The library system serving the Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry, is known as the S.D.G. County Library System and is located at 20 Pitt Street Cornwall, Ontario K6J 3P2 Phone : (613) 936-8777 Fax : (613) 936-2532
It has branches in most of the towns/villages in the 3 counties, each with its own time schedule in regards to opening hours and contents of books.

TheLancaster Ontario Village branch is on the corner of Main and Duncan and has a good selection of local history and genealogy books, including a full set of our titles.

There is also a branch in the The Manor House Sir John Johnson House Williamstown. Ont. New 11/00

The branch in Williamstown is located in the Johnson House up from the township office.

Other branches are situated in Alexandria, Glen Robertson, Dalkeith, Maxville. As we get more details we will list them here.

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Our titles in most cases are always available for those interested individuals who desire to purchase a copy & support our efforts. Thanks for this act of Kindness. AWF


Thank you for that act of Kindness AWF

The Cornwall Public Library
is located at the corner of 2nd Street and Sydney street and is located in the old Post Office building. Here they have a selcetion of local books, genealogies and microfilm can be looked at. The SDG Historical Society also has their Library located here.
The hours at the Cornwall Room are as follows;
Monday 11am - 5 pm
Wednesday 10 am - 5 pm
Thursday 10 am - 5 pm

For more information call Tel #[area code 613]- 932-4796.

updated 1/2000 awf

Some Genealogical Resources on Microfilm

Library's in the County of Glengarry

The libraries in Glengarry are branches of the Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry Library Board, the main Library being in Cornwall, Ontario. Although most branches will have some local books and possibly some genealogical research material the main branch has the best selection.

The Simon Fraser Library (Cornwall Public Library)
Corner of 2nd St. and Sidney St., Cornwall, Ontario
The library houses the Cornwall Room which houses the collection of the Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry Historical Society material. The library has microfilm & micro fiche readers and a collection of microfilm some of which follow.

Newspapers on Microfilm
The Freeholder, Cornwall, Ont.
January 19, 1883 - April 27, 1932
Missing 1894, 1898,1901, 1910

The Cornwall Standard
May 20, 1886, - April 28, 1932
Missing- May 12, 1887, January 1900, 1913, February & March 1914, November & December 1916, 1926, January 1931.

The Standard-Freeholder, Cornwall, Ont.
April 30, 1932- January 1981
Missing - July to December 1933

The S. D. & G. Historical Society have in their files, which should be in the Cornwall Room, a few of the following papers published in Cornwall between the 1830's and early 1900's

 Cornwall Observer                       Cornwall Reporter
 The Constitutional                      Cornwall News
 The Advertiser                          Cornwall Standard
 The Freeholder                          Cornwall Gazette

Some Microfilm holdings at the Simon Fraser Library relating to Glengarry, Stormont

Some Glengarry and Stormont Parish Registers on Microfilm

Microfilm C 3208
Trinity Anglican Church, Cornwall, Ont.
Register of Marriages 1803 - 1845
Index at end of volume

Register of Baptism 1803 - 1846
Register of Deaths 1813 - 1846
Index at end of volume

St. Raphael's Roman Catholic Church, St. Raphaels, Ont. Microfilm C 3029
Register of baptism, marriage and burials
Index at end of reel

Microfilm C 3030
Methodist Church - Rideau Circuit - Ontario Register of Baptism 1824 - 1843
Congregational Book of the Free Presbyterian Church of Osnabruck, Canada West,1849 Baptisms 1852 - 1909
Marriage register for the Congregation of the Canada Presbyterian Church assembling at Lunenburg and Osnabruck in the County of Stormont, Canada West.


  1. 1851 Census - Glengarry County
    • Microfilm - C 954
    • # 79 - Lancaster Township (Lancaster Township continued on reel number C 955

    • Microfilm C 955
    • #79 - Lancaster Township con't
    • #80 - Charlottenburg
    • #81 - Lochiel Township
    • #82 - Kenyon Township (con't on Microfilm C 956)

    • Microfilm C 956
    • #82 - Kenyon Township (continued from reel C 955)

    1851 Census National Archives Reel # C-11722 IL C7
    Covers in part or whole the Census for Kenyon, Charlottenburgh, Lancaster, Lochiel townships.

