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"D" -- Connections

Documentation Items Available
DAFOE, Elizabeth, Mrs. Paul Whyte, died at Cornwall Feb. 1919, age 82, of LancasterObit,
DAGENAIS, Leo Paul, at Cornwall, Ont. Mar 2001 husband of Doris Foubert. Obit,
DAIGLE, Alphonse, at Cornwall, Mar.1979 ae 81, hus of late Amonda Jutras Obit,
OLDHAM - DELANTY, Elizabeth Anne, at Ottawa, Ont. Nov 1999 wife of John Delanty; dau of Albert, Alexandria . Obit,
DANCAUSE, Antoine died at Montreal, Que. Mar. 1915, from Apple Hill, age 57.10, born St. Anicet, Que.Obit,
DAPRATO, Xavier died at Alexandria, May1922, age 87, born Leghorn, Italy, hus of Esther Hamelin Obit,
DAOUST, Joseph Emilien died at Yorkton, Sask Apr. 1923, age 57 of North Lancaster, Ont., hus of Ellen KirkObit,
DARLING, Jessie Wishart (nee Donald), at Alexandria, Ont. Apr 2000, age 85 wife of the late James Douglas. Obit,
DASHNEY, Sarah Ann, Mrs. Malcolm McKenzie, died Dec. 1943, of Ste. Anne de Prescott, Ont. Obit,
DAVIDSON, Alexandre at Cornwall Apr. 1971 age 68, hus of [1] Aldea Vachon [2] Florida Desnoyers Obit,
DAVIS, Marjorie, nee Watson, at Ottawa, Ont. Sep. 1999, wife of Percy Davis, Cornwall. Obit,
DAWKINS,Beatrice Louise, nee Kendrick in Alberta May 2001 Obit,
DEMOULIN, Harold Hurton m'd to Hazel McNaughton July 1943, at Kinburn, Ont. Mar.,
DEMOULIN, Israel, died Sep. 1947, Lanc twp, age 74, husband of Maud R. Fourney Obit,
Deruchie, Alex (Sandy), at Cornwall, Ont. June 1963, age 92 of South Branch Rd. Obit,
DERUCHIE, Catherine, Char twp, death ref GN Jan. 1909 Obit,
DERUCHIE, Mr. Charles A. died Aug. 1942 age 83, Lancaster, Husband of Eliza T. MacGruer Obit,
DERUCHIE, Mr. Charles D. at Flanders Field, June 1916 WW1, son of Eliza T. MacGruer, Lancaster. Obit,
Derouchie, Mary Helen, at Lachine, Que. May 2000, age 56 Obit,
DERUCHIE, Muriel, Mrs. Grobet, at Youngtown, Arizona Mar. 1979, of Lancaster, Ont.Obit,GI
DERUCHIE, Myrtle McGruer of Lancaster to William Laurence Rooney of Montreal, Nov. 1920, Mar,GI
DESJARDINS, Mrs. Edward, nee Henriette Picard, Riceville, died Kenyon, Feb. 1949 age71 Obit,GI,
DEVER, Robert William of Alexandria, m'd to Gladys Rosyln Gibbons, NFLD, Feb. 1925, Alexandria, Mar,
DEVINE, John died at Niagara Falls, N.Y. Nov.1908, age 72, from Lancaster, Ont.Obit,
DEWAR, Mrs. Alexander, nee Isabel McMaster, died Apr. 1913, Alexandria, age 85 Obit,
DEWAR, Mrs. Donald J. nee Mary Christena MacDonald, died Mar. 1924, age 57 Obit,
DEWAR, Duncan Farquhar died at 7th Lanc, Feb.1949, age 80, hus of Anna Belle McMillan Obit,GI,
DEWAR, Farquhar, died Mar.1900, conc. Lancaster township, age 72 Obit,
DEWAR, James, 50th anniversary with Cath. McGregor July 1897, Cote St. George, Quebec AOI,
DEWAR, Mary, Mrs. John O. MacDonald, died Aug. 1938, age 85, Dunvegan Obit,
DEWAR, Roderick died at New Denver, B.C., Jan.1949 age 74, of Dunvegan Obit,BCVR
DICKSON, Mrs. Fred, Nee Edith Kemp died Dec 1904, age 22 at Black River,Obit,
