah , Mrs. P. A. MacGregor, died at Montreal 1932 age 75, of St. Telesphore, Que.
  1101. MACEWEN, Bertha J. MacEwen dau of Henry, Maxville, mar'd to Roderick of Maxville 1959, Maxville
  1102. MCEWEN, Catherine, Mrs. Ewen McArthur, of Indian lands, died at Maxville, Ont. 1908, age 42
  1103. MCEWEN, Catherine, Mrs. Roderick Finlayson, d.1947, born St. Louis, Que. p.V.1
  1104. MCEWEN, Ewen J., d. 1900, age 47, Maxville, blacksmith, horse dealer, p.V.11
  1105. MCEWEN, Janet, Mrs. Thomas Munro, d. 1902, Roxborough twp p.V.11
  1106. MCEWEN, Janet, Mrs. William Munroe, d.1926, Edmonton, Alberta, of Roxboro twp. Stornmont County p.V.1
  1107. MACEWEN, Pearle, Mrs. Ernest Ross died at Martintown 1957, of St. Elmo

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  1108. MACGILLIS, Alexander J., d. 1926, age 80, St. Andrew's West p.V.11
  1109. MCGILLIS, Angus, d.1943, Cornwall, of Bridge End p.V.1
  1110. MCGILLIS, Angus, ex-MPP, died at Williamstown, 1944, age 71, of Summerstown, UEL
  1111. MACGILLIS, Angus J. of Lanc. twp. to Margaret MacGillis 1902 p.V.11
  1112. MCGILLIS, Annie, Mrs. Donald D. McGillis, d. 1900 age 77, Alexandria p.V.11
  1113. MCGILLIS, Dan, d.1945, Detroit, Mich, of Lanc. twp. p.V.1
  1114. MCGILLIS, Mrs. Donald D., nee Annie McGillis, d. 1900, age 77, at Alexandria, of Williamstown p.V.11
  1115. MCGILLIS, Hugh from Lanc. twp at Mullan, Idaho, mar'd Mary B. McDonald of Markstay, Ont, 1901 p.V.11
  1116. MCGILLIS, Mrs. Hugh, nee Mary Grant, d.1917, Gore of Char. twp. p.V.1
  1117. MCGILLIS, John A., Loch twp mar'd Jane McDonell, Loch, twp on 1900 p.V.11
  1118. MCGILLIS, John A., d.1938, Markstay, Ont. from Lanc. twp. p.V.1
  1119. MACGILLIS, John Char twp , Summerstown Station, 1922 age 94, hus of Margaret Grant
  1120. MCGILLIS, Mrs. John B., nee Sara MacDonald, d.1928, Williamstown p.V.1
  1121. MACGILLIS, Mrs. John R. nee Margaret Grant, char twp 1912, age 77
  1122. MCGILLIS, Marcella, Mrs. John McCosham, d.1954, from Lanc. tw p p.V.1
  1123. MACGILLIS, Margaret , Lanc. twp. to Angus J. MacGillis 1902 p.V.11
  1124. MACGILLIS, Miss Minnie, age 66 at Summerstown Station Char, twp 1929
  1125. MCGILLIS, Norman, d. 1946 of Morrisburg, Ont. p.V.11
  1126. MCGILLIS, William, d.1911, Ausable, Gustin twp., Mich, of Lancaster twp p.V.1
  1127. MCGILLIS, Wm. Corbett, d. 1900, age 77, Bridge End, Postmaster p.V.11
  1128. MCGILLIVRAY, Mrs. Donald, nee Christena McLeod, d. 1913, Edmonton, Alberta, of Dalkeith p.V.1
  1129. MACGILLIVRAY, Donald John died at Kirk Hill 1967 age 86, hus of Sarah MacLeod
  1130. MCGILLIVRAY, Duncan to Florence Finn, m.1940, Detroit, Mich., of Bridge End p.V.1
  1131. MACGILLIVRAY, Duncan John DVS died at Alexandria, 1947 age 76,
  1132. MACGILLIVRAY, Edmund A., ex-MPP died at Alexandria 1949, age 49,
  1133. MCGILLIVRAY, John, d.1913, of Lochiel twp p.V.1
  1134. MCGILLIVRAY, Margery, of Lorne, mar'd Wm. Dunsmore, Neepawa, Man. 1901 p.V.11
  1135. MCGILLIVRAY, Mary, d. 1900, age 92, Loch. twp , born Glenelg, Scotland 1808, to
    Canada 1834 p.V.11
  1136. MCGILLIVRAY, Rachel , Mrs. R. A. McLennan, d. 1910, Mather, Man. from Lochiel twp p.V.11
  1137. MACGILLIVRAY, Royce, studiies for Phd Ref GN 1960,
  1138. MACGILLIVRAY,  Mrs. W. J. MacGillivray, nee Catherine S. MacLeod, died at sea 1958, age 52, of Glen Norman
  1139. MACGREGOR, Mrs.Alex P, nee Mary Watson MacLeod died at Cornwall 1956 age 66 of Glen Nevis
  1140. MCGREGOR, Alex P died at Medford, Oregon 1969 age 84, of Cote St. George, Que. hus of Mary Watson MacLeod
  1141. MCGREGOR, Carol m'd to Haward Pattingale of Lanc twp . 1944, Williamstown p. V.11
  1142. MCGREGOR, Col. Don, Martintown, see Home From the Yukon GN 1900 p.V.11
  1143. MCGREGOR, Col. Donald, died at Martintown, 1927, age 88,
  1144. MCGREGOR, Finlay died Lanc twp, 1908 age 81,
  1145. MCGREGOR, Isabella, Mrs. Charles Reichling, d. 1921 p.V.11
  1146. MCGREGOR, James died at Cornwall 1959, age 72, of Char twp., hus of Eppie Grant
  1147. MACGREGOR, James R., receives degree Ref GN 1970
  1148. MACGREGOR, PO John Alfred Stewart, d.1945, overseas, of Martintown p.V.1
  1149. MCGREGOR, John F. died Alexandria, Ont., 1913, of Lanc twp; hus of J. Agnes Helps
  1150. MCGREGOR, Mrs. John J., nee Charlotte Maud Perry Jan 1951, Lanc twp, age 74, of Negannee, Mich.
  1151. MCGREGOR,  Keith, Bainsville, mar'd to Jean Sangster 1957
  1152. MCGREGOR, Miss Margaret, d. 1941, Lanc. twp, Bainsville, Ont. p.V.11
  1153. MACGREGOR, Mrs, P. A. , nee Sarah McEwen died at Montreal 1932 age 75, of St. Telesphore, Que.
  1154. MCGREGOR, Rob, 4th Lanc., see Home From the Yukon GN 1900 p.V.11
  1155. MCGREGOR, Robert A. son of Sandy mar'd to Bertha Morrison 1909
  1156. MCGREGOR, Robert A. died at Cote St. George Que., 1950, age 80, hus of Bertha Morrison died1909
  1157. MCGREGOR, Mrs. Robert A. McGregor, nee Bertha Morrison at Cote St. George, 1950 of Lanc twp
  1158. MCGREGOR, W., d. 1914, Lanc. twp. p.V.11
  1159. MCGRUER, Duncan, d. 1916, age 72, Vancouver, B.C., of Williamstown p.V.11


  1160. MCHARDY, Mrs. Malcolm nee Annie Smith, d.1929, Calgary, Alberta of St.
    Eugene, Ont. p.V.1


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  1161. MACINNES, Mrs. Peter, nee Mary Margaret [Gretta] Kippen at Cornwall, 1989 age 80
  1162. MCINTOSH, Miss _____ dau of Alex  mar'd to John McLennan, at Montreal 1893
  1163. MCINTOSH, Alex, Dalkeith, see Home From the Yukon GN 1900 p.V.11
  1164. MCINTOSH, Alex, died Caledonia twp, 1908 age 52,
  1165. MCINTOSH, Angus died at Dunvegan 1897 age 63
  1166. MCINTOSH, Annie, Mrs. Alexander McDonald, d.1927, of Lochiel twp. p.V.1
  1167. MCINTOSH, Anne, Mrs. J. J. Fraser, d.1949, from Lanc.Twp. p.V.1
  1168. MCINTOSH, Anselm died at Sault Ste. Marie, Ont., 1916, age 63, of Alexandria
  1169. MCINTOSH, Anthony J. to Mary Ellen McClave, m.1943, St. Andrews West p.V.1
  1170. MCINTOSH, Anthony, d. 1983, from Martintown, Ont. p.V.1
  1171. MCINTOSH, Arthur, Lanc. twp ,see Home From the Yukon GN 1900 p.V.11
  1172. MACINTOSH, Beverly Ann, d. 1994, age 52, Cornwall p.V.11
  1173. MACINTOSH, Mrs Donald, nee Margaret Munro of Dalhousie mills, died at Vankleek Hill, 1931 age 87
  1174. MCINTOSH, Duncan Alexander died at Revelstoke, B. C. 1959, age 75
  1175. MCINTOSH, Finlay, d. 1901, Montreal, Que., of Lochiel twp p.V.1
  1176. MCINTOSH, George, Dalkeith, see Home From the Yukon GN 1900 p.V.11
  1177. MCINTOSH, Gordon, & Ruth Colbran, reception held, 1944 p. V.11
  1178. MACINTOSH, Dr. Hampden died at Riceville, Ont., 1947 age 62, hus of Mary Ann Ferguson
  1179. MCINTOSH, Isabella, d. 1946 Martintown p.V.1
  1180. MCINTOSH, J. D. died at Montreal, Que., on , 1914, age 56, of Apple Hill, hus of Levina McCracken
  1181. MACINTOSH, J. Franklin A. died at Ottawa, 1967, age 67, of Alexandria, hus of Doris Evans
  1182. MACINTOSH, John J. died at Vankleek Hill, Ont. 1917, of Roxboro, hus of Annie Stackhouse
  1183. MCINTOSH, Marjorie, Mrs. D. R. McDonald, d.1938, of Lanc. twp p.V.1
  1184. MCINTOSH, Malcolm died at Fort Francis, Ont. 1933, age 51, of Dalkeith
  1185. MCINTOSH, Mary Elizabeth, Mrs. W. S. McIntosh, d.1958 of Harrison Corners p.V.1
  1186. MACINTOSH, Nora F. dau of D. D., Dalkeith mar'd to Thomas K. Rodger, Sudbury 1921, Dalkeith
  1187. MACINTOSH, Mrs. Rod D., nee Mary McRae died at Dalkeith 1939, age 71,
  1188. MCINTOSH, Mrs. Thomas, nee Catherine Anne McCrimmon, d. 1948, Montreal, from Lanc. twp. p.V.11
  1189. MCINTOSH, W.S., d.1917, St. Andrews West p.V.1
  1190. MCINTOSH, Mrs. W. S., nee Mary Elizabeth McIntosh, d.1958, Martintown p.V.1
  1191. MCINTYRE, Mrs A. F., nee _____ Macdonald died at Ottawa 1909, of S. Lancaster
  1192. MCINTYRE, Sheriff Daniel Eugene died at Cornwall, Ont., 1896 age 87, hus of Annie Fraser
  1193. MCINTYRE, Donald died at Montreal, Que., 1903 age 59, hus of Annie Dunlop
  1194. MCINTYRE, Margaret Mrs. Alex. D. McLeod, died Loch twp 1916, age 64, of Athol
  1195. MCIVOR, Rev John G. died at Moulinette, Ont. 1930, age 63, of Dollar, Scotland, hus of Catherine Campbell

