Observations On New OGW Regulations April 1999

After the above threat [#1 on Reasons page] was made and not acted upon as the ultimatum stated, it seemed that new regulations had to be considered by the OGW and then were announced in late April 1999. In part stating that no OGW county host page could have any religious statements, etc. on them.

It has subsequently become clearer that this effort by the OGW was both directly & indirectly, directed at me in regards to religious statements as I was the only one of the Hosts in that position. This effort was it seems in the guise of applying to all hosts when only one was doing it. Thus leading in an underhanded way to relieve me of the position of Host.

In order to carry this effort out, an anomymous, secret and pass word only access evaluation was carried out over the last couple of months that NO ONE is allowed to see except the county host concerned. You as a viewer of these sites have no right to know of or see this evaluation, as the powers that be believe. See Evaluation [#3 on Reasons page].

They failed to take the action they wanted to see done in regards to Terminating me as Host. Now they have put me in a position where I am forced to make a decision which is both unethical and unfair regardless of the consequences that goes with such a decision.

In the time that I have been Host, I have had no direct compliants on my method from viewers, but only from the powers to be that never got backed up with written compliants from viewers.

Thus if no compliants came into my possession, it makes little difference if the power that be has them or not as they can't be acted upon when keep SECRET from me.

The same thing applies in regards to a willingness of others to help us. If it is kept secret from us, the offer can't be acted upon.