WILLIAM F. RANNIE Books on local history

William F. Rannie is a nephew of Robert J. Fraser, the author of the book 'AS Other See Us'.
William F. Rannie is the son of Florence Elizabeth Fraser & of John Leslie Rannie.
Robert J. & Florence Elizabeth are the children of John Fraser Auditor General of Canada, born Loch Garry, Ontario.

  1. 1957 The Story of Beamsville Fair
  2. 1967 Paths to Union - Trinity United Church, Beamsville
  3. 1974 Lincoln - The Story of an Ontario Town
  4. 1975 Homes on the Hill - The Albright Story (Albright manor and Albright Gardens)
  5. 1981 Cave Springs Farm - In Lore and Legend
  6. 1986 The Lady and the Manor - Stories about the Town of Lincoln and a 100-Question Trivia Quiz
  7. 1987 Stone from the Mountain - Stores of Grimsby and Lincoln
  8. 1991 Lost Childhoods - "Home" Children from Abroad and Other Stories About Lincoln ,

    Other books

  9. 1957 As Others See Us - Scots of the Seaway Valley (with Robert J. Fraser)
  10. 1963 Saint Pierre and Miquelon. (Five editions, with revisions, through 1975)
  11. 1972 Arctic Adventure. - Grant and the "Seduisante" (with Robert J. Fraser)
  12. 1976 Canadian Whisky The Product and the Industry
  13. 1978 Wines of Ontario An Industry Comes of Age
  14. 1980 Clan Fraser - The Chief is a Lady (Flora Marjory, 20th Lady Saltoun)
  15. 1982 The Story of Soccer in Canada (with Colin Jose)
  16. 1984 To the Thunderer His Arms - Official History of the Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps -
  17. 1982 - 84 (In collaboration with Jean-Pierre Andrieux, St. Pierre and Miquelon): Shipwreck!; Prohibition and Saint Pierre; St. Pierre and Miquelon; Over the Side; and East Coast Panorama.

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