Stormont County Marriages 1883 some

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Stormont County Marriages 1883 some

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Stormont County Marriages 1883 some

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with thanks from Mary Crandall...some Onasbruck marriages here!
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some more Ontario marriages:

format: registration number, county, groom, his age, his occupation, his birth place, his residence, his parents, bride, her age, her birth place, her residence, her parents, witnesses, date, location


#010267-83 (Russell Co): Maxime BIGRAS, 23, farmer, Quebec, Gatineau Point Quebec, s/o Maxime BIGRAS & Ormisine LARRIN, married Desange BRAY, 21, Quebec, Russell, d/o Dominique BRAY & Emilie ROCHON, witn: Aut. PAQUETTE & Xav. BO--GENS, both of Russell, 9 April 1883 at Russell (Rom Cath)

#010643-83 (Renfrew Co): Adam BISSON, 26, laborer, Quebec, Renfrew, s/o Peter & Esther, married Caroline FREMONT, 24, Renfrew, same, d/o Louis & Caroline, witn: Louis FREMONT & Joseph GRAVELLE, both of Renfrew, 18 June 1883 at Renfrew (Rom Cath)

#010265-83 (Russell Co): Francois BOISCLAIR, 23, butcher, Quebec, Cornwall, s/o J. Bte. BOISCLAIR & Louise BIRNIER, married Marguerite TESSIR, 19, Quebec, Russell, d/o Aut. TESSIR & Edwidge BISSON, witn: J. Bte. PILON of Embrun & Napol. LALONDE of Russell, 2 April 1883 at Russell (Rom Cath)

#010640-83 (Renfrew Co): William BRUDEN, 22, farmer, England, Admaston, s/o Thomas & Harriet, married Isabella McKEDDIE, 22, Admaston, Renfrew, d/o Thomas & Jessie, witn: Joseph McGOMERIE & Maggie McKEDDIE, both of Renfrew, 1 Nov 1883 at Renfrew

#011533-83 (Stormont Co): William Jason DELANEY, 35, farmer, Osnabruck, Massena NY, s/o Thomas & Caroline, married Annie BULLOCK, 25, Osnabruck, Dickinsons Landing, d/o Robert Knight BULLOCK & Sarah MARTIN, witn: James M. BULLOCK & Bessie G. MARTIN, both of Dickinsons Landing, 26 June 1883 at Dickinsons Landing

#011536-83 (Stormont Co): Joseph HELMER, 22, farmer, Osnabruck, same, s/o Peter HELMER & Jane McEWAN, married Abba SHAVER, 21, Osnabruck, same, d/o Nicholas SHAVER & Mary HOLLISTER, witn: Nicholas & Agnes D. SHAVER, both of Osnabruck, 19 Sept 1883 at Osnabruck

#010269-83 (Russell Co): Israel LAPALM, 23, farmer, Russell, same, s/o Siffroy LAPALM & Armiline GAGNON, married Caisarine BISSON, 23, Quebec, Russell, d/o Joseph BISSON & Florence LAMOUREUX, witn: Joseph TELLIN of Russell, 1 May 1883 at Russell (Rom Cath)

#010642-83 (Renfrew Co): David LARONDE, 27, laborer, Coulonge, Renfrew, s/o Toussant & Marguerite, married Mary FREMONT, 22, Admaston, Renfrew, d/o Louis & Caroline, witn: Toussant LARONDE of Renfrew & Louis FREMONT of Admaston, 10 July 1883 at Renfrew (Rom Cath)

#011535-83 (Stormont Co): James LYLE, 30, farmer, Osnabruck, USA, s/o William & Mary, married Margaret TAYLOR, 26, Valleyfield Quebec, Osnabruck, d/o John S. & Melinda, witn: John S. TAYLOR & Molena MYEN, both of Osnabruck, 21 Aug 1883 at Osnabruck

#010266-83 (Russell Co): Joseph MENARD, 23, farmer, Russell, same, s/o Julius MENARD & Sophie BERLINGETTE, married Rose Anna MENARD, 19, Quebec, Russell, d/o Charles MENARD & Marcelline BARRE, witn: Marcelline MENARD & Aut. PAQUETTE, both of Russell, 9 April 1883 at Russell (Rom Cath)

#010270-83 (Russell Co): Domino PATINEAU, 21, merchant, Quebec, Russell, s/o Michel PATINEAU & Marie COLLINS, married Josephine LALONDE, 18, Russell, same, d/o Joseph LALONDE & Annie MOONEY, witn: Dr. PERRAS & Frane LALONDE, both of Russell, 2 May 1883 at Embrun, (Rom Cath)

#010641-83 (Renfrew Co): William PAYNE, 24, farmer, Horton twp., same, s/o John & Catherine, married Maria FINAN, 26, Horton twp., same, d/o John & Sarah, witn: George FINAN & Lizzie PRICE, both of Horton, 27 Nov 1883 at Renfrew

#010268-83 (Russell Co): Philas RACETTE, 24, farmer, Quebec, Russell, s/o Joseph RACETTE & Marcelline GAGNON, married Celonise NORMAND, 21, Russell, same, d/o Jean Bte. NORMAND & Philomene GAGNON, witn: Joseph RACETTE & Aut. PAQUETTE, both of Russell, 23 April 1883 at Russell (Rom Cath)

#011537-83 (Stormont Co): James Herman SAMPSON, 24, carpenter, Osnabruck, same, s/o Thomas SAMPSON & Hannah EAMAN, married Annie Jane RAYMOND, 23, Moulinette, same, d/o Ira RAYMOND & Catherine SHEETS, witn: G.E. ADAMS of Osnabruck & Minerva RAYMOND of Moulinette, 14 Aug 1883 at Woodlands

#011538-83 (Stormont Co): George Chalres SMITH, 30, gentleman, Cornwall, same, s/o David SMITH & Susan KINGSTON, married Lydia BAKER, 26, Osnabruck, same, d/o John W. BAKER & Sarah Ann STEWART, witn: Ranold Alex STICKLE of Lancaster & Jennie Louise COO-(off page) of Napanee, 12 Sept 18883 at "S.Peten Clo.", Woodlands

#011534-83 (Stormont Co): Elias WARNER, 35, farmer, Osnabruck, same, s/o Michael & Margaret, married Ellen BOAL, 30, Osnabruck, same, d/o Robert & Jane, witn: Mary McINTOSH & Carrie CRYDERMAN, both of Osnabruck, 25 Sept 1883 at Woodlands

#010644-83 (Renfrew Co): Michael WELSKI, 44, widower, laborer, Poland, Renfrew, s/o not given, married Apolonie RENNEBA, 28, Poland, Renfrew, d/o Joseph & Agnes, witn: Francis FRENCH & Patrick DEVINE, both of Renfrew, 13 July 1883 at Renfrew (Rom Cath)

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Marriage Reg.#11522 - 02/29/1888 Berwick, Finch Township, Stormont County Simon MILLER, age 28, res. Finch, born Williamsburg, bachelor, farmer. Parents Adam MILLER and Margaret MERKLEY married Agnes Dorcas THOMPSON, age 21, res. Russell, born Finch, single, parents James THOMPSON and Mary FENTON, Wit: Margaret BRILL and Clara E. BRILL. Marriage performed by Rev. D. BRILL on 29 Feb 1888 in Berwick, Finch Twp., Stormant Co., Ontario. Both were Meth.

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