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Some Glengarry Marriages 1903

Subject: [SD&G] marriages!!
Resent-Date: Fri, 12 Jan 2001 15:00:10 -0800
Date: Fri, 12 Jan 2001 16:52:10 -0500
From: "Renee Cummings"
I'm not sure if I send those to the list already, from Mary with thanks
>Ontario marriages:
> >A few more.......
> >format: registration #, county, groom's name, age, occupation, birth
>place, residence, parents' names followed by bride's name, age, birth
>place, residence, parents' names, then witnesses, date & place of marriage
> >Mary

- --------------------------------------------

#017639-03 (Glengarry Co): James Denis BRADY, 26, carpenter, England, St. Andrews Ont., s/o Michael BRADY & Agnes COWAN, married Delila MONTNUEL?, 18, Williamstown, same, d/o John MONTNUEL & Josephine McDONELL, witn: James MORPEAU of St. Andrews & Bertha LAROQUE of Williamstown, 5 Oct 1903 at Williamstown (Rom Cath)

#017641-03 (Glengarry Co): George Elias CLARK, 39, widower, farmer, South Branch, Glen Falrock?, s/o John CLINE & Catherine CLARK, married Christine McMARTIN, 38, Martintown, same, d/o Donald McMARTIN & Mary CAMERON, witn: J.J. & Jennie May McMARTIN of Martintown, 28 Oct 1903 at Martintown

#017647-03 (Glengarry Co): John A. HASTIE (or Hasler), 21, farmer, Cornwall twp., same, s/o George HASTIE & Elizabeth BARNHART, married Annie May COOPER, 20, Lancaster village, Charlottenburgh, d/o William COOPER & Sarah TIBBLES, witn: George Harold HASTIE of Cornwall twp & Luella May McKAY of Charlottenburgh, 28Oct 1903 at Charlottenburgh

#017640-03 (Glengarry Co): Joseph (or George) LADOUCEUR, 17, laborer, St. Raphaels, same, s/o Pierre LADOUCEUR & Catherine BOYER, married Selina FANTEAUX, 16, Montreal?, Martintown, d/o J.B. FANTEAUX & Delia LABLANC, witn: Alexander & Catherine LADOUCEUR of St. Raphaels, 7 Sep 1903 at Williamstown

#017643-03 (Glengarry Co): John C. LAROQUE, 26, carpenter, 9th con Lancaster, 8th con Lancaster, s/o Charles LAROQUE & Mary JACQUES, married Eugenie? PILON, 20, 5th con Lancaster, Glen Roy, d/o Cypren? PILON & Leontine CURRIER, witn: Oscar PILON of 8th con Charlottenburgh & Ivan LEVAC, 12 Oct 1903 at St. Raphaels (Rom Cath)

#017638-03 (Glengarry Co): Charles MAJOR, 29, farmer, Williamstown, same, s/o Toussant MAJOR & Melissa BIRON, married Isabella QUESNELL, 23, St. Rapheals, Williamstown, d/o John QUESNELL & Mary LAPLANTE, witn: Ralph BONVILLE & Annie QUESNELL, both of Williamstown, 12 Oct 1903 at Williamstown (Rom Cath)

#017645-03 (Glengarry Co): Duncan J. McDONALD, 44, widower, farmer, Kenyon, lot 26 con 5 Kenyon, s/o John McDONALD & Catherine McGILLES, married Sarah McDONALD, 36, Charlottenburgh, lot 14 con 9 Charlottenburgh, d/o Angus B & Mary, witn: Duncan A. McDONALD of lot 16 con 3 Kenyon & Jennie McDONALD of lot 10 con 9 Charlottenburgh, 20 Oct 1903 at St. Raphaels (Rom Cath)

#017636-03 (Glengarry Co): Hugh McKENZIE, 22, laborer, Charlottenburgh,same, s/o Isabella McKENZIE, married Dora Ida CRAWFORD, 20, Charlottenburgh, same, d/o James S. CRAWFORD & Janet HALL, witn: Annetta JONBERT? of Williamsburgh & Rose SAUDIN? of Perth, 9 Sep 1903 at Charlottenburgh

#017644-03 (Glengarry Co): John H. McKINNON, 28, farmer, Lancaster, lot 29 con 9 Lancaster, s/o Angus McDONALD & Elizabeth McDONALD, married Isabel McDONALD, 22, Lancaster, lot 36 con 7 Lancaster, d/o Duncan & Annie McDONALD, witn: Angus H. McDONALD of lot 29 con 1 Loch-- & Agnes MAHON of Loch--, 13 Oct 1903 at St. Raphaels (Rom Cath)

#017634-03 (Glengarry Co): Patrick William O'CONNOR, 32, farmer, Ist con. Kenyon, same, s/o Thomas O'CONNOR & Christina TYO?, married Mary Elizabeth BRANNEN, 17, Apple Hill, Munros Mills, d/o Robert BRANNAN & Janet O'CONNOR, witn: Hugh MACDONALD of Loch Garry & Anastasia O'SHEA of Charlottenburgh, 28 (or 25) Sept 1903 at St. Raphaels (Rom Cath), Charlottenburgh

#017642-03 (Glengarry Co): John QUESNELL, 22, farmer, Charlottenburgh, same, s/o Alexander QUESNELL & Marie POINIER, married Alexandra QUESNELL, 20, lot 30 con 5 - Lancaster twp., d/o Dosettner? QUESNELL & Marie L. DUPUIS, witn: Armanie LAJOIE of 5th con Lancaster twp & Ellen QUESNELL, 5th con Charlottenburgh, 6 Oct 1903 at St. Raphaels (Rom Cath)

#017637-03 (Glengarry Co): Charles B. SINCLAIR, 58, widower, farmer, Kenyon, Kenyon twp., s/o Donald SINCLAIR & Ellen ROBINSON, married Mary MUNRO, 50, Charlottenburgh, same, d/o Donald C. & Elizabeth MUNRO, witn: Murdoch MUNRO of Alexandria & L.M. SINCLAIR of Kenyon, 14 Oct 1903 at Martintown


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Here is what you asked for.

It seems this might be the same Alexander in both listings, but you never know.
Page 18
Marriages by Rev'd William McKillican
Congregational Minister, 9th Con. Lochiel (p.7)
Alexander McPhie, to Ellen McKay, both of Lochiel. 9 June 1834, by banns. Rev. McKILLICAN. Wit. John McMILLAN and Alexander McPHIE, Jun'r.

Page 19
Marriages by Rev'd Wm. McKillican
Congregational Minister, Lochiel (p.8)
Alexander McPhie, to Helen McKay, both of Lochiel. 9 June 1834, by banns. Rev. McKillican. Wit. John McMILLAN and Alex'r McPHIE, Jun'r.

Page 47
Marriages by Rev'd William Fraser
Baptist Church Minister, Breadalbane, (p.30)
Donald McPHEE, to Mary McKINNON, both of Lochiel. 25 July 1841, by Licence. Rev. FRASER. Wit. Angus McGILLIVRAY and James HAY, both of Lochiel.

Hope it helps.


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