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Hi Alex ...

thanks so much for replying on email & so quickly!! ... . if there is a possibility that it might help, I am fine with this info being posted to the Query page as follows

MacGregors Kith & Kin history

Hello again Mr. Fraser ...let me tell you about the information that I do already have related to "old" lot # 10 = (?) "new" lot # 221.

I have a "Deed of Donation" from the 1860's (in French with an English translation) which confirms that Lot 10 did belong to my great-great-grandfather Alexander McGregor. It refers to Lot 10 as "located at the southeast of the Cote St. Georges ...adjoining on one side to Mr. Alexander McGregor, son of Donald and on the other to Mr. John Dewar, son of Robert". I know from speaking to descendants of Donald McGregor which property was his. >From census records I also know that my great-great-grandfather's house was a stone one. The house on the present-day Lot 221 is a stone house that dates to the 1840's.

So, I do feel fairly confident that I have found the right property, but I would feel more certain if this could be confirmed through another source. I have been unable to locate the graves of my great-great-grandparents (Alexander McGregor and Ellen McGibbon), so I suspect they were buried on their farm property. So this is why I am so anxious to find the right farm!

Thank you for any help, information that you or one of your viewers may have. I certainly appreciate it.

Margaret Hurst
Sep. 2.00

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