Paintings by Rhoda Ross

Rhoda started taking painting lessons in the fall of 1996 in Lancaster township from Winnie Williams. In early 1997 she started with Saskia King in Union Bay, BC, the following are the results. These photos were taken of her paintings, which were scanned and uploaded. The paintings average size, 12" by 14".
A. F.

These Painting Copyrighted by Rhoda Ross .


The following 5 Paintings were done/finished by Rhoda in 1998

St. Andrews Church Bainsville

This painting [Nov. 1998] of St. Andrews United Church, 2nd Concession Lancaster Township, R.R. 1, Bainsville, Ontario was done by Rhoda as a result of a winter scene photograph she was given
and which she used as a guide line. At present the name of author of the original photograph is unknown


This painting [Dec.1998] is of a view/photo taken by Rhoda in 1987, at a B&B owned by a Taylor family at Kenton, near Exeter, England


This painting April [1998] is of Sandy, who belonges to one of Rhoda's grandchildren
This painting won a 1st for Rhoda at the 1999 Williastown Fair

Grandma Ross

This painting [1998] is from a black and white photo of who we think is Grandma Ross, who died before 1906. She was the 3rd wife of old Murdoch Ross

Nicholson Institute

This is a painting [1998] of the Nicholson Institue, formerly maybe the MacAulay Castle, near or in Stornoway, Scotland, from a photo I took while on a trip to the area.

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