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  1196. MACKAY, Bella, Mrs. Donald William MacDonald, d.1993, Glen Nevis area p.V.1
  1197. MCKAY, Duncan, d.1915, Edmonton, Alberta, of Dalhousie Station, Que. p.V.1
  1198. MCKAY, Duncan N., d.1993, Edmonton Alberta of Dalhousie Station, Que. p.V.1
  1199. MCKAY, Mrs. George nee Annie McLeod, died at Burlington, Wash 1955 age 85, of Glen Robertson, Ont.
  1200. MCKAY, Jane of Sketcham, Char twp mar'd to John Wightman, Picnic Grove 1892
  1201. MCKAY, Mrs. Norman, 1898, Butte, Montana, Glengarry Gathering p.V.1
  1202. MCKENZIE, Christena, Mrs. Roderick McCrimmon, d.1910, from Gore
    Char. twp, Williamstown p.V.1
  1203. MACKENZIE, David R. son A. L., of Vars mar'd to Winona Wightman at Lancaster 1956
  1204. MACKENZIE, Duncan D., d. 1936, age 73, Dyer p.V.11
  1205. MACKENZIE, Mrs. Duncan D., nee Mary Ann Emberg, died at Dyer, on 1954, age 80, of Moose Creek
  1206. MACKENZIE, Duncan James, d. 1936, age 24, Dyer p.V.11
  1207. MCKENZIE, Mrs. Hugh, nee Anne McRae, d. 1900, Williamstown, age 84 p.V.11
  1208. MCKENZIE, James R., d.1900, Skye, Glengarry born Isle of Skye Scotland p.V.1
  1209. MACKENZIE, John Ban, d.1899, Ottawa, of Lochiel twp. p.V.1
  1210. MACKENZIE, Justenia C., Mrs. Norman Sears, d.1938, Ottawa, born Lancaster Ont. p.V.1
  1212. MCKENZIE, Mrs. Malcolm, nee Sarah Ann Dashney, d.1943, Brodie p.V.1
  1213. MCKENZIE, Margaret, Mrs. John F. McLennan, d, 1936, from Roxborough twp p.V.11
  1214. MACKENZIE, Mrs. A. Person, nee Laura MacDougall, d. 1944, Swift Current, Sask, from Glengarry p.V.11
  1215. MACKENZIE, Mr. Roderick, d.1906, Kingston, Ont. of Lennoxville, Que p.V.1
  1216. MACKENZIE, Sarah, Mrs. Donald MacCrimmon, d.1941, of Glen Sandfield p.V.1
  1217. MCKERACHER, Mrs. D. D. nee Annie Cameron at St. Elmo 1943 age 99
  1218. MCKIE, Catherine, Mrs. T. W. Ross, d. 1945, Lancaster Village p.V.11
  1219. MCKIE, John trip ref GN 1893,
  1220. MCKIE, John died at Lancaster 1925, age 76,
  1221. MCKIE, John P. died at Curry Hill, 1893,
  1222. MCKILLICAN, Rev. John at Montreal 1911, age 87 of Breadalbane, Ont; hus of Miss Miranda Parker
    Update 04/01 Just wanted to let you know that Rev. John McKillican's wife name was Miranda. Submitted by Maureen McKillican
  1223. MCKINNON, Alex., d. 1955, age 81, Green Valley p.V.11
  1224. MCKINNON, Allan, d.1918, Kenyon twp. p.V.1
  1225. MCKINNON, Mrs. Angus, nee Margaret Macdonald, d.1931, Bridge End p.V.1
  1226. MCKINNON, Belle, Mrs. John A. MacKinnon, d. 1955, Flint Mich., age 90, from Dalkeith, Ont. p.V.11
  1227. MCKINNON, Catherine, Mrs. Angus McDonald, d.1898, born Knoydart, Scotland p.V.1
  1228. MCKINNON, Donald, Ken twp, hus of Mary McMillan, Loch twp, 60th Anniversary Ref GN 1908
  1229. MACKINNON, Donald John, d. 1966 Daytona beach, Florida p.V.11
  1230. MCKINNON, Mrs. Donald, nee Annie McDonald, d. 1920, age 93, Kenyon twp. p.V.11
  1231. MCKINNON, Mrs. D. A., nee Mary Catherine _____ , d. 1944, age 73, Grand Forks, B.C., born St. Andrews West, Ont. p.V.11
  1232. MCKINNON, Dougald, d.1930, Spokane, Washington, from Glengarry p.V.1
  1233. MCKINNON, Duncan, d.1898, Kenyon twp. p.V.1
  1234. MCKINNON, Duncan A., died 1921 age 67 at Maxville, Ont; of Finch twp; hus of Mary Jane McEwen
  1235. MCKINNON, Mrs. Duncan, nee Mary Cameron, d.1932, 3 Kenyon twp p.V.1
  1236. MCKINNON, Flora, Mrs. D.S. McDonald, d. 1907, born Kenyon twp p.V.11
  1237. MCKINNON, Mrs. J. J., nee ______ Kennedy, d. 1914, Brockville,Ont. p.V.11
  1238. MCKINNON, John, d. 1897, Mexico City, Mexico, age 49, of Loch. twp p.V.11
  1239. MACKINNON, Mrs. John, , d. 1925, age 86, Kirk Hill, born Skye, Scotland p.V.11
  1240. MACKINNON, Mrs. John A., Nee Belle MacKinnon, d. 1955, Flint Mich., age 90, from Dalkeith, Ont. p.V.11
  1241. MACKINNON, John Archie died Loch twp 1949 age 92 of Ken twp , hus of Mary MacKinnon
  1242. MACKINNON, Mrs. John Archie, nee Mary MacKinnon died Loch twp 1949 age 89
  1243. MACKINNON, Lachlan, d. 1925, age 60, Kirk Hill p.V.11
  1244. MCKINNON, Mary, Mrs. Alex McDonell died at Vernon, BC, 1912, age about 40, of Lanc twp
  1245. MCKINNON, Mary, d.1947, Kenyon twp. p.V.11
  1246. MACKINNON, Mary Mrs. John Archie, of Ste Snne de Prescott, died Loch twp 1949 age 89
  1247. MCKINNON, Peter died at Rouyn, Que., 1947 age 66, of Lanc twp, hus of Agnes Chesley-Harrison
  1248. MCKINNON, Theresa dau of Alex ; mar'd to Roanld Smith at Alexandria, Ont., 1949

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  1249. MCLAREN, _____, Mrs. John Ross, died Char twp? 1926
  1250. MCLAREN, Mrs. John, d.1893, Finney's Bridge Area, Char. twp p.V.1
  1251. MACLACHLAN, Angus d. 1916, Nelson, B.C., from Lancaster p.V.11
  1252. MCLAUGHLIN, Angus L., d.1933, Livingston, Montana, from Lanc. twp p.V.1
  1253. MCLAUGHLIN, Mrs. Angus, nee Jennie Ann McRae, d.1954, Livingston, Montana, of Alexandria, Ont. p.V.1
  1254. MCLAUGHLIN, Daniel, d.1944, Olympia, Washington, of Lanc twp p.V.1
  1255. MCLACHLAN, Miss Elizabeth died at Montreal, Que. 1941, age 26, of Lancaster twp
  1256. MCLACHLIN, John A. died Lanc twp 1908, age 36, Gaelic Scholar
  1257. MACLACHLAN, Leonard D. died at Cornwall 1999, age 86, of Char twp., hus of Catherine Cameron
  1258. MCLACHLAN, Mary, Mrs. Arch N. Macdonald, d. 1902 Lancaster twp p.V.11
  1259. MCLEAN, Annie died at Montreal 1932, age over 70, of Cote [St.] George
  1260. MACLEAN, Mrs. Archie, d.1893, Greenfield area p.V.1
  1261. MCLEAN, Jane, Mrs. William McMurtrie d. 1924, Proctor, Minn. p.V.11
  1262. MCLEAN, Neil died at McGillivray's Bridge, of Toronto, 1908, age 67, of Cornwall, single
  1263. MCLENNAN, A. D., 4th Lanc., see Home From the Yukon GN 1900 p.V.11
  1264. MCLENNAN, A. M., 4 Lanc., see Home From the Yukon GN 1900 p.V.11
  1265. MCLENNAN, Alexander, d.1913, Lancaster p.V.1
  1266. MCLENNAN, Mrs. Alexander, nee Margaret Cameron, d.1920, Lancaster p.V.1
  1267. MCLELLAN, Angus, d.1899, South Branch, Char. twp p.V.1
  1268. MCLENNAN, Catherine, Mrs. R. J. Pattingale, d. 1947, age 87, born Char twp p.V.11
  1269. MCLENNAN, Chas., 1st Kenyon, see Home From the Yukon GN 1900 p.V.11
  1270. MCLENNAN, Christena M. dau of Farquhar, Char twp mar'd to Murdoch J. Munro 1904
  1271. MCLENNAN, Christy, Mrs. Thomas Ross, d, 1905, age 85, Lanc. twp. p.V.1
  1272. MCLENNAN, D. A., 4th Lanc., see Home From the Yukon GN 1900 p.V.11
  1273. MCLENNAN, Mrs. D. B., nee ______ McBean, d.1892, of Lanc. twp p.V.1
  1274. MCLENNAN, Mrs. D. B., nee ?? died at Avonmore, 1908, age 79, born Prescott County, of Ken twp
  1275. MCLENNAN, D.D., Lochgarry, see Home From the Yukon GN1900 p.V.11
  1276. MCLENNAN, Rev. D. H., d. 1920, Char. twp, age 80, of Toronto, born Lanc twp p.V.11
  1277. MCLENNAN, Mrs. D. T., nee Sarah Mclennan, d.1900, Lanc. p.V.1
  1278. MCLENNAN, Donald, died at Summerstown 1959, hus of Eileen Fraser
  1279. MCLENNAN, Mrs. Donald , nee Anna Belle Grant, d.1930, South Branch p.V.1
  1280. MACLENNAN, Mrs. Donald B., nee ----- Cline, died at Cornwall, Ont. , 1926
  1281. MCLENNAN, Duncan, Laggan, see Home From the Yukon GN 1900 p.V.11
  1282. MCLENNAN, Effie, Mrs. Finlay Campbell, d. 1904, Cote St. George, Que. p.V.11
  1283. MCLENNAN, Miss Elizabeth, d. , 1947, Edmonton, Alberta, born Char twp p.V.11
  1284. MCLENNAN, F. D. died Char twp, 1908, age 81, hus of Janet Fraser
  1285. MACLENNAN, Judge F. S., d.1925, Montreal, Que, Lanc. twp p.V.1
  1286. MCLENNAN, Hugh, of Devil's Lake, N.D., from Laggan, mar'd Isabella Urquhart 1901, Caledonia p.V.11
  1287. MCLENNAN, Janet of Char. twp to Robert McRae 1907, Char Twp p.V.11
  1288. MCLENNAN, Ewen, Char. twp, see Home From the Yukon GN 1900 p.V.11
  1289. MCLELLAN, J. Kirk Hill, see Glengarrians Abroad, 1900 p.V.11
  1290. MCLENNAN, John mar'd to Miss _____ McIntosh dau of Alex at Montreal 1893
  1291. MCCLELLAN, John at Cornwall 1915 age 54, hus of Rose Ann Roell
  1292. MACLENNAN, John, d.1923, Lanc. twp p.V.1
  1293. MCCLELLAN, Mrs. John J. Cornwall, Ont., 1935, at 73 years 8 months, nee Rose Ann Roell
  1294. MCLELLAN, John D., d.1920. St. Andrews West p.V.1
  1295. MCLENNAN, Mrs. John E., nee _______ Cameron, d.1897, Lanc twp p.V.1
  1296. MCLENNAN, Mrs. John F., nee Margaret McKenzie, d. 1936, Moose Creek p.V.11
  1297. MCLENNAN, Mrs. K. R., nee Ellen Grant, d. 1913, Vancouver, B.C. p.V.11
  1298. MCLENNAN, Lillian, d.1927, South Lancaster p.V.1
  1299. MCLENNAN, Martha Isabella dau of A. A. mar'd to John Carlyle Watt 1927, at Lancaster
  1300. MCLENNAN, Margaret, 4th Lanc., see Home From the Yukon GN 1900 p.V.11
  1301. MCLENNAN, Mary Jane, Mrs. George Harrison, dau of Roderick 1959, at Brandon, Man., age 81,
  1302. MCLENNAN, Neil , Flin Flon, Man, visit, Ref GN 1959,
  1303. MacLennan, Mrs. P. H., at Montreal 1935 nee Margaret Sangster, age 87
  1304. MCLENNAN, Dr. R., Williamstown, see Home From the Yukon GN 1900 p.V.11
  1305. MCLENNAN, Mrs. R. A., nee Rachel McGillivray, d. 1910, at Mather, Man. P.V.11
  1306. MCLENNAN, Mrs. Robert nee Margaret Williams died at Moose Jaw, Sask, 1936, age 79, of Alexandria,
  1307. MCLENNAN, Sarah, Mrs. D. T. McLennan, d.1900, Lanc. twp p.V.1
  1308. MCLENNAN, Sarah, Mrs. James Pattingale, d. 1910, born Char. twp. p.V.11
  1309. MCLEOD, ______ , Mrs. Donald McGillivray, d,1913, from Dalkeith p.V.1
  1310. MCLEOD, ______ , Mrs. Peter Gray, d.1928, born Caledonia twp. p.V.1
  1311. MCLEOD, Alex. D., died at Dalkieth 1906 age 67
  1312. MCLEOD, Mrs. Alex. D., nee Margaret McIntyre, died Loch twp 1916, age 64, of Athol
  1313. MCLEOD, Alex. G. to Hattie Ellen MacCrimmon, year unknown, of Fisk's Corners p.V.1
  1314. MCLEOD, Annie, Mrs. George McKay died at Burlington, Wash 1955 age 85, of Glen Robertson, Ont.
  1315. MCLEOD, Archibald A., d.1902, New York, N.Y., of Curry Hill, Ont. p.V.1
  1316. MCLEOD, Catherine, Mrs. Hugh Allan MacDonald, d.,1930, of Conc. Lochiel twp. p.V.1
  1317. MCLEOD, Catherine Margaret died at Butte Montana 1894 age 4,
  1318. MACLEOD, Catherine S., Mrs. W. J. MacGillivray died at sea 1958, age 52, of Glen Norman
  1319. MCLEOD, Dan., d. 1900, age 28, at Baltimore, Md, from Dunvegan p.V.11
  1320. MACLEOD, Duncan J., d.1943, Caledonia twp. Prescott Co. p.V.1
  1321. MCLEOD, Mrs. E.[R] D., nee Catherine Morrison died at Laggan?? 1960, age 91, of Peveril, Que.
  1322. MCLEOD, Fred son of William, Lancaster mar'd to Helena Isabel Munroe 1922, Lancaster
  1323. MCLEOD, Fred died at Picnic Grove 1942, age 56, hus of Helena Munro
  1324. MCLEOD, Harriet, Mrs. John Angus McDonald, d.1923, Lanc. twp p.V.1
  1325. MCLEOD, John, d. 1902, Fernie, B.C. p.V.11
  1326. MCLEOD, Mrs. John, nee Margaret Ross, d. 1898, Lochiel twp p.V.11
  1327. MCLEOD, Mrs. Julia at Belleville, Ont., 1915, age 97, born Dickinson Landing
  1328. MACLEOD, Kenneth Elburn in Ottawa, 1989
  1329. MCLEOD, Mrs. Kenneth R., nee Martha Morrison, d. 1924, Mt. Vernon, Washinton p.V.11
  1330. MCLEOD, Mrs. Malcolm, nee Mary _____ died Lanc twp , 1894, age 40[49], born Laggan
  1331. MACLEOD, Mary Watson MacLeod Mrs. Alex P, MacGregor, died at Cornwall 1956 age 66, of Glen Nevis
  1332. MACLEOD, Mrs. Neil S., nee Margaret Ann MacRae died at Dalkeith 1962, age 82,
  1333. MCLEOD, Norman, d. year unknown p.V.1
  1334. MACLEOD, Norman J., died Sep. 2, 1894, Kirk Hill
  1335. MCLEOD, Mrs. William, d.1901, Kirk Hill p.V.1

