Feb. 10, 1998, R.R.
The Glengarry News, June 6th, 1957, pg. 6, col. 4 & 5.

Dr. Donald G. Dingwall's Career At Dryden

The current issue of The Canadian Doctor carries a review of the life of a native Glengarrian, Dr. Donald Grant Dingwall of Dryden, Ont. Dr. Dingwall is a son to the late Mr. and Mrs. Alex Dingwall of the 2nd Charlottenburgh, near Lancaster. Mrs. Edith McLachlan, Lancaster, is a sister.

The story on Dr. Dingwall reads:
Donald Grant Dingwall born in1880 in Glengarry County of Ontario, graduated from Queen's in 1906. Being of hardy Scotch origin, his parents were Alexander and Barbara McDonald Dingwall, both originally from Scotland, Dr. Dingwall went into the frontiers immediately after his graduation.

His first position was a Camp Doctor for a group of camps along the construction line of the then growing Grand Trunk Railway, now the CNR. He walked miles from camp to camp. summer and winter, in the extreme weather conditions of North Western Ontario, between the Lakehead and Winnipeg, caring for ill had injured men and even fighting through a typhoid epidemic, for $75 per month.

In 1909 and 1910 he did post-graduate studies in England, a rotating internship with emphasis on E.N.T. and obstetrics. 1911 saw him again in North Western Ontario, settled in Dryden, an early mining and farming centre which has grown under his care ever since.

Mayor - 3 Terms

During his years of service to this community, which is two hundred and fifty miles from its nearest city, he has not only given devoted medical care to the scattered population of this area which extends 60 miles each way from Dryden, he has also given valuable service as a citizen. He had been Mayor of Dryden on three different occasions,1916, 1927 and 1928.

Red-Cross Outpost Hospital

Through his efforts and co-operation with the Red Cross, the first hospital was opened in Dryden in 1923, a Red Cross Outpost, as a follow up to this he did some of the field work (by boat and canoe) to establish another Red Cross Outpost in the remote Red Lake area in 1926.

In 1928 he again studied in England for six months, most of it being devoted to ENT (Ears, Nose, and Throat).

He had been continually active in community affairs with special service to such organizations as the Masonic Lodge,The United Church and the Rotary Club.

For years his hobby was the Ford Motor agency which he assisted his brother to establish in Northwestern Ontario after the first World War.

At present he is extremely active trying to be semi-retired and yet give the benefit of his experience and guidance to a group to three young doctors in the Dingwall Clinic in Dryden His junior colleagues of the present are very aware of his drool Scotch wit and the value of his leadership.

After the death of his first wife, Margaret Wigle Dingwall, who had been an able assistant in his life in Dryden, Doctor Dingwall married Eudora Watson, and they have a sixteen-year-old son. Donald, at thus rounding out a career with all the prime requisites of a servant to society, a profession well practiced, a community well served, and head of a happy family.

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