DICKSON, Georgia mar'd to Robert Curry, Curry Hill Mar. 1893, ValleyfieldMar,
DINGWALL, Dr. Donald G., sketch, Dryden, Ont. Ref GN June 1957, AOI,
DINGWALL, Edna m'd to Kenneth C. Blackwell, Oct 1916, Lancaster Mar,
DINGWALL, Isabella, Mrs. Thomas Munro, 2nd conc Lanc., died at Cornwall, May 1926, age 87, Obit,
DINGWALL, James died May 1901, age 71, at Black River. Obit,
DINGWALL, Jemima dau of James 4th Char twp, mar'd to D. A. Ross of Martintown, Sep. 1905 Mar,
DINGWALL, John J. died at Williamstown, Mar. 1923 age 66, of Char twpObit,
DINGWALL, Miss Laurena died at Lancaster, Dec.1956, of Williamstown, dau of Ewen. Obit,GI
DINGWALL, Margaret Catharine, Mrs. D. A. Fraser, died Dec. 1904, Char. twp Obit,
DODD, Harriet Lorraine Dodd Montreal, mar'd to Duncan I. Schneider, Montreal, Aug.1951, MontrealObit,
DOLL,Tamia Grant, nee Luscombe, at Ottawa, Apr. 1999 age 61, wife of late Alan W. F. Obit,
DONIHEE, Rev. John R., died Dec. 1989, Cornwall, Ontario Obit,
DONOVAN, Duncan, died at Alexandria, Mar. 1933, of Lochiel , hus of Catherine Campbell, St. Justine Obit,
DOUGHERTY, Charles Gustave, died Mar. 1966, Cornwall, Ont Obit,GI,
DOWNEY, John, died July 1915, 3rd Lanc. twp, age 82 Obit,
DOWNS, Frank W. , Brandon, Man., mar'd to Lillian Falkner, Williamstown on Mar. 1906 Mar,
DOYLE, Mary, Lanc twp, death ref GN Oct. 1908Obit,
DUFFY, Mrs. J., nee Bessie McMillan, died Dec.1895, Rochester, N.Y., dau nof Robert, Lochiel Obit,
DUFFY,Sheldon, at Victoria, BC Nov. 1999 age 42, husband of Audrey; of Cornwall, Ont. Obit,
DUFRESNE, John, died Mar. 1966, Cornwall, Ont., husband of Cordelia Girard Obit,
DUGGAN, Henry, Ken. twp mar'd Bella Morris, Loch Nov. 1900, St. Alexander's Mar,
DUGGAN, Henry, died Sep.1940, Alexandria, Ontario, husband of Isabella Obit,
DULIN, Rev. Joseph W. died at Cornwall June 1937, RC Priest, age 63 of MontrealObit,
DUMOULIN,Therese Agathe Angelina, nee Sicard at Russell, Ont. May 2001 age 43, wife of Michel; . Obit,
DUNLOP, Adela, died May 1983, Cornwall, Ont. Obit,
DUNLOP, Mabel M. to Neron F. Mosop, mar' Apr. 1922, South Lancaster Mar,
DUNLOP, Mabel M. Dec.1991, South Lancaster AOI,FC
DUNLOP, Mildred, died Apr. 1976, South Lancaster, Ont., dau of William. Obit,
DUNN/ O'DONNELL Amanda Elizabeth, born, Ottawa, Ont. Mar 2001 , dau. of Bruce and Jan. BA,
DUNOON, Mrs. D., nee Anna McMartin of Martintown, Ont, died May 1943 Vancouver, B.C., Obit,BCVR
DUNN Robert died at Wood's Creek Bridge, Lanc twp, May1962, age 10, son of EmersonObit,
DUNSMORE, Wm. Neepawa, Man., mar'd Margery McGilliray, Jan. 1901, at Lorne Mar,
DUPERRON, Donald died at Montreal, Que., June 1939, age 58, of Dominionville, hus of Celina St. Louis Obit,
DUPUIS, Fabien died at Montreal, Que., May 1942, merchant from St. Raphaels, age 85, born St. Anicet, hus of Rebecca CazaObit,
DURNING, Miss _____, dau of Hugh mar'd to Harry White son of Charles, Lancaster, Feb. 1926? at Montreal Mar,