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  1336. MCMARTIN, Alexander, d. 1899, Virginia City, from Cornwall, Ont. p.V.11
  1337. MCMARTIN, Alex J. died at Cornwall, 1958, age 91, hus of Minnie Munro, of Apple Hill
  1338. MCMARTIN, Anna, Mrs. D. Dunoon, d. 1943, Vancouver, B.C. of Martintown, Ont. p. V.11
  1339. MCMARTIN, Catherine J. d. 1947, from Char. twp. p.V.11
  1340. MCMARTIN, Duncan, d.1914, Toronto, born Munroes Mills p. V.1
  1341. MCMARTIN, Elizabeth died at Martintown 1932, age 77
  1342. MCMARTIN, Hugh died at Los Angeles, Calif. 1956, age 87, of Char twp
  1343. MCMARTIN, Tpr. James, killed 1943, overseas, age 22, p. V.11
  1344. MCMARTIN, James R., d.1921, Martintown p.V.1
  1345. MCMARTIN, John to Mary Catherine McDougald mar'd.1896, Cornwall p.V.1
  1346. MCMARTIN, John D. died 1932 age 84, of Martintown
  1347. MCMARTIN, Mrs. John P., Martintown, nee Edna Catherine MacDermid, died at Cornwall 1962. of Martintown.
  1348. MCMARTIN, Malcolm, d.1913, Montreal, Que., of River Raisin p.V.1
  1349. MCMARTIN, Mrs. Malcolm, nee Annie Cameron, d,1909, Lancaster, of River Raisin p.V.1
  1350. MCMARTIN, Margaret, Mrs. John D. McVichie, d.1944, Curry Hill, from Martintown p.V.1
  1351. MCMASTER, ______ , Mrs. Allan Myles McMillan d. 1899, Kenyon twp p.V.11
  1352. MCMASTER, Angus, Laggan, see Home From the Yukon GN1900 p.V.11
  1353. MACMASTER, Charles E., d.1913, Matheson, of Caledonia Springs, Prescott County p.V.1
  1354. MCMASTER, Isabel, Mrs. Alex. Dewar d. 1913, Alexandria, Ont. p.V.1
  1355. MACMASTER, Keith of Laggan m'd to Marion Lee of Vernon, 1951, Lancaster, Ont. p.V.11
  1356. MCMEEKIN, Edna, Mrs. James Y. Baker, d.1985, Montreal, Que. p.V.1
  1357. MCMILLAN, Dr. Alex. D., d.1929, Finch, Ont. p.V.1
  1358. MCMILLAN, Alexander W. m'd to Amy Lewis MacPhee 1920, both of Alexandria, Ont. p.V.11
  1359. MCMILLAN, Mrs. Allan, nee ? ?, d. 1900, age 87 p.V.11
  1360. MCMILLAN, Mrs. Allan Myles, Nee _______ McMaster, d. 1899, Kenyon twp p.V.11
  1361. MCMILLAN, Bessie, Mrs. John Duffy, d.1896, Rochester, N.Y. p.V.1
  1362. MACMILLAN, Christie of Dunvegan mar'd to Alex P. Hanley of Greenfield, in Alberta 1908
  1363. MCMILLAN, D., see Glengarrians Abroad, 1900 p.V.11
  1364. MCMILLAN, D.D., Kirk Hill, see Home From the Yukon GN 1900 p.V.11
  1365. MCMILLAN, Dr. Donald, d.1914, Alexandria p.V.1
  1366. MCMILLAN, Mrs. Donald [Senator], nee Amy Ann Lewis, d. 1916, Alexandria, age 79 p.V.11
  1367. MCMILLAN, Donald William died at Plenty, Sask 1967 age 82, of Dunvegan, Ont; single
  1368. MCMILLAN, Mrs. Dougald E., nee Mary McMillan -- see Five Generations GN 1901 p.V.11
  1369. MCMILLAN, Mrs. Duncan P., nee Mary J. McMillan -- see Five Generations GN1901 p.V.11
  1370. MCMILLAN, Dougald J., of Laggan, 1907, Delightful Tour of Canadian West p.V.11
  1371. MCMILLAN, Dougald K., d.1909, Redlands, California, of Alexandria, born Lochiel p.V.1
  1372. MCMILLAN, Mrs. Duncan P., nee Mary J. McMillan -- see Five Generations GN 1901 p.V.11
  1373. MCMILLAN, Edna Margaret of Loch. twp -- see Five Generations GN 1901 p.V.11
  1374. MCMILLAN, Ewan died Ken twp, 1893, age 80
  1375. MCMILLAN, Mrs. Ewen, nee Christy McLeod, -- see Five Generations GN 1901 p.V.11
  1376. MCMILLAN, Hugh E., d. 1900, Ken twp , age 58, p.V.11
  1377. MCMILLAN, Mrs. Hugh J. nee Christy MacPhee died at Verdun, Que. 1949, age 86, of Ken twp
  1378. MCMILLAN, Mrs. Hugh R., nee Mary McMillan, Loch. twp -see Five Generations GN 1901 p.V.11
  1379. MCMILLAN, Isabella, Mrs. Edward Ardley, d.1944, Montreal. Que. p.V.1
  1380. MCMILLAN, Jessie dau of Robert A., Lochiel mar'd to Alex B. MacDonald, Glen Sandfield, 1908
  1381. MCMILLAN, John J. died at Drummond, Montana ? 1908, age 42.2, of Loch, twp married
  1382. MCMILLAN, John Myles, d.1899, Lochiel twp p.V.1
  1383. MCMILLAN, Margaret, Mrs. Alex Ross died at Cornwall, 1910 age 104.7, born Loch twp,
  1384. MCMILLAN, Mary dau of Hugh McMillan, Loch twp, Mrs. Donald McKinnon 60th Anniversary Ref GN 1908
  1385. MCMILLAN, Mary Ann, Mrs. John Donald McCuaig, died Lanc twp 1941, age 88,
  1386. MCMILLAN, Mary Isabella, Mrs. James McPhee, d.1919, Alexandria p.V.1
  1387. MCMILLAN, Sadie, Mrs. Donald F. Martel, d. 1943, age 33, born Washago, Ont ., of McCrimmon, Ont. p.V.11
  1388. MCMILLAN, Teresa mar'd to Frederick Henry of London, Ont., 1900, St. Finnan's p.V.11
  1389. MCMILLAN, Theresa Lillian, Mrs. R. J. McDonell, d. 1916, Grants Corners, of Lunenburg p.V.11
  1390. MCMILLAN, Vear, Mrs. Thomas Fraser, Lochiel, d. 1900, of Loch. twp p.V.11
  1391. MCMURTRIE, Mrs. William, nee Jane McLean, d. 1924, Proctor, Minn. p.V.11
  1392. MCMURTRIE, Dr. William B. of Marble, Minn to Helen Elizabeth Thompson 1923, at Marble, Minn p.V.11

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  1393. MACNAIR, Margaret, [1] Mrs. John Ingram, [2] Mrs. Robert Wilson, d. 1929, Lancaster p.V.11
  1394. MCNAUGHTON, Mr & Mrs A. E. 50th anniversary Ref GN GGN 1957,
  1395. MCNAUGHTON,, Mrs. Alex J., Lanc. twp, nee Susan Edgar died 1919, age 70,
  1396. MCNAUGHTON, A. W. [Glen], 4th Char., see Home From the Yukon GN 1900 p.V.11
  1397. MCNAUGHTON, Miss Annabel Centennial Medal award ref GN 1968,
  1398. MCNAUGHTON, Anna May of Dalhousie Station, mar'd to Clifford Reaeburn Wightman of Lancaster 1956 at Dalhousie Mills,
  1399. MACNAUGHTON, Bryce death tribute Ref GN 1957
  1400. MCNAUGHTON, Christy A., Mrs. James Grant, of Ken, twp 1900 p.V.11
  1401. MACNAUGHTON, Christy Ann, Mrs. Rev. John Matheson, d. 1940, Cornwall, Ont. p.V.11
  1402. MCNAUGHTON, Edgar Lorne died at Cornwall 1965, age 78, hus of Maud Sangster, Bainsville
  1403. MCNAUGHTON, Elizabeth, Mrs. Donald Cameron, d. 1916, Winnipeg, Man, p.V.11
  1404. MCNAUGHTON, Hazel of Lancaster, Ont. m'd to Harold Hurton Demoulin 1943, Kinburn, Ont. p. V.11
  1405. MCNAUGHTON, J. L., d.1943, Windsor, from Char. twp p.V.1
  1406. MCNAUGHTON, James R., d.1943, Maxville, of Dominionville p.V.1
  1407. MCNAUGHTON, Janet, Mrs. Alexander Fisher died at St. Elmo, 1893, age 85, born perthshire, Scotland
  1408. MACNAUGHTON, Mrs. John D., nee Catherine Ross, died at Ardrossan, Alta. 1921, age 57,
  1409. MCNAUGHTON, John A.died at Prince Rupert, BC 1958, age 74, of Lanc twp
  1410. MCNAUGHTON, Louise McNaughton, Mrs. Duncan Mcnicol, died at Cornwall 1960, age 68,
  1411. MCNAUGHTON, Mrs. Peter, nee Catherine Bell McCallum, died at Ottawa, Ont., 1941, age 49, of Lanc twp
  1412. MCNAUGHTON, Robert W. , son of W. J., mar'd to Stella McPherson dau of A. D., Lancaster twp, 1921
  1413. MACNAUGHTON, Mrs. William, nee Nancy Fraser, d. 1927, Martintown, Ont. p.V.11
  1414. MCNAUGHTON, Mr. William J. died at Lancaster, Ont., 1918, age 66 of Lanc twp, hus of Isabella Edgar died 1942
  1415. MCNAUGHTON, Mrs. William J., nee Isabel Edgar at Lancaster 1942 age 83,
  1416. MCNEIL, Duncan died at Laggan, Loch twp, age 53, hus of Christy Harriet Fraser of Baltic Corners, died Nov 1909.
  1417. MCNEIL, Mrs. Malcolm, nee Mary Ann Cameron, d. 1900, Iron Mountain, Michigan, from Athol, Ontario p.V.11
  1418. MCNEILL, Mrs. William D., nee Sarah Jane McPhee, d.1931, St. Joseph, Missouri p.V.1
  1419. MCNICOL, Duncan, d. 1954, age 75, of 4th Lanc twp . p. V.11
  1420. MCNICOL, Mrs. Duncan, nee Louise McNaughton, died at Cornwall 1960, age 68,
  1421. MCNICOL, Janet, Mrs. Dr. Alex Falkner died at Lancaster 1929, age 85.2, of South Lancaster
  1422. MCNICHOL, Mrs. John, nee Mary A. Ross, d.1917, Williamstown, of Lanc twp p.V.1