  2. 1861 Census - Glengarry County

    • Microfilm C 1023
    • #88 - Charlottenburg Township (con't on reel C 1024

    • Microfilm C 1024
    • #88 - Charlottenburg Township (continued from reel C 1023)
    • #89 - Kenyon Township
    • #90 - Lancaster Township
    • #91 - Lochiel Township

    1861 Census National Archives Reel # C-1023 IL C4
    Covers at end of reel Charlottenburgh township, but there is no indication that it is all there.

  3. 1871 Census - Glengarry County
    • Microfilm C 649 Glengarry District - 74
    • A. Charlottenburg Township
    • B. Lancaster Township
    • *C. Kenyon Township (continued on Microfilm C 650)

    • Microfilm C 650 Glengarry District - 74
    • C. Kenyon Township (continued from microfilm C 649)
    • *D. Lochiel
    • *Part's of these sections are very poor and at time's illegible

    1871 Census National Archives Reel # C-10009 IL C6
    Cover in part or whole the Census for Kenyon, Charlottenburgh, Lancaster, Lochiel [in part 34 pages ] townships.

  4. 1881 Census- Glengarry County
    • Microfilm C 13226 Glengarry District 99

    • A. Charlottenburg Township
    • B. Lancaster Township
    • C. Kenyon Township
    • D. Lochiel Township (continued on microfilm C 13227)

    • Microfilm C 13227 Glengarry District
    • D. Lochiel Township (continued from reel C 13226)

    1881 Census National Archives Reel # C-13226 IL C9
    Cover in part or whole the Census for Kenyon, Charlottenburgh, Lancaster, Lochiel [in part p. 1 - 79] townships.

  5. 1891 Census - Glengarry County
    • Microfilm T 6336
    • A. Glengarry - Alexandria Village Pg. 1-65

    • B1. Charlottenburg Township pg. 1-48
    • B2. Charlottenburg Township pg. 1-59
    • B3. Charlottenburg Township pg. 1-58
    • B4, Charlottenburg Township pg. 1-63

  6. 1891 Census - Glengarry County
    • Microfilm T 6337
    • C2. Kenyon Township pg. 1-45
    • C3. Kenyon Township pg. 1-84
    • C4. Kenyon Township pg. 1-54

    • D1. Lancaster Township pg. 1-35
    • D2. Lancaster Township pg. 1-37
    • D3. Lancaster Township pg. 1-45
    • D4. Lancaster Township pg. 1-48

    • E. Lancaster Village pg. 1-28

    • F1. Lochiel Township pg. 1-58
    • F2. Lochiel Township pg. 1-46
    • F3. Lochiel Township pg. 1-49
    • F4. Lochiel Township pg. 1-50

1891 Census National Archives Reel # T-6337 IL C4
Cover in part or whole the Census for Kenyon, Lancaster, Lochiel townships.

The following microfilm can be seen at the National Archives of Canada 395 Wellington St. Ottawa, Ont.

Civil Registers
The following list is from Film M 3205, it has, in some cases, only a partial listing of marriages for the church mentioned.

Reel Number M-3205
St. Finnan's Roman Catholic Church, Alexandria
Lochiel Township
Marriages 1858-1869

Baptist (Brodie/Covenantor) Church, Breadalbane
Lochiel Township
Marriages 1862-1864

Presbyterian (Free Church) Congregation
Marriages 1861-1863

Presbyterian Church of Canada Congregation
Kenyon Township
Marriages 1859 -1869

Canada Presbyterian Church, Lancaster and Dalhousie Mills
Lancaster Township
Marriages 1860 -1861 / 1863 -1864 / 1866-1868

Presbyterian (Church of Scotland ) Church
Lochiel Township
Marriages 1858, 1860-1869

Baptist Church, Notfield
Kenyon Township
Marriages 1869

Queen's University Archives
The historical and genealogical collection of the late Ewan Ross has been donated to the Queen's University Archives. They can be seen at the Kathleen Ryan Hall.

There are 128 binders of background material used in preparing the History of Glengarry 41 binders of photographs indexed, collected from numerous sources, photo document of Glengarry events, places and people of 19th and 20th century.
Series 1 - photographs
Series 2 - Negatives
Series 3 - Research files
Series 4 - Sound recordings
Series 5 - Indexes
Series 61 - 64 - Glengarry Genealogy

Some of the genealogical information includes the following families:
McEwen, Ross, McLeod of Nova Scotia, McLeod of Glengarry, Macmillan, Cain,Clark, Brown,McKay, McLennan, McDermid, MacGillivray, MacLeod, McGregor, Dingwall, Ferguson, McArthur, Gordon, McLaren.

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