Stormont County Churches

Churches are In An alphabetical order by location. Check church link for more up to date information.

Alexandria-Cornwall Parish Index with addresses, time of Masses, etc.

Also at the Diocesean Centre, or basement of Nativity Church on Montreal Road, Cornwall, Ontario all church records, Baptisms, Marriages, Deaths are on microfilm for all the Catholic Churches within the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall and I believe available for public viewing until about 1920, probably by Appointment only, I believe.

The Genealogy or DevelopmentNew 3 /2000
of the Churches of Glengarry & Stormont Counties.

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Table of Contents
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  1. St. James United Located on Main Street

    Cornwall, Ontario

  2. Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church [Eng] 613 932-2996
    Located at 325 Toll Gate Road East.

  3. Calvary Baptist Church 613-932-6434
    Located 2213 Pitt Street

  4. Christian Reformed Church - Immanuel 613-933-5353
    Located, 2264 Pitt Street

  5. Christ Roi/Christ The King [Fr.] apparently closed 933-5402

  6. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Days Saints 613-933-1716
    Located Cornwall Centre Road, east of Brookdale

  7. Church of the Good Shepherd, Anglican 613-932-7971
    Located at the corner of Marlborough and 506 1st Street East.

  8. Cornwall Pentecostal Church 613-937-3737
    Located, 507 Pitt Street

  9. Faith Apostolic Pentecostal Church 613-932-4100
    Located, 3026 Pitt Street

  10. Fellowship Baptist Church 613-938-2663
    Located corner Duggan & Helen

  11. First Baptist Church 613-936-6643
    Located, 310 York Street

  12. Fountaingate Christian Assembly 613-932-0685
    Located, 216 Ellen Street

  13. Jehovah's Witnesses 613-937-4022
    Located 2077 Pitt Street

  14. Knox St Paul United Church 613 938-3704
    Located 108 2nd street East and Sydney

  15. Nativity Catholic Church [Fr.] 613-932-7505
    Located at 300 Montreal Road

  16. New Life Covenant Church 613-938-3262
    Located, 150 Boundary Road

  17. St. Columban's Catholic Church[Eng] 613-932-9616
    Click image for some history;
    Located at 36 4th street and Augustus
    Mass times June 21.98
    Both the St. Columban's Church and the Rectory were designated as Heritage building under the Heritage act By the City of Cornwall.

    Church Plaque in part. reads
    "Designated under the Ontario Heritage act by the City of Cornwall
    St. Columban's Parish Established 1829
    Third Church completed in 1897." With Same inscription in French.

    Rectory Plaque in part.reads
    "Designated under the Ontario Heritage act by the City of Cornwall
    St. Columban's Rectory completed 1875 " With Same inscription in French.

  18. St. Felix De Valois [Fr.] 613-932-2777

  19. St. Francis de Sales Catholic church [Eng] 613-932-0756
    Located, 434 2nd street west, between Cumberland & Brookdale

  20. St. John Bosco [Bil.] Closed 933-2547
    Located at 847 York Street and 9th

  21. St. John's Presbyterian Church, 932-8693
    Located 28 2nd Street between Pitt and Sydney

  22. St. Matthews Lutheran Church 938-6683
    Located, 1509 2nd Street West

  23. St. Peter's Catholic Church [Eng] 938-3100
    Located at 2900 2nd street East and Campbell

  24. Ste. Therese De Lisieux [Fr.] 933-0664

  25. Sainte Croix/Holy Cross[Fr.] 933-4423
    Located 108 Anthony

  26. Saints Martyrs Canadiens[Fr.] Apparently closed 932-8647

  27. Salvation Army 932-8311
    Located 500 York Street

  28. Seventh Day Adventist Church/a> 937-0205
    Located, 2134 Pitt Street

  29. Trinity Anglican Church
    Located 105 2nd Street West between Augustus and York.

  30. Wesleyan Community Church 936-9166
    Located 105 3rd Street West

  31. Worldwide Church of God 938-9517


  32. Notre Dame Du Rosaire Catholic Church [Bil.] 613 987-2870
    Located 27 Queen


  33. Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church [Eng.] 537-2244
    Located on college

  34. St. Matthew's Presbyterian Church 613 537-2892

  35. Trinity United Church 613 537-2412


  36. St. Bernard's Catholic Church [Eng.] 613 984-2373
    Located on Main Street East at Nelson. Priest Mgr. Michael J. O`Brien

  37. St. Luke's Knox Presbyterian Church
    Located at St. George & Main Street

  38. Chalmers United Church
    Located at Minto and Church 613-346-1648

    Long Sault

  39. Christ Church, Anglican 613-534-2560
    Located at 3 MilleRoches

  40. Long Sault Pentecostal 613-534-2622
    Located on Bethune

  41. St. Andrew's St. Mark's United Church 613-534-2220

  42. St. Pius X Catholic Church [Eng.] 613 534-2106
    Located 21 Bethune


  43. St. Andrews Presbyterian Church 1909
    Located at 17325 Main Street/Highway 43

  44. St Michael Catholic Chapel [Eng.] 613 932-9226
    Located at 17372 Main Street/Highway 43

    Moose Creek

  45. Notre Dame Des Anges [Bil.] 613 538-2348

  46. Presbyterian Church 613 538-2582


  47. Newington Wesleyan Church 613 346-2490
    Located Main Street

    St. Andrews West

  48. St. Andrew's Catholic church [Eng.] 613 932-9226


  49. Roxborough Baptist Church 1865
    Located at 17446 Sandringham Road.

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