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  1423. MCPHAIL, Duncan to Mary Theresa McDonald, after 1931, of Detroit, Mich. p.V.1
  1424. MCPHAIL, Emely, Mrs. Alex. McBain, d. 1912, age 91, Moose Creek p.V.11
  1425. MCPHAIL, Mrs. James, nee Jane Macdonell, d.1922, Glenwood, Wisconsin, of St. Raphaels p.V.11
  1426. MCPHAIL, William Bernard of St. Andrews West, m'd to Agatha McDonald, 1955, Alexandria, Ont. p.V.11
  1427. MCPHEE, _____ , Mrs. John J. MacDonell, d. 1916, Lancaster, born Lochiel Ont p.V.11
  1428. MCPHEE, Albert Fowler to Norma Isobel Lauber 1922, Amsterdam, N.Y, both of Cornwall, Ont. p.V.11
  1429. MCPHEE, Alexander, d.1938, Lochiel twp. p.V.1
  1430. MCPHEE, Alexander D., d.1937, Kenyon twp p.V.1
  1431. MCPHEE, Mrs. Alexander D., nee Christie Ann McDonell, Kenyon Twp. p.V.1
  1432. MACPHEE, Amy Lewis m'd to Alexander W. McMillan, 1920, Alexandria p.V.11
  1433. MCPHEE, Annie, Mrs. F. T. Costello, d. 1909, Alexandria, Ont. p.V.11
  1434. MCPHEE, Catherine, Mrs. Ranald Chisholm, d. 1900, Alexandria, age 88, born St. Andrew's p.V.11
  1435. MCPHEE, Miss Catherine died at Alexandria 1944, age 77,
  1436. MCPHEE, Katherine, Mrs. Alex. F. MacDonald, d.1952, in Mass., of Cornwall p.V.1
  1437. MACPHEE, Christy Mrs. Hugh J. MacMillan, died at Verdun, Que. 1949, age 86, of Ken twp
  1438. MCPHEE, Donald D., d.1914, Calgary, Alberta, from Alexandria p.V.1
  1439. MCPHEE, Donald, d.1892, Lochiel twp. p.V.1
  1440. MCPHEE, Donald A. to Christena MacDonell, m.1923, Montreal, Que., of Alexandria p.V.1
  1441. MCPHEE, Donald Angus, d.1897, 30 - 32nd Conc. Lochiel twp. p.V.1
  1442. MCPHEE, Donald Angus died at Maxville, 1996, age 97, hus of Mary Isobel MacDonald
  1443. MCPHEE, Mrs. Donald Angus, nee Penelope MacDonell, d.1915, Lochiel twp. p.V1
  1444. MCPHEE, Donald Fraser to Barbara Sutherland MacDonald, m.1950, Vankleek Hill, Ont p.V.1
  1445. MCPHEE, Mrs. Dougald, nee Henrietta McDonell, d.1908, Ottawa p.V.1
  1446. MCPHEE, Mrs. Duncan, nee Mary McCrimmon d.1908, Cornwall, of Kirk Hill p.V.1
  1447. MACPHEE, Miss Hughena died at Alexandria, 1969, of Dunvegan
  1448. MCPHEE, G. Rudd Promotion, Ref GN 1960,
  1449. MCPHEE, James, d. 1902, Lochiel twp. p.V.11
  1450. MCPHEE, James, d.1914, Lewiston Montana from Glengarry p.V.1
  1451. MCPHEE, James, d.1928, Alexandria p.V.1
  1452. MCPHEE, Mrs. James McPhee, nee Mary Isabella McMillan, d.1919, of Alexandria p.V.1
  1453. MCPHEE, Jane, Mrs. Alex. P. MacDonell, d.1901, Alexandria p.V.1
  1454. MCPHEE, Janet, Mrs. Angus B. MacDonald, d. 1907, Lanc twp p.V.11
  1455. MCPHEE, Mrs. Janet, nee Chisholm, d.1914, Anyox, B.C., of Lochiel twp p.V.1
  1456. MCPHEE, Jemima dau of D. D., Loch twp mar'd Peter Morris at Alexandria, Ont., 1908
  1457. MCPHEE, Mrs. John, nee Nancy McDonell, d.1898, Markstay, Ont. p.V.1
  1458. MCPHEE, John see GLENGARRIANS ABROAD -- GN 1908 , Vancouver, BC
  1459. MCPHEE, Mrs. John J., nee Marion Frances Worley, d.1910, Los Angeles, California p.V.1
  1460. MACPHEE, John R. died at Alexandria 1969 age 93, of Dunvegan, hus of Hughena Ann MacDonald died 1967
  1461. MACPHEE, Mrs. John R. nee MinnieSnider, died at Glen Roy 1956 age 88,
  1462. MCPHEE, Malcolm, d1925, age 70, Wolverine, Mich, hus of Emma Laporte, from Lochiel twp p.v.11
  1463. MCPHEE, Margaret, Mrs. Lauchlin P. MacDonell, d. 1904, age 40, Lochiel twp. p.V.11
  1464. MCPHEE, Margaret Helen, Mrs. A. Fraser, d.1954, from Vankleek Hill, Ont p.V.1
  1465. MCPHEE, Mary, Loch twp. mar'd James Kerr, Loch twp, 1900, Lochiel p.V.11
  1466. MCPHEE, Mary, Mrs. Allan J. McDonald, d.1909, Alexandria p.V.1
  1467. MCPHEE, Mary, Mrs. Donald Lyman, d. 1924, Montreal, Que. p.V.11
  1468. MCPHEE, Sarah Jane, Mrs. William D. McNeil, d. 1931, St. Joseph, Missouri, of Alexandria, Ont. p.V.1
  1469. MCPHERSON, Mrs. A. D., nee Marjorie McDonald, d.1950, Lanc. twp p.V.1
  1470. MCPHERSON, Anne, Mrs. L.T. Finch, d.1900, Alexandria, Ont. p.V.1
  1471. MCPHERSON, Annie, Mrs. Angus Tobin, d.1918, Lancaster p.V.1
  1472. MCPHERSON, Annie, d.1923, Lancaster p.V.1
  1473. MACPHERSON, Annie, Mrs. John Angus MacPherson, d.1931, of Lancaster p.V.1
  1474. MACPHERSON, Anna May dau of Arnold, Berwick/Lancaster, mar'd to Maurice R. Flaro at Lancaster 1970
  1475. MCPHERSON, D. A., d. 1904, of Montreal, Que., from Lancaster, age 53 p. V.1
  1476. MCPHERSON, D. Alma died at Ottawa 1893, of River Beaudette,
  1477. MCPHERSON, D. M., d.1915, Lancaster p.V.1
  1478. MACPHERSON, D[uncan] J., mar'd Mabel Aitken, 1900, Lancaster p.V.11
  1479. MACPHERSON, Mrs. Duncan J. MacPherson, South Lancaster, Mabel Aitken, died at Cornwall 1960, age 84,
  1480. MACPHERSON, Mrs. Erenest, Nee Lillian M. Fraser, d. 1976, Cornwall, Ont. p.V.11
  1481. MCPHERSON, Mrs. Finlay, nee Isabella [Penny] McDonald, d.1938, Los Angeles, California p.V.1
  1482. MCPHERSON, Ewen, d.1927, 3rd Conc. Lanc. twp p.V.1
  1483. MCPHERSON, Hugh W. McPherson, 3rd Lanc mar'd to Alice Munro, Lanc twp 1908
  1484. MCPHERSON, Mrs. Hugh, nee Catherine Young, d.1919, Lanc twp p.V.1
  1485. MACPHERSON, James d. 1921, Lunenburg, Ont. p.V.11
  1486. MCPHERSON, Jessie, Mrs. Duncan McRae, d.1939, Lancaster p.V.1
  1487. MCPHERSON, John A., d.1953, Toronto, from Lancaster p.V.1
  1488. MACPHERSON, Mrs. John Angus, nee Annie MacPherson, d.1931, Montreal, Que., of Lancaster p.V.1
  1489. MACPHERSON, John C. B., d. 1947, Vancouver, B.C., from Lancaster, Ont. p.V.11
  1490. MCPHERSON, Lillian, Mrs. Donald Cameron, d. 1916, age 78, Winnipeg, Man, dau of Angus, S. Lancaster p.V.11
  1491. MACPHERSON, Miss Lillian, died at Toronto 1957, of Lanc twp
  1492. MACPHERSON, Louise, Mrs. George Parsons, died at Toronto, 1962, Lancaster
  1493. MACPHERSON, Margaret, Mrs. Edward O. Widman, nee died at Utica, NY 1958, age 75, of Lancaster
  1494. MCPHERSON, Robert Alex 'Sandy' MacPherson, son of Arnold, Lanc twp mar'd to Harriet A. dau of Laggan, 1957
  1495. MACPHERSON, Robert Duncan died at Levack 1957 ae 3, from Lancaster
  1496. MCPHERSON, Samuel, d.1931, Lancaster Village p.V.1
  1497. MCPHERSON, Stella dau of A. D., Lancaster, mar'd Robert W. McNaughton,son of W. J., 1921
  1498. MCPHERSON, Mrs. William, d.1922, Los Angeles, Calif. of Lancaster, Ont. p.V.1

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  1499. MCRAE, _____ , Mrs. John McRae, d. 1910, Maxville, Ont. p.V.11
  1500. MCRAE, Mrs. Alex Sr., nee Jane McRae, d. 1913, Revelstoke p.V.11
  1501. MCRAE, Allan 1908, age 81.9, St. Raphaels,
  1502. MCRAE, Rev. Allan, d.1988, Cornwall of St. Raphaels p.V.1
  1503. MCRAE, Andrew died Alexandria, 1956, age 83, of Loch twp , hus of   Christie Sara A. McGillivray
  1504. MCRAE, Annie d. 1899, Lochiel twp. p.V.11
  1505. MCRAE, Anne, Mrs. Hugh McKenzie, d. 1900, Williamstown, age 84 p.V.11
  1506. MCRAE, Anne, Mrs. George McRae, d. 1906, born Kentale, Scotland p.V.11
  1507. MCRAE, Miss Christie, d. 1913, Lanc. twp. p.V.11
  1508. MCRAE, Christy A., Mrs. J. C. Hambleton did at Dunvegan 1954, age 84
  1509. MCRAE, Christopher J. Char twp, death ref GN 1908
  1510. MCRAE, Colin died at Larder Lake, Ont. 1959, age 93, from Loch twp, hus of Mary Moore
  1511. MCRAE, Rev. D. C., died at St. Andrews West, Ont., 1908, born Roxborough twp 1856
  1512. MCRAE, Donald, d. 1898, Lanc. twp. p.V.11
  1513. MCRAE, Donald, Greenfield, see Glengarrians Abroad, GN 1900 p.V.11
  1514. MCRAE, Donald, d. 1916, Lanc. Twp. p.V.11
  1515. MCRAE, Mrs. Donald, nee Isabella Cameron, d. 1901, Lanc. twp p.V.11
  1516. MCRAE, Duncan, d. 1897, Lochiel twp. p.V.11
  1517. MCRAE, Duncan, d. 1911, Lanc. twp. p.V.11
  1518. MCRAE, Mrs. Duncan, nee Jessie MacPherson, d.1939, South Lancaster p.V.1
  1519. MCRAE, Dr. Duncan R., d. 1939, age 34, Montreal, Que., from Bainsville, Ont. p.V.11
  1520. MCRAE, Mrs. George, nee Anne McRae, d. 1906, Lochiel twp. p.V.11
  1521. MACRAE, George died at Lancaster 1959, from Chateauguay County, Que., hus of Mildred Tait
  1522. MCRAE, Jane, Mrs. Alex. McRae Sr., d. 1913, Revelstoke p.V.11
  1523. MCRAE, Jennie Ann, Mrs. Angus McLaughlin, d.1954, Livingston, Montana, of Green Valley, Ont. p.V.1
  1524. MCRAE, Miss Janet B., d. 1912, Glen Norman, Ont. p.V.11
  1525. MCRAE, John, d. 1900, age 72, Lancaster twp p.V.11
  1526. MCRAE, Mrs. John, nee _____ , McRae, d. 1910, Maxville, Ont. p.V.11
  1527. MCRAE, John H. died at Montreal 1902, of Loch twp
  1528. MCRAE, John F., died at Cornwall 1956 of Bainsville, of Glen Robertson, hus of Lillie Ross
  1529. MCRAE, Mrs. John F., nee Lillie A. Ross died at Cornwall 1958, age 75, of Curry Hill
  1530. MCRAE, John J,. d. 1916, Lanc.twp. p.V.11
  1531. MCRAE, Kenneth died at North Branch 1962, age 74, hus of Flora A. Christie
  1532. MACRAE, Malcolm died at Cornwall, 1958, age 93, hus of Sara Dewar
  1533. MCRAE, Mrs. Malcolm, nee Margaret Campbell died 1921, age 84, of West Hawkesbury
  1534. MACRAE, Margaret Ann, Mrs. Neil S. MacLeod, Dalkeith died at Cornwall 1962, age 82,
  1535. MCRAE, Miss Martha Anne, d. 1911, Lanc. twp p.V.11
  1536. MCRAE, Mary Ann, Mrs. Allan Bain, d.1907, Char. twp. p.V.1
  1537. MCRAE, Mary C. to G. S. Ishikawa m.1901 p.V.1
  1538. MCRAE, Milton A., 1918, California from Glen Norman p.V.1
  1539. MACRAE, Norman B. died at Montreal 1955, age 83, hus of Mary Jane McMillan, of loch
  1540. MCRAE, Mrs. Peter, nee ______ ______ , d. 1902 Wellwood, Man. from St. Elmo, Ont. p.V.11
  1541. MCRAE, Robert of Edmonton, Alberta to Janet McLennan 1907 p.V.11
  1542. MCRAE, Roderick son of Malcolm, Maxville mar'd to Bertha J. MacEwen 1959, Maxville
  1543. MCRAE, Roderick Fraser died at Dalkeith 1924 age 89, hus of Nora Bethune
  1544. MCRAE, Mrs. Roderick Fraser nee Nora Bethune, died at Dalkeith 1923, age 81,
  1545. MCRAE, Shawn, possible award ref GN 1958,
  1546. MACRAE, Viola G. to Walter F. MacCuaig m.1940, Kirk Hill p.V.1
  1547. MCRAE, William F., d.1930, New York, N.Y., from Summerstown, Ont. p.V.1
  1548. MCRAE, Mrs. William John, nee Mary Catherine _____ , died at Nelson, BC 1961, age 76, born, Skye, Prescott Co.


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  1549. MCVICAR, Duncan d. Apr. 1901, age 45 p.V.11
  1550. MCVICAR, Mrs. J. H. McVicar, nee Myrtle Snyder, died at Montreal 1962, age 77,
  1551. MCVICHIE, Donald, visit Ref GN 1916, pg. 4.
  1552. MCVICHIE, Mrs. Donald, nee Catherine Anderson, d. 1898, Curry Hill, Ont. p.V.11
  1553. MCVICHIE, Donald J. dieat at Toronto 1960, age 67, son of J. D., Curry Hill, hus of Hilda Roy
  1554. MCVICHIE, Mrs. John D., nee Margaret McMartin, d.1944, Curry Hill, Ont p.V.1
  1555. MCVICHIE, Peter & family visit, ref Glengarry News 1893, pg. 2, col. 5.

