Paintings done by Rhoda Ross
of Curry Hill, Ont.

Rhoda started taking painting lessons in the fall of 1996 in Lancaster township from Winnie Williams. 2 Paintings resulted. In early 1997 she started with Saskia King in Union Bay, BC, the following are the results. These photos were taken of her paintings, which were scanned and uploaded. The paintings average size, 12" by 14".
A. F.

These Painting Copyrighted by Rhoda Ross .

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The following 2 Paintings were done/finished by Rhoda in 1996


This is a view of Long Beach, BC which Rhoda painted in fall 1996


The Glengarry Cairn, on Cairn Island out in Lake St. Francis, 500 metres from mouth of the Black River/River aux Raisin, National historic site. Painted by Rhoda fall of 1996

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