The following was inserted at the back of the title, ST. ANDREW'S PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH RECORDS, MARTINTOWN, ONTARIO which we published in 1992. It was true then and it is even more truer today in 1999.


At the suggestion of Rhoda Ross, the following explanation is offered as to why the section OF INTEREST is included on page 219 - 224 of this work. Why I have chosen to acknowledge God & the Blessed Virgin Mary in my work.

On Easter Monday 1967, 1 woke up paralysed. In those few seconds I was given a choice, either stay paralysed for life or get up and walk. I took the easy way out, I got up and walked in spite of the difficulties involved and have not stopped. This was the result of contracting in March of 1967, when I was only 26 years old, an illness diagnosed at that time as Polio, Myfram Syndrome & Muscular Dystrophy and which today in 1992 is called Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. This illness left me with no endurance when it comes to physical work. In March of 1971 my eyes went crazy while I was studying at Carleton University in Ottawa, taking a civil engineering course, I would get dizzy walking on the street for no reason, reading, watching television also made me dizzy. I was as a result of this condition forced to quite my studies, I couldn't read, study, watch T.V., drive a car for over the next three & half months. All tests showed my eyes were normal, nothing wrong with them. In the summer of 1971, I had absolutely no future, nothing but a very miserable unproductive life ahead of me at age 30. I did not need the negative misery of helplessness and uselessness as part of my life. I needed a challenge and God in his wisdom gave me one.

Even after 25 years I have no endurance for physically activity. The more physical the task is, the shorter is my tolerance to do it, under this aspect I can go between 20 & 40 minutes, before I begin to sweat profusely & get weak. I have shown that I do not let such problems stop me, I simply do things that I can in a different and more productive manner.

In August 1971, I promised GOD I would say a promised decade of the Rosary each day for the rest of my life. I needed a challenge and God in his wisdom gave me one, a gift of the ability to do this work, which takes very little energy out of me, in fact it actually on the whole does the opposite, it gives me energy. I accepted the challenge and the results are there to view. This journey in this work of helping people sort out their family roots in this area of Ontario started for me in September 1971, with the very strong inspiration to do my family tree, while I was on a total disability pension since about 1968. Over 20 years later I am still thriving on it, this impossible challenge. In 1978 1 walked away from the Disability pension without any regret. I accepted the challenge then and still do. I have basically no income except that which comes through the generosity of those willing to purchase our titles and membership. There is also very little support for this work of mine, from what I can see. The only help I have is Rhoda Ross who has been helping me since 1976. I am in debt way over my head as well. Since the aim of this work was to be of help to people, I have not chosen to stop regardless of the consequences and in the last few years this decision to stop or continue has been much more present. I have chosen to continue, because where would I go if I quit. How do I tell a person coming to me for help, that I can't help them, when they expect my help and know, believe beforehand that I can probably be of help. The combination of all this has kept me very busy. If I quit the only direction I have, is to go on welfare and that I will not do, so I continue within the very meagre means, circumstances present to continue my work. For the last 7 years, I should not have been touching any of this work with a 10 foot pole and the last two years have really put me to the test. Since I choose not to stop this work, since such work needs support to continue, I was left with a very awkward decision, that of stopping, giving up or relying on a strength above that of man, namely GOD. As I did not want to stop this work, I choose GOD & his strength so as to continue. Thus with the Title Guide of Local Histories the OF INTEREST section was started and will thus remain a part of each new title we publish. These last 3 books, [ namely the TITLE GUIDE, FR. JOHN'S DIARY 1819 - 1866, - ST. ANDREW'S PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH 1925-1990 MARTINTOWN, ONTARIO would not have been published otherwise for your use and benefit.

This section. OF INTEREST is not included to offend anybody, it is -included- so that the work I am doing can be completed. What is impossible for man to do by himself, with the help of God, God can make possible. Thus, this way I acknowledge his help, I ask for his strength to help me continue using his gifts, my talent and ability in this work for the benefit of others, both near and far, at my expense. God, in his wisdom has chosen to help me, I dare not refuse that necessary assistance. I took the easy way out, I passed the buck to God to look after and I have not been disappointed by him.

The question has always been, if this work at indexing church records, gravestone inscriptions is beneficial to people coming around, or writing for information on their family roots, then it must be done and a decision must be made to do it. I accepted the challenge that it should be done and I made the decision with the little I had, to do it. Twenty years later the disappointments, frustrations that present themselves do not come from the work I am doing and completing, but from the reaction to that work by many who view it. I see no justifiable reason to stop. The work can't be ignored if it doesn't exist and our efforts have given many this priveleage

Alex. W. Fraser

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