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  1556. MACK, Mrs. Frank, nee Margaret Weir, died at Gaylord, Mich, 1954, age 94, of Ken twp
  1557. MAJOR, Alfred, d. 1983, Cornwall, Ont. p.V.11
  1558. MAJOR, Ambrose died atWilliamstown, Ont., 1945, age 85, son of Ambrose, hus of Celina St. Thomas
  1559. MAJOR, Duncan A. died at Cornwall, 1957, age 47. of Williamstown, hus of Leah Morehead
  1560. MALETTE, Jessie d.1898, Alexandria, Ont., born Rigaud, Que. p.V.1
  1561. MALLOY, Joseph Francis to Rita Catherine Bennett, m.1942, Detroit, Mich. p.V.1
  1562. MARKELL, Hester M. to A.L. McDougall, m.1899, Wales, of Dickinson's Landing, Ont. p.V.1
  1563. MARKSON, David E., died at Alexandria, Ont, 1957, age 62, son of Abraham, hus of Florence Jacobs
  1564. MARKSON, David E. died at Chicago, Ill., 1962, age 74, of Glen Robertson, hus of Esther _____
  1565. MARKSON, Mrs. David E., nee Florence Jacobs died at Alexandria, Ont, 1955 age 51,
  1566. MARKSON, Dr. Malcolm R. died at Milwaukee, Wis 1945, born Glen Robertson, Ont., hus of Irene _____
  1567. MARKSON, Dr. Simpson died at Milwaukee, Wis. 1952 age 72, of Glen Robertson, hus of Rose _____
  1568. MARSOLAIS, Tpr Bernard Joseph killed 1943 overseas, age 20, from Cornwall, Ont. p. V.11
  1569. MARTEL, Mrs. Donald F., nee Sadie McMillan, d. 1943, age 33, Cornwall,Ont. p.V.11
  1570. MARTIN, Louis mar'd to Margaret Snyder at Alexandria, 1904
  1571. MARTIN, Stella, Mrs Charles E. Borland, died st South Lancaster 1970, age 79
  1572. MARTINTOWN, early life by R. N. Campbell, 1943 p.V.11
  1573. MASON, Eliza to James A. McDonald, m.1898, Medford, Wisconsin of Rib Lake, Wisconsin p.V.1
  1574. MASSON, Susan, Mrs. John J.Fourney, died at Cornwall 1957, from 4th Char twp
  1575. MATHESON, Rev. Alex D. died at Toronto, Ont., 1962 age 73, of Martintown, hus of Gertrude McCuaig
  1576. MATHESON, Rev. John, died at Montreal 1917, born Scotland, buried Dalhousie Mills
  1577. MATHESON, Mrs. Rev. John, nee Christy Ann MacMaughton, d. 1940, Cornwall, Ont. p.V.11
  1578. MATTINSON, Sarah, Mrs. Joshua Thompson, d. 1913, age 57, Front Lancaster, born M'borough, England p.V.11
  1579. MAXVILLE ANGLICANS, Church Ref GN 1959, pg. 1, col. 3.
  1580. MAY, James R. died at Martintown, 1936, hus of Lily Niles,
  1581. MEADOWS, John, d. 1900, South Lancaster p.V.11
  1582. MEADOWS, John A., d. 1902, in B. C. p.V.11
  1583. MEADOWS, John Arthur to Cassie J. Munroe, m.1899, Vancouver, B.C. of South Lancaster, Ont. p.V.1
  1584. MELOCHE, Arcade, mar'd 1901, Marie Sabourin, St. Finnan's, Alexandria, p.V.11
  1585. MILLER, George W., died Alexandria, Ont., 1907, age 89, hus of [1] _____ [2]Nancy McDougall
  1586. MITCHELL, Christena to William Taylor, m.1898, of Bainsville, Ont. p.V.1
  1587. MITCHELL, John S. died at Cornwall, Ont., 1951, age 63.6, hus of Jennet McVichie
  1588. MITCHELL, William died at Cornwall 1999, age 70, of 2nd conc Lanc twp., hus of Georgina Marie Nicol,
  1589. MITCHELL, Mrs. William, nee Ann Robb d. 1934, age 84, at Curry Hill p. V.11
  1590. MODE, Mrs. George, nee Caroline H. Barton, d. 1900, age 47, Vankleek Hill, p. V.11
  1591. MONTGOMERY, Jennie dau of Thomas, Dalhousie Mills, died at Montreal 1892
  1592. MONUMENT ISLAND, replanted, Ref GN 1904
  1593. MOOSE CREEK , Presbyterians 121 Ann Ref GN 1959,
  1594. MORGAN, Dr. V. H., d. 1924, in Aultsville, Ont. p.V.11
  1595. MORPHY, Dr. Arthur George died at Montreal, Que., 1957, age 87, born London, Ont., hus of [1]Mary Emily Magor [2]Ida Simpson
  1596. MORRIS, Bella, dau of Michael Loch twp mar'd Henry Duggan Ken twp, Lochiel 1900, p.V.11
  1597. MORRIS, John, d. 1907, Lochiel twp p.V.11
  1598. MORRIS, Peter Morris to Jemima McPhee Loch twp mar'd at Alexandria, Ont., 1908
  1599. MORRISON, _____ Cote St. George mar'd to Annie Morrison Lancaster twp 1893
  1600. MORRISON, Rev. Allan died at Kirk Hill, Ont, 1922 age 53, born Isle of Lewis, Scotland
  1601. MORRISON, Annie Lanc twp mar'd to _____ Morrison Cote St. George 1893
  1602. MORRISON, Bertha, Mrs. Robert A. McGregor, at Cote St. George, 1950 of Lanc twp
  1603. MORRISON,  Bertha Morrison mar'd to Robert A. Cote St. George on 1909
  1604. MORRISON, Catherine, d.1895, Lochiel Gore p.V.1
  1605. MORRISON, Miss Kate, d. 1926, age 67, Kirk Hill, p.V.11
  1606. MORRISON, Catherine, Mrs. E.[R] D. McLeod, nee died at Laggan?? 1960, age 91, of Peveril, Que.
  1607. MORRISON, Donald, d.1913, Kirk Hill, born Perveril, Que. p.V.1
  1608. MORRISON, Donald, d. , 1917, Lanc. twp. p.V.11
  1609. MORRISON, Donald J., died at Cornwall 1968, age 80, hus of Janet Ross McKie died 1967 of Bainsville
  1610. MORRISON, Donald Neil died at Fort Langley, B.C 1949, age 87, of Perveril, Que
  1611. MORRISON, Duncan Gordon died at Bainsville 1957, age 41,
  1612. MORRISON, Dr. George, d. , 1901, St. Agathe, Que., from Vankleek Hill, age 24 p.V.11
  1613. MORRISON, John Alex 'John Louis' of Lanc twp., Cornwall, Ont., died 1933, age 71, born Ste Anne de Prescott, hus of Harriet Morrison died 1914
  1614. MORRISON, John L. died at Rouyn, Que 1935, age 26, of Dalhousie Station, Que.
  1615. MORRISON, Mr & Mrs K. L. 50thy anniversary ref GN 1957, pg.
  1616. MORRISON, Martha, Mrs. Kenneth R. McLeod, d. 1924, born Glengarry p.V.11
  1617. MORRISON, Mrs. Norman Dalhousie Mills, move, ref GN 1958,
  1618. MORRISON, Norman A., Dalhousie Mills, mar'd to Margaret Wightman at Lancaster, Ont., 1928,
  1619. MORRISON, William died at Curry Hill 1892
  1620. MOSSOP, Mrs. Mabel, 1991, South Lancaster p.V.1
  1621. MOSSOP, Neron F. to Mabel M. Dunlop, m.1922, South Lancaster of Winnipeg, Manitoba p.V.1
  1622. MUIR, Almira, Mrs. Samuel MacDonell, d. 1898, at Portage du Fort, Que. p.V.11
  1623. MUNRO, Alexander T., d. 1922, Bashaw, Alberta from Glengarry, hus of MARY GRANT p.V.1
  1624. MUNRO, Alice, Lanc twp mar'd to Hugh W. McPherson, 3rd Lanc 1908
  1625. MUNROE, Cassie J. to John Arthur Meadows, m.1899, of St. Elmo, Ont. p.V.1
  1626. MUNROE, Katie, Mrs. Thomas McDonald, d. 1944, from Munroe's Mills p.V.11
  1627. MUNRO, Duncan, d. 1901, 14 Indian Lands, age 27 p.V.11
  1628. MUNRO, Gordon to Mary Lilliam McDonell, m.1951, Monkland, of Apple Hill p.V.1
  1629. MUNRO, Dr. Gustavus died in London, 1916, age 69, born Dalhousie Mills, hus of Mary McCuaig
  1630. MUNROE, Helena Isabel dau of Thomas, Lancaster mar'd to Fred McLeod of Lancaster 1922,
  1631. MUNRO, Mrs. Hugh Munro, nee Mary Williamson, died at Martintown 1904, age 65 of Kings Road
  1632. MUNROE, Hugh E. died at St. Petersburg, Florida 1947, age 68, of St. Elmo, Ont., hus of Myrtle Lottie Braun, Saskatoon
  1633. MUNROE, Isabella, Mrs. Donald Fraser, d.1899, Kenyon twp p.V.1
  1634. MUNRO, Dr. J. Howard died at Maxville, 1960, age 80, of Dominionville , hus of Edna MacCracken
  1635. MUNRO, Dr. James T. died at Maxville, 1928, age 85, son of John, Nairn, Scotland, hus of Christena Robertson
  1636. MUNRO, Mrs. John Jacob, South Lancaster 95th birthday Ref GN 1957,
  1637. MUNRO, Mrs. John Jacob, South Lancaster , 100th birthday Ref GN 1962,
  1638. MUNROE, Mrs. John Jacob, South Lancaster , died at South Lancaster, GN 1962 age 101, nee Flora A. Craig
  1639. MUNRO, Margaret Mrs Donald McIntosh, of Dalhousie mills, died at Vankleek Hill, 1931 age 87
  1640. MUNRO, Mary, Mrs. Charles R. Sinclair, of Maxville, d. Feb. 17, 1925, age 72, from Martintown p.V.11
  1641. MUNRO, Murdoch J., Glen Roy, mar'd to Christena M. dau of Farquhar McLennan, Char twp 1904
  1642. MUNRO, Murdoch died at Alexandria, 1917, age 71, of Martintown,
  1643. MUNRO, Philip T., d. 1901, Winchester, age 36 p.V.11
  1644. MUNRO, Mrs. Thomas, Nee Janet McEwen, d. 1902, 7 Roxborough twp p.V.11
  1645. MUNRO, Mrs. Thomas, nee Isabella Dingwall died at Cornwall 1926, age 87,
  1646. MUNRO, Mrs. T. W. died at Maxville, 1941 age 51, nee Ada Mae Robertson
  1647. MUNROE, William, d.1921, Edmonton, Alberta of Kenyon twp p.V.1
  1648. MUNRO, Mrs. William, nee Janet McEwen, d. 1916, Edmonton, Alberta, dau of Alex, Rovboro p.V.1
  1649. MURDOCK, Mrs James/John nee Lillas Spiers Cleland at Cornwall 1975
  1650. MURISON, Rev. Ross George died at Toronto, 1905, age 39, born Mintlaw, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, hus of _____ Ferguson
  1651. MURPHY, Hugh Robert to Louise Sweeny, m.1947, Tampa, Florida, of St. Petersburg, Florida p.V.1
  1652. MURRAY, Norman McL. died at Dunvegan 1905, age 77 born Isle of Skye
  1653. MURRAY, Mrs. Sarah, d. 1901, East Hawkesbury p.V.11

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  1654. NADEAU, Charles died at Alexandria, 1926
  1655. NEDEAU, Frank A., Summerstown, mar'd Bertha Ross, of Curry Hill, 1900 p.V.11
  1656. NEITHERCUT, Mayme m'd to Anthony Francis Brogger 1916, Gaylor, Mich p.V.11
  1657. NICHOLSON, Alice M., Mrs. ______ McDonald, d.1916, of Lancaster p.V.1
  1658. NIMMO, Mrs. Louis Nimmo nee Mary MacDonald, died at Lancaster, 1950, age 72,
  1659. NOLL, Mrs. Margaret, Pasedena, Calif. mar'd to Clement MacDonald Whyte, Lancaster, Ont. 1957
  1660. NOONAN, Irene Veronica of Regina, Sask m'd to Laurence W. Brady of Lancaster, 1920, Montreal, Que p.V.11
  1661. NUNNEY, Sergt. Claude died in action 1918, age 26, born Ireland, from North Lancaster

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  1662. O'BRIEN, Jannat, Mrs. Joe. J. Kennedy, d.1941, from Alexandria, Ont. p.V.1
  1663. O'BRIEN, Mrs. John, nee Annie Grant, d.1908. Calabogie, Ont, of
    Kenyon p.V.1
  1664. O'CONNOR, Ellen , Mrs. John Roy MacDonell, South Branch, d. 1945, born St. Louis, Missouri p.V.11
  1665. O'CONNOR, Stephen Sr., died at Montreal 1950, age 76, hus of Salome Quenneville, Loch twp
  1666. O'DAIR, William died at Green Valley, Ont., 1908 age 37, hus of Christie McDonell
  1667. ORTON, Gertrude, Mrs. Allie MacDonald, d.1930, from Dalkeith, Ont. p.V.1
  1668. O'SHEA, Alex died at Vancouver, BC 1949 age 64, son of Joseph, Munroe's Mills

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  1669. PAGE, Mortimer to Magdalena McCusker, M.1913, Keokuk, Iowa, of
    Niagara Falls, N.Y. p.V.1
  1670. Paquette, Margaret, Ottawa, age 92, wife of late Roderick McDonald
  1671. PARENT, ________ , D.1920, Pembroke, Ont. P.V.1
  1672. PARSONS, Mrs. Fred nee Johanna MacDonald, Glen Robertson, died at Cornwall on Oct. 3, 1970 age 68, dau of Angus William, Dalkeith
  1673. PARSONS, Mrs. George, nee Louise Macpherson died at Toronto, on July 22, 1962, dau of D. M., Lancaster
  1674. PATTINGALE, Howard m'd to Carol McGregor on Jun 21, 1944, Williamstown p. V.11
  1675. PATTINGALE, Mrs. James, nee Sarah McLennan, d. Nov. 29, 1910,
    2nd conc. Lanc. twp. p.V.11
  1676. PATTINGALE, John Lindsay of Lanc twp mar'd to Carol Cayer 1969 at Deep River, Ont.
  1677. PATTINGALE, R. J., d. 1937, Lanc. twp p.V.11
  1678. PATTINGALE, Mrs. R. J., nee Catherine McLennan, d. 1947, age 87, Lanc. twp p.V.11
  1679. PEACOCK, William died at Almonte, Ont., 1950, former police magistrate, Alexandria
  1680. PERRY, Charlotte Maud, Mrs. John J. MacGregor, 1951, Lanc twp, age 74, of Negannee, Mich.
  1681. PETRIE, Mrs. Alex, nee Williamina Smith, d. 1907, Curry Hill, Ont p.V.11
  1682. PETRIE, John R. died at Curry Hill 1962, age 56, hus of Christina McKay
  1683. PHILLIPS, Frank died at Alexandria 1970, age 77, of Maxville, hus of Bathia Ross
  1684. PHILLIPS, Jennie m'd to Eudore Cardinal, 1917, Greenfield p.V.11
  1685. PHYTERS, Mrs. Jack, nee Marjorie McDonald, d.1914, Montreal p.V.1
  1686. PICARD, Henriette, Mrs. Edward Desjardins of Riceville, died Kenyon twp, 1949 age71
  1687. POIRIER, Rosanna Mrs John Gendreau, nee died Loch twp , 1908, age 39,
  1688. POWELL, Mrs Arthur, nee Mary Victoria 'Bertie' Harkness at Cornwall 1931
  1689. POWRIE, Hannah Ellen dau of David, Colborne mar;d to Donald Cameron Hambleton of Glen Robertson, at Colborne, Ont 1966
  1690. PURCELL, Michael died at Cornwall 1898 age 50. brother of Pat ex -MPP
  1691. PURCELL, Patrick, body found ref GN 1894


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  1692. QUENNEVILLE, Mrs. Dosithe, nee _______ Fournier, d. 1926 p.V.11
  1693. QUINN, Rose, d. 1941, of Curry Hill, Ont. p.V.11
  1694. QUINN, Thomas P., PO, killed in Action 1943, of Bainsville

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  1695. RALPH CONNOR, plaque unveiled Ref GN 1959, pg. 1, col. 7.
  1696. RAYSIDE, Miss Edith died at Lancaster, 1950 age 78
  1697. REASBECK, Eric to Margaret MacCuaig, m.1952, Bainsville, of Vankleek Hill, Ont., p.V.1
  1698. REBURN, Mrs James nee Lillas Spiers Cleland at Cornwall 1975
  1699. REICHLING, Bessie, 1904, of Montreal p.V.11
  1700. REICHLING, Mrs. Charles, nee Isabella McGregor, d. 1921, Lancaster village p.V.11
  1701. RENAUD, Paul, of Tupper Lake, from Char. twp, mar'd to Flora Berry St. Raphaels 1900 p.V.11
  1702. REVAL, Joseph at Cornwall, Ont. 1935, age 29, of Twuluno, Romania
  1703. RICHARDSON, Mrs. A. L. nee Lily Wood of Toronto, Visit Ref GN 1922,
  1704. RICHARDSON, Alex died at Toronto, 1968 age 52 of Glen Nevis
  1705. RICHARDSON, Flora Ann, Mrs. Alex McCosham, d.1913, From Glen Nevis p.V.1
  1706. RICHARDSON, Thomas 100th birthday Ref GN 1958, 6
  1707. RICHARDSON, Cpl. Vincent M. of Glen Nevis, Ont., m'd Sylvia Hutchings, 1943, at West Wickham, Kent, England p. V.11
  1708. RICHARDSON, Willaim P. died at Ottawa, Ont 1968, age 66, of Glen Nevis, hus of Hazel Gillan, Renfrew
  1709. RIVARD, Roland, d. 1976, Cornwall, Ont. p.V.11
  1710. ROBB, Ann, Mrs. William Mitchell, d. 1934, age 84, at Curry Hill, born John's Haven, Scotland p. V.11
  1711. ROBERTSON, Ada Mae Robertson, Mrs. T. W. Munro, died at Maxville, 1941, age 51,
  1712. ROBERTSON, Mrs. Alex, nee Hattie Hope, d.1915, Moose Jaw, Sask p.V.1
  1713. ROBERTSON, Mrs. Archie A., nee Janet Catherine McCuaig, d.1993, Lanc. twp p.V.1
  1714. ROBERTSON, David died at Yorkton, Sask, 1917, age 66, of Chateauguay River, hus of Margaret Robertson
  1715. ROBINSON, James d.1900, Roxborough twp, Stormont County born Armagh, Ireland p.V.1
  1716. ROBERTSON, John H., d. Sep. 15, 1940, on North Branch Char. twp. p.V.11
  1717. ROBERTSON, Margaret, Mrs. William Robertson died at Thornhill, Ont., 1947 age 86, Lanc twp
  1718. ROBERTSON, W. 'Bill' A. died at Kitchener, Ont., 1996, age 82, of Bainsville, hus of Evelyn Drover
  1719. ROBINSON , Mrs. Thomas, nee Margaret McArthur , d.1900, Glen Robertson, born Breadalbane, Scotland p.V.1
  1720. RODGER, Thomas K., Sudbury of Westmount Que., mar'd to Nora F. dau of D. D. MacIntosh, Dalkeith 1921, Dalkeith
  1721. RODNEY, Neil, d.1928, Winchester, born Ormond, Ont. p.V.1
  1722. ROELL, Elizabeth, d.1927, Lanc. twp p. V.1
  1723. ROELL, Ellen, Mrs. Thomas Fraser, d.1953, of Lancaster p.V.1
  1724. ROELL, Mrs. Frances, nee Bella Bowie, d.1927, Lanc. twp p.V.1
  1725. RAEL, Bella Lanc twp. to Duncan Fraser 1901 p.V.11
  1726. ROELL, Isabella, Mrs. Duncan Fraser, d.1940, born Lanc. twp. p.V.1
  1727. ROELL, James, d.1927, Lanc. twp p.V.1
  1728. ROELL, Rose Ann, Mrs. John J. McClellan, at Cornwall, Ont. 1935, of Lancaster
  1729. ROONEY, William Laurence of Montreal to Myrtle McGruer Derochie of Lancaster 1920,
  1730. ROSE, Mrs. William nee Johan Thompson died at Maxville, Ont 1943, age 74 from Scotland
  1731. ROSENMUND, Mrs. Henry G., nee Mary Rubena McDonell, d.1944, Superior, Wisconsin p.V.1
  1732. ROSS, Mrs. A. visit, Ref GN 1893, pg. 3, col. 2.
  1733. ROSS, Mrs. Alex died at Cornwall, 1910 age 104.7, nee Margaret McMillan
  1734. ROSS, Annie, d.1935, McCormick, Lochiel twp, age 77 p.V.1
  1735. ROSS, Arthur W. died at Toronto, 1901, of Nairn, Ont. age 55
  1736. ROSS, Miss Barbara, d. 1925, age 81, Lancaster, p.V.11
  1737. ROSS, Bertha, Curry Hill, mar'd 1900 Frank A. Nedeau, of Summerstown p.V.11
  1738. ROSS, Katie of Curry Hill to Charles McDonald, m. 1899, Curry Hill p.V.11
  1739. ROSS, Catherine, Mrs. John D. McNaughton died at Ardrossan, Alta. 1921,
  1740. ROSS, Charles H, poem 'Long Years Have Passed', ref GN 1915
  1741. ROSS, D. A. of Martintown mar'd to Jemima Dingwall 1905
  1742. ROSS, D. McLeod, died at Cornwall 1957, age 60, of Moose Creek/Ottawa, hus of Emma Runions
  1743. ROSS, Dan, mothers death ref GN 1926, pg. 5.
  1744. ROSS, Daniel died at Lancaster 1926, age 73 UEL
  1745. ROSS, Rev. Donald 90th birthday article GN 1928
  1746. ROSS, Dan, died at Dunvegan, 1949, age 61, of Curry Hill
  1747. ROSS, Duncan son of William ref GN 1893
  1748. ROSS, Duncan of Curry Hill, died at Cornwall 1959 age 86, of Laggan
  1749. ROSS, Duncan died at Valleyfield, Que, 1989, age 86, hus of Mary McLeod
  1750. ROSS, Duncan A. died at Martintowm, Ont., 1954 age 81, of North River Road, hus of [1]Jemima Dingwall
  1751. ROSS, Edith Bathia of Kimberley, BC mar'd to Frank Butala 1948, Kimberley, BC
  1752. ROSS, Mrs. Ernest, nee Pearle macEwan, died at Martintown 1957, St. Elmo
  1753. ROSS, Farquhar died at Montreal 1929 age 79, hus of Flora Craig
  1754. ROSS, Florence at Phillipsburg, Montana 1894, age 16.8,
  1755. ROSS, Florence, Port Hope visits grandmother ref GN 1904,
  1756. ROSS, Florence, of Martintown mar'd to Dr. F. John Christie 1905
  1757. ROSS, George sr., life outline, 1909 p.V.11
  1758. ROSS, Isabella C., d.1923, Lanc. twp. p.V.1
  1759. ROSS, Mrs. J. D., nee Catherine Calder, d.1914, Lancaster p.V.1
  1760. ROSS, James William., d.1936, McCormick, Lochiel twp p.V.1
  1761. ROSS, Jennet, Mrs. James Sangster, d. 1900, age 87, Char twp p.V.11
  1762. ROSS, Janet, Chicago, Ill visit Ref GN 1924, pg. 5.
  1763. ROSS, Janet died at Lancaster, Ont. ' Earnsdale' 1925, age 80, wife of Dr. Andrew Harkness,
  1764. ROSS, Janet H., Mrs. Archibald Lewis Grant died at Cornwall, 1947 , age 87 of Lancaster
  1765. ROSS, John, d. 1901, age 53, Ingersoll, Ont., born Glengarry County p.V.11
  1766. ROSS, Mrs. John , nee _____ McLaren died Char twp? 1926
  1767. ROSS, Pte. John, d. in Action 1916, from Dunvegan, Ont. p.V.11
  1768. ROSS, John B., died Curry Hill 1893, of Lanc
  1769. ROSS, Mrs. John C. , nee _____ McBain died 1891 at Brandon, Man of Lancaster
  1770. ROSS, Mrs. John M., nee Alexina Edgar , Curry Hill, died 1931, age 85, of Lanc twp
  1771. ROSS, John R., died at Ottawa 1959, age 92, of Warina, hus of Ethel Hetherington
  1772. ROSS, Kenneth, d. 1913, age 86 yrs 2 mos., Lancaster twp p.V.11
  1773. ROSS, Lillie A., Mrs. John F. McRae, nee died at Cornwall 1958, age 75, of Curry Hill
  1774. ROSS, Margaret, Mrs. John McLeod, d. 1898, Lochiel twp p.V.11
  1775. ROSS, Mary A., Mrs. John McNichol, d.1917, Williamstown p.V.1
  1776. ROSS, Mary Catherine birth? ref GN 1917,
  1777. ROSS, Mrs, Murdoch, Curry Hill, illness Ref GN 1904,
  1778. ROSS, Dr. Thomas, d. 1906, at Sacramento City, Calif., age 66, from Lanc. twp, hus of Martha R. Lindsay of Malone, N Y, p.V.1
  1779. ROSS, Thomas, d. 1925, age 72, Lanc. twp p.V.1
  1780. ROSS, Thomas Malcolm, birth, 1956 of Curry Hill
  1781. ROSS, Tom scores four goals, 1974 for Glens
  1782. ROSS, Mrs. Thomas, nee Christy McLennan, d. 1905, age 85,4th Lanc. p.V.1
  1783. ROSS, Mrs. T. W., nee Catherine McKie, d. 1945, Lancater, Village p.V.11
  1784. ROSS, Velma Jean mar'd to Kurt A. Berger at Lancaster 1956
  1785. ROSS, Mrs. William ref GN 1893
  1786. ROULEAU, Eculide died at Ottawa 1947, age 69, from Alexandria, of Alfred
  1787. ROULEAU, Mrs. Eculide died at Alexandria, 1936, age 58, of Papineauville, Que.
  1788. ROUSSE, Mrs. Maxime, nee Emilie Lalonde, d. 1940, Moose Creek, p.V.11
  1789. ROUTHIER, Daniel, d. 1901, age 65, of Ken twp, from Summerstown p.V.11
  1790. ROWDEN, Harold, d. 1976, Ingleside, Ont. p.V.11
  1791. ROZON, Denis died at Dalhousie Station, Que 1954 age 62, born St. Telesphore, Que., hus of Alma Lefebvre
  1792. RUTLEY, Mrs. Fairy Ethel, d,1976, Alexandria, from Newington, Ont. p.V.1
  1793. RYAN, Moses died at Alexandria, 1908 age 79, of Plantagenet

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  1794. ST. ANDREWS WEST RC Church mark Centenary Ref GN 1960,
  1795. ST. ANDREWS CHURCH, Historic Tower S. lancaster Ref GN 1958,
  1796. ST. ANDREWS CHURCH S. Lancaster 175th Anniversary Ref GN 1962,
  1797. ST. RAPHAELS BELLS, 100th Anniversary Ref GN 1960,
  1798. ST. RAPHAELS FOUNDER , Article by Miss Llewella Dunlop Ref GN 1958, pg. 1,
  1799. SABOURIN, J. G. died at Ottawa 1939, age 67, of Alexandria; hus of Delphine Miron of Ste, Justine de Newton, d-1907
  1800. SABOURIN, Marie dau of Geo. mar'd Arcade Meloche 1901, Alexandria p.V.11
  1801. SAMPLE, Mrs. Joseph A., nee Isabella Fraser, d. 1926, Vankleek Hill p.V.11
  1802. SANGSTER, _____, Mrs. Rod Stewart died at Winnipeg, Man. 1892, Lanc twp
  1803. SANGSTER, Barbara Ann died at Glen Gordon, 2nd Char NSRR 1959, age 11,
  1804. SANGSTER, George died at Alexandria, 1968 age 79 of Lanc twp. hus of [1] Ida Sangster [2] Eva MacPherson
  1805. SANGSTER, Georgena M.dau of George L., Alexandria mar'd to Victor Karl Havelock, 1960, Shawinigan, Que
  1806. SANGSTER, Mrs. J. J., Sangster, nee Jessie Logie, died at La Jolla, Calif 1960, age 95, of Green Valley, Ont.,
  1807. SANGSTER, Mrs. James, nee Jennet Ross, age 87, d. 1900, Char twp p.V.11
  1808. SANGSTER, James A., ex-MLA, died at Cornwall, Ont., 1937, age 76, of Bainsville,
  1809. SANGSTER, James A., died Char twp 1947 age 66, hus of Margaret McCuaig
  1810. SANGSTER, James R. at New York City, N.Y. 1905 age 67 of Lancaster, Ont.
  1811. SANGSTER, Janet, Mrs. Charles A. Edgar, Lanc Twp. 1932, age 78,
  1812. SANGSTER, Jean mar'd to Keith McGregor , Bainsville, 1957
  1813. SANGSTER, Kevin died 1969, age 13, of Char NSRR
  1814. SANGSTER, Margaret , Mrs. P. H. MacLennan, at Montreal 1935 age 87
  1815. SANGSTER, Margery Christina, Mrs. John A. McArthur, d.1929 p.V.1
  1816. SANGSTER, Robert William, son of Neil, baptism ref GN 1959, pg. 7, col.4.
  1817. SANGSTER, Mrs. Robert R., nee Christena McBain, died at Lancaster 1924, age 77,
  1818. SARGENT, _______ , Mrs. Esrom Smith, d.1907, age 87, Winnipeg, Man., from Vankleek Hill, Ont. p.V.11
  1819. SAURIOL, Dr. L. E. of Lancaster, son of A., to Ita Lamarche of Kingston 1920
  1820. SAUVE, Angus died at Maxville 1947 age 83, of Vankleek Hill,
  1821. SAVAGE, Samuel to Dolly chisholm, m.1899, Lochiel, of Ottawa p.V.1
  1822. SCAFE, Mrs Richard died Lanc twp, 1893, age 74, born Ireland
  1823. SCHELL, J. T. Many Interests ref GN Dec. 18. 1908
  1824. SCHELL, J. T. died at Alexandria, 1916 age 65
  1825. SCHNEIDER, Duncan I. Montreal, mar'd to Harriet Lorraine Dood 1951, Montreal
  1826. SCOTT, Ernest E., d. either 1966 or 1976, South Mountain, Ont. p.V.11
  1827. SCOTT, Rev. Dr. Alex Hugh, died at Perth, 1931, age 77, born Martintown, Mount Joy farm,
  1828. SCOTT, James Henry to Winnifred White Blaney, m.1928, Vankleek Hill, of Fournier, Ontario p.V.11
  1829. SCOTT, Margaret E. of Irlam, England m'd to Eric Urquhart, 1944, Irlam, England p.V.11
  1830. SCOTT, Sir Richard died at Ottawa 1913 age 88, of Prescott, Ont, UEL, hus of Sarah Ann McDonell
  1831. SCOTT, Ross Melvin, d.1990, Cornwall, Ont. p.V.1
  1832. SCOTT, Mrs. Thomas, nee Isabella Ross, d. 1892, Lancaster twp, age 79 p.V.11
  1833. SEARS, Mrs. Norman, nee Justenia MacKenzie, d.1938, Ottawa p.V.1
  1834. SEAY, James Alexander of Hawkesbury, m'd to Eileen Elizabeth MacDonald, 1944, Alexandria, Ont. p.V.11
  1835. SEGUIN, Gilbert died at Cornwall, 1950, age 80, of Glen Robertson, of St. Redempteur, Que. hus of Elizabeth Hambleton
  1836. SEXTON, Mrs. D. Morgan, Nee Delphine Hubert, d. 1937, age 69, Montreal p.V.11
  1837. SHAGO, Mary Catherine of Glen Roy mar'd to Milton Josesph MacDonald at St. Raphaels 1957
  1838. SHAUGHNESSY, Mrs. Tena celebrates 100th birthday 1974 in NDG, Montreal, from Glen Robertson
  1839. SHENNETTE, Edwin J. died 1920 at Lancaster
  1840. SHEPHERD, Mrs. G. W., nee Emily Mary Lemieux, d. 1907, age 39, Alexandria, born Lemieux, Ont p.V.11
  1841. SHEPHERD, Miss Pearl, GN 1923, Notable Battle Fields
  1842. SHOTWELL, William J., d. 1901, Hawkesbury, age 30, High School Principal p.V.11
  1843. SIGOUIN, R. Laurent to Dora Lacombe, m.1943, of Embrum, Ont. p.V.1
  1844. SILVERTONE, Ettie, Mrs. Isaac Simon, died at Alexandria, 1908, born Germany?
  1845. SIMMONS, Audrey Ball wife of Roy, Finch, 1979
  1846. SIMON, Isaac died at Alexandria, 1933, age 87, born in Poland
  1847. SIMON, Mrs. Isaac, nee Ettie Silvertone, died at Alexandria, 1908, born Germany?
  1848. SIMON, Mamie, d. 1900, age 19, dau of Mr. I. Simon, Alexandria p.V.11
  1849. SIMON, Mose of Alexandria, Ont., mar'd to Matilda Goldstein at Hamilton, on 1908
  1850. SIMPSON, Alexander d. 1900, age 70, born Outlewell, Murrayshire, Scotland p.V.11
  1851. SIMPSON, William J. died at Toronto, 1952, age 88, of Alexandria, hus of Alice Catherine Leslie
  1852. SINCLAIR, Chas., St. Elmo, see Home From the Yukon GN 1900 p.V.11
  1853. SINCLAIR, Charles R. died at Calgary, Alberta 1931, age 86,
  1854. SINCLAIR, Mrs. Charles, nee Mary Munro, d. 1925, age 72, Maxville p.V.11
  1855. SINCLAIR, Dan, St. Elmo, see Home From the Yukon GN 1900 p.V.11
  1856. SINCLAIR, Donald, sketch of life, St. Elmo, Ont, 1906. p.V.11
  1857. SINCLAIR, Finlay D. died at Calgary, Alb 1932 age 90, hus of Eva Christie of Martintown
  1858. SISTER MARY OF ST. HILDA, died at St. Laurent, Que. 1958, age 79, nee Rebecca Eccles
  1859. SMILLIE, John W. died at Maxville, Ont., 1934, age 79, born Ormstown, Que, hus of Jessie Sterling died 1904, of White Lake
  1860. SMITH, Alex. L. died at Toronto 1940,son of James, Pakenham, Ont, from Aberdeen Scotland; hus of Grace H. McDougald
  1861. SMITH, Mrs. Esrom, nee _______ Sargent, d. 1907, age 87, Winnipeg, Man from Vankleek Hill, Ont. p.V.11
  1862. SMITH, Rev George Watt died 1946 at Kapuskasing, Ont. age 80,
  1863. SMITH, Janet, Mrs. Daniel Bonner, Mrs. _____ McDonald d. 1901, Montreal, Que. p.V.11
  1864. SMITH, Roanld , Madoc, Ont, son of Ernest, mar'd to Theresa MacKinnon; at Alexandria, Ont., 1949
  1865. SMITH, Williamina, Mrs. Alexander Petrie, d. 1907, Curry Hill, Ont p.V.11
  1866. SNIDER, Alex died at Cornwall, 1961, age 77, son of Allan, Dalkeith, hus of Florence Desjardins
  1867. SNIDER, Arthur died at Cornwall 1957, age 73, of Lanc twp, hus of Minnie Baker
  1868. SNIDER, B. Peter, d. 1943, age 77 of Lanc. twp p. V.11
  1869. SNIDER, Catherine Mary, Mrs. Richard B. McBain, died at Kincaid, Sask 1932 age 62, of Bainsville
  1870. SNIDER, Donald, d. 1924, age 94, Lanc. twp, hus of [1]Isabell MacIntosh, [2] Annie Stuart p.V.11
  1871. SNYDER, Mrs. George nee Elizabeth Haney, died at Smith Falls, Ont. 1905, of Lancaster
  1872. SNIDER, George died at Smith's Falls 1947, age 67, hus of [1] Elizabeth Haney, [3] Christena Edgar
  1873. SNYDER, Georgina, Mr.s J. K. Condie, d.1955, Cornwall, Ont. p.V.1
  1874. SNYDER, Gordon E. died at Winnipeg, Man., 1957, age 65, of Lanc Twp, UEL., hus of Gertrude Stalker
  1875. SNYDER, Dr. Judson B., died at Vancouver, BC 1961, age 84, from Lanc twp. hus of Maude Cameron
  1876. SNYDER, Margaret dau of Allan mar'd to Louis M artin at Alexandria, 1904
  1877. SNIDER, Minnie, Mrs. John R. MacPhee died at Glen Roy 1956 age 88,
  1878. SNYDER, Myrtle, Mrs. J. H. McVicar died at Montreal 1962, age 77,
  1879. SNIDER, Peter Stuart died Lanc twp 1956 age 75,
  1880. SNIDER, Thomas Ben died Lanc twp 1961, age 74, hus of Mary Catherine Wightman
  1881. SNIDER, W. A., d. 1930, Lanc. twp p. V.11
  1882. SNIDER, Mrs. W. A., nee Sara Bell McCrimmon, d. 1931, Lanc twp. p.V.1
  1883. SOMMERVILLE, Mrs. James E, nee Anna W. Curry dau of Joseph died 1906, hus of James
  1884. SPALDING, William Harrison to Mary Catherine MacDougall, m.1947, North Hollywood, Calif, from Miami, Florida p.V.1
  1885. SPARROW, Wallace, d. 1899, Vancouver, B. C. p.V.11
  1886. SPROUL, Irvine Howard mar'd to Kathyrn Edna McDonald of Lancaster, 1969, South Lancaster
  1887. SPROUL, John William d. 1900, Butte City, Montana, from Maxille, Ontario area p.V.11
  1888. STACKHOUSE, Minnie M. to William A. Gray 1898, Perveril, Que. p.V.11
  1889. STACKHOUSE, Stephen, d.1908, Laurella, Texas, of Perveril, Que p.V.1
  1890. STACY, Thomas of Landsdown, mar'd to Jane 1893, Curry Hill
  1891. STEWART, ______ , Mrs. A. C. Macdonell, d. 1929, Williamstown p.V.11
  1892. STEWART, Mary , Mrs. Malcolm Carther, d.1947, Stewart's Glen, Ont. p.V.1
  1893. STEWART, Charles died at Stewart's Glen, Ont., 1906, age 73,
  1894. STEWART, Miss Christie, d. 1900, Vancouer, B.C., from Athol, Ontario p.V.11
  1895. STEWART, John, St. Anicet, Que., mar'd to Effie Campbell 1904, Summerstown
  1896. STEWART, Lachlan, d. 1905, Kenyon twp. p.V.11
  1897. STEWART, Mrs. Rod , nee _____, Sangster, died at Winnipeg, Man. 1892, of Lanc twp
  1898. STEWART, William died at Lancaster 1913, Barrister [Blind Willie]
  1899. STUART, Mary died at Maxville, 1940 age 80, of Bainsville
  1900. STICKLER, Alex D., died at South Lancaster, 1917, age 53,
  1901. STRANGE, John Victor to Elizabeth Ottley MacDonald, m.1940, Montreal, Que., of Outremont, Que. p.V.1
  1902. SULLIVAN, Barry J. died at Lancaster 1923 age 83, born in Munster Ireland
  1903. SULLIVAN, Jerry died at Williamstown 1941, age 79, hus of Teresa McPherson
  1904. SULLIVAN, William, d.1916, Curry Hill, Ont. p.V.1
  1905. SUMMERS, Mrs. Jane, d.1896, Summerstown, Ont. p.V.1
  1906. SURGESON, W. G., 5th Lanc., see Home From the Yukon GN 1900 p.V.11
  1907. SUTHERLAND, Miss Catherine, d. 1913, age 68, Lancaster, Ont. p.V.11
  1908. SUTHERLAND, Catherine Mrs Duncan McBean died at Montreal, 1917, age 89,
  1909. SUTHERLAND, D.D., d.1930, Finch, Ont. p.V.1
  1910. SUTHERLAND, Mrs. Donald, nee Nellie[Mary] Sutherland, d. 1902, Lanc. twp. p.V.11
  1911. SUTHERLAND, George died at Norwood. Wis. 1890
  1912. SUTHERLAND, Mary [Nellie], Mrs. Donald Sutherland, d. 1902, Front of Lanc. twp. p.V.11
  1913. SUTHERLAND, May , Montreal dau of Hugh, Battleford , Sask mar'd to Charles S. Edgar, Montreal 1913
  1914. SWEENY, Louise to Hugh Robert Murphy, m.1947, Tampa, Florida p.V.1

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  1915. TANNER, Jennie E. to Duncan R. McCrimmon, m.1910, of Windsor Mills, Que. p.V.1
  1916. TARLTON, Edward I. died at Orillia, Ont 1943 of Gananoque
  1917. TAYLOR, Bertha, Mrs. Gordon Fraser, d.1933, of Huntingdon, Quebec. p.V.1
  1918. TAYLOR, William to Christena Mitchell, m.1898, Bainsville, Ont., of Lachine, Que. p.V.1
  1919. TAYLOR, Mrs. William, nee Christena Mitchell, d.1944, of Bainsville, born Kincaardineshire, Scotland p.V.1
  1920. TESKEY, Sophia, Mrs. W. H. Tomlinson, at Cornwall, 1915 dau of John of Almonte
  1921. THOMPSON, David, Sketch ref GN 1958,
  1922. THOMPSON, Duncan C. died at Alexandria, from Bainsville, 1968, age 88, born in St. Louis de Gonzaque, Que. hus of Ethel Baxter
  1923. THOMPSON, Helen Elizabeth of Marble, Minn. to Dr. William B. McMurtrie 1923 p.V.11
  1924. THOMPSON, James R. to Mary Catherine Cameron, m.1920, Avonmore p.V.1
  1925. THOMPSON, Johan, Mrs. William Rose died at Maxville, Ont 1943, age 74 born Scotland 1869,
  1926. TOBIN, Mrs. Angus, nee Annie McPherson, d.1918, Lancaster p.V.1
  1927. TOBIN, Pte Dan P., d. 1917, missing in action p.V.11
  1928. TOBIN, Dan P. J., Lancaster, mar'd Catherine MacDonald 1900, of Lancaster p.V.11
  1929. TOLMIE, Dr. John R. died at Vancouver, BC 1968 age 99, born Moose Creek
  1930. TOMB, David died in Lochiel twp. 1897, age 72 born Malone, NY 1825, hus of Isabella McKenzie, Williamstown
  1931. TOMLINSON, Mrs. W. H., nee Sophia Teskey, at Cornwall 1915 of Almonte.
  1932. TRACEY, Sara Ann died at Maxville 1948 age 99, of Riceville
  1933. TWOMEY, Very Rev. Dean died at Cornwall, Ont, 1914 age 72, born county Cork, Ireland, p.p St. Mary's Williamstown, Ont.


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  1934. UPTON, Mrs. Thomas, nee Christena Urquhart, d.1992, Lancaster p.V.1
  1935. URQUHART, Alexander, d.1898, Kenyon twp. p.V.1
  1936. URQUHART, Christena, Mrs. Thomas Upton, d.1992, Lancaster, born Dunvegan, Ontario p.V.1
  1937. URQUHART, Eric George of Williamstown, Ont., m'd to Margaret E. Scott, 1944, Irlam, England p.V.11
  1938. URQUHART, Isabella, dau of Donald, Caledonia, mar'd 1901, Hugh McLennan, of Devil's Lake, N.D., p.V.11

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  1939. VALADE, Mrs. Archie, nee Loretta Fraser, d.1991, Cornwall, of St. Andrews West & Lancaster p.V.1
  1940. VALLANCE, James died at Maxville, Ont. 1944 age 72, born Glasgow, Scotland, hus of Janie MacLean
  1941. VALLANCE, see under John Campbell Vallance Anderson
  1942. VALLANCE, William, d.1925, Lancaster p.V.1
  1943. VALLANCE, Mrs. William, d,1926, Lancaster p.V.1
  1944. VICE, Mrs. Henry, nee Louise Lauzon, d.1954, Cornwall, of Alexandria p. V.1
  1945. VILLENEUVE, Frank B. died at Maxville, 1940 age 72 of Moose Creek; hus of Fabiola Marion
  1946. VOGAN, Henry Dalkeith, mar'd to Anna Catherine McCuaig 1914, Vankleek Hill, Ont.

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  1947. WAFFLE, Mrs. Ross, nee Cass Gelineau died at Owosso, Mich 1961, age 69, of Lochiel
  1948. WALES, Mrs. Gordon, nee Gladys MacDonell, d.1989, Iron River, Mich. p.V.1
  1949. WALSH, Catherine, Mrs. Alex R. MacDougall, died at Cornwall 1961, age 79 of Dalkeith
  1950. WALSH, Francis O., d. 1916, Dalkeith, Ont. p.V.11
  1951. WALSH, Robert died at Ottawa 1957, age 65, of Dalkeith
  1952. WELCH, John A. died at Ottawa, 1944, from Maxville, hus of Elizabeth MacLeod
  1953. WANNAMAKER, Mary Rita, m'd Sgt. Pilot Alex William Edgar from Bainsville, Ont. 1943 at Belleville, Ont. p. V.11
  1954. WARDEN, Macdonald of the Glen to Isabel Ruby Hope 1947 p.V.11
  1955. WATSON, Dr. Neil M. died at Red Lake Falls, Minn ? 1936, age ?, of Willismstown, single.
  1956. WATT,  John Carlyle mar'd to Martha Isabella McLennan 1927, at Lancaster
  1957. WEIR, Dan J., d. 1899, Ashland, Wisconsin, from Kenyon twp p.V.11
  1958. WEIR, Margaret, Mrs. Frank Mack, died at Gaylord, Mich, 1954, age 94, of Ken twp
  1959. WELCHER, Mrs. John nee Eva Armande Belair died at Cornwall 1968 age 67, of Hawkesbury
  1960. WESTLEY, Jim died at Hamilton, 1959, hus of Elizabeth McVicar
  1961. WESTLEY, Dr. R. H. died at Montreal, 1934, native of Lancaster
  1962. WHYTE, Clement MacDonald, of Lancaster, Ont. mar'd to Mrs. Margaret Noll, Pasedena, Calif. 1957
  1963. WHYTE, Clem. P. to Mary Isabel MacDonald, m.1906, St. Raphaels of Lancaster, Ontario p.V.1
  1964. WHYTE, Clem. P. died at Cornwall, Ont., 1959, age 80, hus of Mary Isabel MacDonald of St. Raphael
  1965. WHYTE, Dannie Paul died at St. Paul, Minn 1921, age 48 of , Lancaster, Ont.
  1966. WHITE, Harry son of Charles mar'd to Miss _____ Durning dau of Hugh 1926? at Montreal
  1967. WHYTE, Dr. John J., d. 1927, Hebron, N.D., age 59, from Lancaster, Ont. p.V.11
  1968. WHITE, Mary, Mrs. Aldeman Lalonde, died at Cornwall, 1960, age 72,
  1969. WHYTE, Mrs. Paul, nee Elizabeth Dafoe, died at Cornwall 1919, age 82, of Lancaster
  1970. WHYTE, Flt. Lt. Stuart, of Lancaster, Ont. missing over Germany 1945 p. V.11
  1971. WHYTE, Stuart Paul, d. 1945, Germany, of Lancaster, Ont. p.V.1
  1972. WIDMAN, Mrs. Edward O., nee Margaret Macpherson died at Utica, NY 1958, age 75, of Lancaster
  1973. WIGHTMAN, Alex, Lanc., twp see Home From the Yukon GN 1900 p.V.11
  1974. WIGHTMAN, Isabel of Lancaster, Ont. m'd to T. B. Code 1911 p. V.11
  1975. WIGHTMAN, Bella M., Picnic Grove, mar'd Peter H. Kippen of Maxille, Ont, 1900 p.V.11
  1976. WIGHTMAN, Clifford Reaeburn son of R. S., Lancaster mar'd to Anna May Mcnaughton 1956 at Dalhousie Mills,
  1977. WIGHTMAN, Mrs. J. J., Ottawa, 90th birthday, Ref GN 1959,
  1978. WIGHTMAN, James A. of Lancaster, mar'd to Ruth H. Ferguson 1949, Windsor, Ont
  1979. WIGHTMAN, James A. died at Alexandria, 1991, age 80, of Dominionville, hus of [1] Ruth Housen Ferguson, [2] Jane Nightingale
  1980. WIGHTMAN, Mrs. James A., nee Ruth Housen died at Alexandria, 1962, age 63, of Windsor
  1981. WIGHTMAN, John, Picnic Grove, Lanc. twp mar'd to Jane McKay of Sketcham, Char twp 1892
  1982. WIGHTMAN, John D. died at Lancaster 1932 age 69, hus of Margaret Wightman
  1983. WIGHTMAN, Llyall M. died at Toronto 1961, age 61, of Maxville, hus of Dorothy H. Hurcomb
  1984. WIGHTMAN,  Margaret mar'd to Norman A. Morrison, Dalhousie Mills, at Lancaster, Ont., 1928,
  1985. WIGHTMAN, Margaret Ann, Mrs. Farquhar W. Fraser, died Lanc twp 1961, age 92,
  1986. WIGHTMAN, R.S. wins NcNish award ref GN 1959, .
  1987. WIGHTMAN,  Dr. Robert died at Seattle, Wash 1968, age about 77, born Lancaster, Ont, hus of Mary Mustard
  1988. WIGHTMAN, Robert James, 1st baby 1959 Ref GN 1959,
  1989. WIGHTMAN, Wm. J. mar'd to Minnie Clark 1893
  1990. WIGHTMAN, Winona of Lancaster mar'd to David R. MacKenzie, of Vars at Lancaster 1956
  1991. WILLIAMS, Allan, d.1943, Montreal, Que., of Alexandria, Ont. p.V.1
  1992. WILLIAMS, Charles, rents Ref GN 1904, pg. 2, col. 2.
  1993. WILLIAMS, Mrs. Edward, nee Catherine McDonald, d, 1900, Alexandria p.V.1
  1994. WILLIAMS, John Allan, d.1900, Alexandria p.V.1
  1995. WILLIAMS, Margaret, Mrs Mrs. Robert McLennan died at Moose Jaw, Sask, 1936, age 79, of Alexandria,
  1996. WILLIAMSON, Isabella, Mrs. John A. McDonell died at Summerstown Front, Ont. 1911, age 61, born St. Raphaels Char twp
  1997. WILLIAMSON, Mrs. John, Nee Flora McDonald, d. 1926, age 82, Kings Road, St. Raphaels p.V.1
  1998. WILLIAMSON, Mary, Mrs. Hugh Munro, died at Martintown 1904, age 65 of Kings Road
  1999. WILLIAMSON, Mrs. R., nee Isabella Grant, d.1894, of Conc. Char p.V.1
  2000. WILLSON, Miss Alberta died at Alexandria, 1933, age 67, of Aurora
  2001. WILSON, John T., Santa Ana, Calif., m'd 1916, Los Angeles, Calif. to Anna Clarissa Grant, formerly connected with Lancaster, Ont. p.V.11
  2002. WILSON, Robert m'd to Agnes Emburg, m.1927, St. Raphaels, of Lancaster p.V.1
  2003. WILSON, Mrs. Robert, nee Margaret MacNair d. 1929, Lancaster p.V.1
  2004. WINTER, E. Stanley died at Montreal, from Maxville, 1956, age 67, of Ormstown, Que. hus of Helen McEwen
  2005. WOOD, Alexander, 1893, Smiths Falls, Ont, of Cashion's Glen, Char. twp. p.V.1
  2006. WOOD, Elizabeth, Mrs. Robert Edgar, died at Curry Hill, 1893,
  2007. WOOD, Lily , Mrs. A. L. Richardson, of Toronto, Visit Ref GN 1922,
  2008. WOODS, Mrs. Joseph S., nee Priscilla E. French died in Duluth. Minn 1927, age 82, of Lancaster
  2009. WOOD, Ruggles J. H. died East Front Lancaster 1958, age 63, of Montreal
  2010. WOODS, T. E. died at Proctor, Minn. 1906, of Bainsville
  2011. WORLEY, Marion Frances, Mrs. John J. McPhee, d.1940. Los Angeles, Calif,
    of Duluth, Minnesota p.V.1
  2012. WORTHEN, Arthur S., St. Anne de Bellevue mar'd to Jennie M. Kennedy of Apple Hill, 1908


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  2013. YOUNG, C. W. died at Cornwall, Ont., 1927, age 78, of Georgetown, hus of Carrie Carthew, Guelph
  2014. YOUNG, Catherine, Mrs. Hugh McPherson, d.1919, Lanc twp p.V.1
  2015. YOUNG, George, d. 1922. Lancaster p.V.1
  2016. YOUNG, Lilian, Mrs. Ernest Edgerton, d. 1938, age 50, Lanc twp. p.V.11
  2017. YOUNG, Robert A., d. 1976, Cornwall, Ont. p.V.11


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